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    tomhwk reacted to KraftLawrence in 360 Arty Quickscope 420   
    wow nice scope
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    tomhwk reacted to dking in 360 Arty Quickscope 420   
    dem hardsc0p3z
    wut r u casul?
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    tomhwk reacted to Sipher351 in 360 Arty Quickscope 420   
    Excuse me, but you scoped in. Baddie. I can't believe I ever platooned with you.
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    tomhwk reacted to spencer in 360 Arty Quickscope 420   
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    tomhwk reacted to Brontoscorpio in Those gun sounds...   
    Wait they're worse then the current sounds? Good lord that's quite an achievement
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    tomhwk reacted to rocketbrainsurgeon in Jagdpanther 2 by hayhay58c   
    I wouldn't call it "inconsistency", I'd call it "different points of view".
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    tomhwk reacted to rocketbrainsurgeon in Jagdpanther 2 by hayhay58c   
    This is for discussing Jagdpanther 2 by hayhay58c.
    I apologize to hayhay, as I lost this article some time ago and just recently found it.
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    tomhwk reacted to Neblaz1 in Fish Spider Assault Force tournament team recruiting   
    Mommy look at me i am in fish spidah assult force now!!!!!
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    tomhwk reacted to Android25 in WotLabs Mobile - App for Android   
    Version 2.1 Released!
    Changes and link to Market are in OP as always.
    Images under Home Page have been updated to reflect version 2.1
    Market should show updated app/auto-update will start within an hour of this post
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    tomhwk reacted to MesoTroniK in MFW   
    Life is cruel, then you die...
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    tomhwk reacted to TouchFluffyTail in MFW   
    That's kind of terrible
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    tomhwk reacted to MntRunner in Off to Purpler Pastures   
    I'd recommend ARMED. They give signing bonuses from what I hear. Doubt you'll get anything else from them, but if you want everything else then you won't get the signing bonus. So take your pick.
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    tomhwk reacted to Live in World of Tanks: Free Climbing   
    This game has an interesting aspect: you can try your hand with free climbing. It's mostly pointless, but it's a nice way to take a breather from games with your friends in training room. Some positions are better than others though, and might work in actual matches for ambushes or passive spotting. 
    Some examples of places where you can climb?
    Karelia: F9, A1, B1
    Pearl River: A5, C9, B9
    Mountain Pass: C6, H3, H4
    Airfield: all the mountain area, the full A line
    Mines: E6, G0, J9
    Abbey: E0, B1, C1
    Edit: found how to reach C1 on Abbey. If you have more... share 
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    tomhwk reacted to Fenxis in EchIII Import #5: Why Streaks Happen   

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    tomhwk reacted to bbfanben in Need Platoons in tier 9's-10!   
    Just Looking for people I can fill my friend list with that i can spam invites too! Can't stand soloing anymore!
    Hopefully can get some guys as good or better than me!
    Normally on anytime from 3pm to 11pm eastern time.
    Help carry me! Help me carry pubs!
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    tomhwk reacted to Rexxie in The Keweilian way of getting better doesn't seem to be working so well   
    You should just play the game normally.
    Honestly, I think the "kewei way" is bullshit. Torturing yourself in T10 forever won't do shit.
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    tomhwk reacted to Rexxie in #eatdixgetclicked - sela's Q&A Thread   
    have you always be SO OMGOSH CUUUTE
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    tomhwk reacted to sela in #eatdixgetclicked - sela's Q&A Thread   
    When I first started playing post-beta, it was just with some friends and it wasn't competitive per se. After about 2-3k games, I noticed my stats were pretty good (~60% winrate in pubs) and set some goals for myself to get my stats up. I soon realized that I was REALLY good compared to everyone else, so I just kept going. So in essence I've always been good, but I haven't always been #1 fgt statpadding reroll
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    tomhwk reacted to Intumesce in RBS Map Reviews: Which Do You Want?   
    I'm making a series of map reviews for rocketbrainsurgeon.com where I will review (hopefully) every map in the game in batches of 2-3 maps per article.
    I'll cover the common flanks, the advantages and disadvantages of each, and how to play the map to the fullest. If possible, I will also give out some "secret" locations on the map that I like to use.
    So my question to you, wotlabs, is which map would you like to see me review first?
    I've already covered Redshire and Erlenberg, which are pending to be published.
    Please do not vote for more than 3 maps.
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    tomhwk reacted to bjshnog in IS 31274 WN8 battle... Victory!   
    I figured this battle deserves its own thread.

    EDIT: CLAWS baddie pls.
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    tomhwk reacted to jackquerudo in >Implying RNG >Implying Fun   
    I now believe that MM also assigns you RNG modifiers on a per-match basis. There are matches when all your shots fly into the nether, then there's this
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    tomhwk reacted to PityFool in A Dota player said League was bad.   
    3 day RO for shitpoasting. Future shitpoasts from you will result in RO's of exponentially increasing length.

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    tomhwk reacted to rocketbrainsurgeon in A Dota player said League was bad.   
    Do you want to get banned again?  Because this is how you get banned again.
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    tomhwk reacted to TheMostComfortableTanker in A Dota player said League was bad.   
    It is:

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    tomhwk reacted to bandet in A Dota player said League was bad.   
    It's a pun between something you wouldn't understand and something you don't comprehend.
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