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    tomhwk reacted to PityFool in Top5Clams_NA   
    Wow... rude. 
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    tomhwk reacted to CarbonWard in Best tank for yolo-derping   
    Pz.Kpfw. 38 (t) n.A.
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    tomhwk reacted to TheMarine0341 in AMX 13 90 Fan Club   
    Might as well be the founding member!
    First two Mastery Badges
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    tomhwk reacted to Gashtag in WoTLabs Minecraft server   
    WoTLabs MC
    New IP:
    After reasonable demand was shown in Dlur's thread, I decided to go ahead and make one for the community so you can have a break from raging at arty and instead indulge in your mildly creative side creating box tank replicas... Then blowing them up.
    Current plans:
    Permissions yo
    Planned plugin list: 
    Essentials World Edit World Guard Craftbook Towny Dynmap  MCMMO (for now) Precious stones Permissions MyWarp
    Rules & Server ambitions:
    So here's that part of the thread that everybody loves. The intention of this server is to have a crim+ meta, this basically means, raiding/pillaging & plundering towns will be frowned upon but, as long as it's done in a creative/RP/non-boring way, will not result in bans. Get a town, build a wall and deal with it. If you go OTT with bullying/victimising a player/nuke a players hard earned work, watch your back. TNT will not be banned and a general western lifestyle is somewhat expected, pranks are cool too. If this has misled you to think all is fair in love and in war, think again. This is a slippery slope with hazy guidelines and if you choose to exploit then I suggest you read the paragraph below.
    If you're found out to be cheating in anyway (xray/flyhax/hacked clients etc...) you've got a one way ticket to Asgard with Mjolnir shoved up your arse. You get one warning in the form of a 24 hour cool off followed by a permanent ban for repeat offences (unless you're voted back on by a majority (enough to convince me that you're more of an asset than a liability)). This server is also probably going to be used by quite a few nationalities/races/religions. Keep it in a private chat, sperg over who's god/country is da best, is a very slippery slope. 
    if you have a very good idea about increasing the RP/fun then I'm all ears, and may even contribute to your cause with my right to badmin. Other than that, just be cool and have some fun. You will most likely be treated in proportion to how much of an asset you are to the server. If you RP like a full on prick then chances are I'll like you a lot more than... yknow, a full on prick irl.
    Hosted by Craftnode. 4 gig of quality memory to allow for ~50 players on at a time. Hosted on NA.
    All input is welcome, I'll try to get back to you but don't expect every idea to be implemented. 
    The server currently costs ~40$ a month to run. This always remain a free service and I'll keep it running for as long as possible. That being said any donations towards upkeep will be greatly appreciated.

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    tomhwk reacted to Intumesce in Gashting's guide on rushing the purple learning curve.   
    Step 5.5 (BAD ENDING): Must Go Higher

    You become so obsessed with farming damage that you end up only solopubbing as you realize platoonmates are only there to steal your damage from you.
    Slowly your winrate declines from a steady 72% down to 63%. But you care not. You might have lost your friends, 10% of your winrate, and even the match just now. But you won the game of damage and did 4 times your health worth of it.
    Indeed, I think your team deserves the title of "nothing without me."
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    tomhwk reacted to Gashtag in Gashting's guide on rushing the purple learning curve.   
    Right, so I was once/I arguably still am the epitome of a window licking brain dead 45% goon, a true pubbie who mocked the good, played arty and generally didn't give a shit about how the game played out. An asset to any team. So to anyone who says you can't turn it around, fuck you.

    Step -1: Play like a pubbie.

    I'm using the excuse of "to conquer pubbies you must become a pubbie", but feel free to use "I play for fun"/"I was tired" to soften the blow to the realisation of just how shit you are. If you're a second rate beta-male who's cool with this then that's fine, enjoy your 51% WR over 22k games. If you've got a massive ego and want the rights to chat shit in game then this may just be the guide for you.

    Step 0: Have an epiphany.

    This is purely RNG based. You need to be at a point where you can play the odd impressive game, but still shit enough that your stats embarrass you and the thought of cheating your way to purple gives you a semi. This moment is a true gift from Serb as it requires you to momentarily break out of the pubbie mindset and see the light which is a rare event indeed.

    Step 1: Fuck the haters, reroll.

    Bitch please, you aint got no time for recovering 7k games. Your time is precious, you've now decided you're an alpha fucking super unicum but have nowhere near enough skill or knowledge to back it up. Never-the-less, you enjoy your new found hobby of trash talking down to pubbies and have recently bought your 3rd 10M credit package along with an IS-6, loaded with full gold, 100% crews which was previously deemed to be a luxury and have bought 1 month of premium, because fuck having under 1k avg exp, noob.

    Step 2: Platoon with your 54% friends.

    Congratulations you don of internet tanks. You're now at a steady 57% win rate and have many friends with 50%+ win rates. You've subbed to Quickybaby and started browsing the forums for advice and tips. You are a true student of the game. Sadly you've deemed your once good friends are now bad and you struggle to post 1650+ WN7 games. Not to worry of course, this is merely the fault of skill less crews and mere RNG, not lack of skill.

    Step 3: "Oh shit I'm actually bad aren't I?"

    Now after having your WR drop down to 55% you begin questioning life. you can't reroll again because you've already invested up to $500 on this account. You need to get better. Searching the forums and lurking wotlabs becomes your day time job, fuck your employer, they're only getting in the way of your dream of touching purple. You quit your job and file for unemployment, you calculate you can get just enough gold out of the government welfare cheques you receive and live on 3 tins of baked beans a week.

    Step 4: Small improvements.

    You're now 500 games into your reroll, shit is getting real. You need to make a massive difference soon or it'll be too late to ever recover and get to purple. You're now developing acute anxiety issues down to lack of sleep and 2k+ dmg games. But who cares, you're now at a 58% win rate and 1700 efficiency, you cap whenever possible as you're using Quickybabys mod pack and need to statpad efficiency to nurture your full blown stat obsession and lie to yourself that efficiency is the best measure of skill. You've started losing weight, lost contact with most of your friends and have a slightly more pale skin tone. You have a problem... You still don't have 70% wins.

    Step 5: The mental breakdown threshhold.

    This is where champions are made. You've dedicated the last 3 months to this project. You've recently busted 60% wins and consider throwing a party but realise you're living in a skanked out apartment and are pretty sure the police have started a missing a persons case on you, who gives a fuck anyway, your mum would want this for you, to be purple and bring pride to your family. You start jacking off to weird porn to release some of the tension from the arty one shots and to distract yourself from the weird lump you have on your back. You my friend are making steady progress, a solid 80 on the closed WN8 scale and a true pro at damage farming in the borsig. The massive amount of ground you have to cover to get 70% has developed a weird twitch in your left eye. You decided to keep on grinding to get to the really OP tanks which would make this easier.

    Step 6: The reward.

    You wake up one day 6 months in the future, on the brink of breaking 3k WN8 and it's not even recent. You sacrificed one of your tins of baked beans per week and one 10M gold package to help fund for a daily platoon with -G- members to buff your win rate and are now at a steady 76% over 12k games. You get clicked by arty which causes you to punch a nearby drywall but you bounce off due to early onset osteoporosis and muscle degradation. The next two games are 7k damage monsters in the T57 and you can finally call yourself a true super unicum. You pro, you have overcome the odds to finally join the best of the best... You're not the best though which still pisses you off, but at least you have recovered some pride with your l33t dark purple stats.

    Your world literally transforms. You under go a Captain America transformation instantly as your weak body turns into one of the master race, blonde hair, blue eyes and a 10/10 cheerleader rushes to your door to ask for your help as her cat is stuck in a tree, seeing as you actually have time for real life you oblige and end up having sex with her not 10 minutes after you first met. As you walk out of her door a CEO decides to give you the deed to his Fortune 500 company which makes you a millionaire instantly. You finally did it, you're now a super unicorn.

    Bravo +1
    Props on the thread its a humorous read. Doesn't quite fit into the Serious faced section though, moved to shenanigans. ~Pity
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    tomhwk reacted to sela in I introduce Sela to Christian Domestic Disciplining   
    u mad bro
    fite me irl il fuk u up
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    tomhwk reacted to Shackram in So I found an extra monitor hiding out in my garage   
    Should've put another monitor in the garage and let them breed.
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    tomhwk reacted to Frontier_Psychiatrist in Rocket tanks and flamethrower tanks!   
    Oh god I can see it now.
    1.  WG introduces flamethrowers.
    2.  Patch hits, everyone free exp's and buys flamethrowing tanks.
    3.  MM is logjammed with flamer tanks.
    4.  First match is 25-30 flame tanks.
    5.  Both teams initiate huge brawl to test out their new toys, suddenly particle effects everywhere.
    6.  Bigworld cannot into particle effects, everyone's FPS drops to 6 and ping goes 999.
    7.  Game becomes unplayable, players demand flame tank removal.
    8.  WG refuses since people spent money to unlock them, WG find itself up the same shit creek they were with arty.
    9.  Every time the flame tank issue is brought up SerB replies that players should upgrade their abacus and move next-door to the server.
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    tomhwk reacted to Deusmortis in No more scout MM?   
    Which is either insanity or genius.  The masses already fail hard in general at tier 10, as well as failing hard in general at low armor tanks.  Lights/light meds are the poster children of the "High skill ceiling, low skill floor" mold.  Pubs will fail ridiculously hard in them, which will lead to them getting buffed (or at least being nerf-proof) while purples will be more rapey than a tentacle monster in an anime high school. 
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    tomhwk reacted to slowmstr in 1983 Denver Nuggets [NUGGS]   
    Top 16 Nuggets, WN8~30day

    [NUGGS] 1983 Denver Nuggets are formerly known as [GSKUL] Grayskull.
    Now officially [bULLS] affiliated, GET DUNKED Gaming. 
    We seek players driven to win for fun.  
    Our recruiting standards are based on overall stats and 30-60 day stats. 
    Overall stats must be ≥ 1450 WN8, 53% WR 
    Recent stats must be ≥ 1700 WN8, 56% WR 
    CW activity must be 3-4 days per week, preferably more. 
    You must also have a yearly subscription to Maxim. 
    Our focus is primarily CW, although recent affiliation with [bULLS] does suggest the potential for shifts into tourney teams. 
    Pub dunking, TC, Team Battles, etc.
    If you are bad@video games, we are not your team.
    If you can't win4fun, we are not your team.
    If your stats make babies cry, we are not your team.
    For recruitment inquiries, contact slowmstr or _Shobon_
    If you want to stop by our Teamspeak for pep talks you can find our TS info here:
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    tomhwk reacted to Rexxie in How costly is it to spam gold in T69?   
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    tomhwk reacted to sela in [] sela's mods - v9.17.1.2 released 26/03/2017   
    I'll be back streaming tonight.
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    tomhwk reacted to Sadukar09 in Top5Clams_NA   
    Because of this insult to our e-honoure, we are now decrare wars against Icantmove.
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    tomhwk reacted to Duncs in Top5Clams_NA   
    He did say "In no particular order" to be fair...
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    tomhwk reacted to sela in #eatdixgetclicked - sela's Q&A Thread   
    Play a T-54 and stop playing the 120?

    Send me a PM

    Twitch crapped out on me last night. I ended up doing a real stream later but I might have accidentally flashed some furry porn on screen so that vid had to get dumpstered.
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    tomhwk reacted to Garbad in Looking for Unicum or Near Unicum Tank Tutor   
    A good scout thinks about how to light the opponents.  A great scout thinks about how to get his teammates meaningful shots.
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    tomhwk reacted to Worstpoaster_na in Looking for Unicum or Near Unicum Tank Tutor   
    I can teach you how to yolo in extremely lightly armored medium tanks.
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    tomhwk reacted to CarbonWard in CarbonWard And ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.   
    You got nothing on me, NOTHING!
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    tomhwk reacted to rrvv in Twitch Plays Pokemon   
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    tomhwk reacted to Nicook5 in Anime Thread   
    Yuruyuri third season (or maybe just ova) announced!  Best slice of life evar. such excite omg.  #ChinatsuBestGirl
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    tomhwk reacted to Intumesce in Ahoy everybody   
    Wow, you're from SAKU
    Hi, I'm from SAKI
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