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    tomhwk reacted to sela in #eatdixgetclicked - sela's Q&A Thread   
    Courtesy of Camador:

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    tomhwk reacted to sela in #eatdixgetclicked - sela's Q&A Thread   
    The fact that both of you posted that independently of each other is mildly disturbing. Also I seem to make that impression with people for some reason...
    Come now, how long have you followed this thread?
    She's cute, but she's no Taylor Momsen:

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    tomhwk reacted to TheMarine0341 in #eatdixgetclicked - sela's Q&A Thread   
    Found an early dating pic of Rexxie and Ziddy

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    tomhwk reacted to Nicook5 in #eatdixgetclicked - sela's Q&A Thread   
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    tomhwk reacted to xsoldier1007 in #eatdixgetclicked - sela's Q&A Thread   
    Found Sela's new jam 
    Should be his intro song from now on
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    tomhwk reacted to sela in [] sela's mods - v9.17.1.2 released 26/03/2017   
    .Change list for v9.0.0a -> v9.0.1:
    Updated P-MoD by P0LIR0ID to v3 Added Locastan's Session Stats by PapaDigi_08 Added alternate files: Rexxies's Kitten Sixth Sense May 9th Hangar Adjusted P-MoD settings for default zoom, zoom stages, start distance Updated Readme  
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    tomhwk reacted to tomego in Please Read Before Neg Rep- An Informal Study, Unicums and Artillery   
    Well, that was quick. 
    +1 for Solono's work.
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    tomhwk reacted to IntrepidWoT in Please Read Before Neg Rep- An Informal Study, Unicums and Artillery   
    I don't want a General Discussion quality meltdown about artillery. I just want to try and gather a little data from the best resource of unicums in NA, SEA and EU I'm aware of.
    Before launching immediately into "Save this shit for the general forums. You're so green you piss chlorophyl." neg rep marathon (and thanks to all those who shielded from this with kind upvotes), please bear with me just a second. I know artillery is one of those topics very likely to turn to shit, and one that's been covered a few thousand times, but I believe the intent and goal for this particular poll avoid it being a shit post. Just to be triply safe, I'm placing it in Shenanigans. If my judgment is off, as I can't see this being a poll the forum would take issue with, please accept my apologies in advance and go gentle, I've tried to be a humble contributor... most of the time. 
    I have the impression that unicums, superunicums especially, tend to feel a certain way about artillery. Not all, but in majority. This is how I feel having read the official forums for a long time, threads here, seeing what vehicles players in driving in game. Yet, I realized in discussing the topic elsewhere I'm basing this off of the type of observation that is very prone to confirmation bias. I would like to get a sense, as best I can, of how true a statement this is: "As you improve and become better at World of Tanks, you are more likely to take issue with artillery's implementation because of its negative effects on gameplay." I'd like to try and do that by correlating votes to a player's stats.
    The spoiler contains a detailed description of what some of these negative effects are (provided only to ensure it cannot be misinterpreted as "unicums don't like dying to artillery"), pulled from another thread I started elsewhere.

    Based on your responses, I'll gather the information against your overall/recent stats. Again, I'm not trying to waste anyone's time or incite an artillery debate. If I didn't want to leave the thread open to thoughtful comments, I'd have gone poll only to ensure that couldn't happen. I don't know of any other location on the web where a thread like this could survive without devolving into a total mess. 
    I looked at the account of all voters (182 at the time of recording), taking down their recent WN8, recent WR, overall WN8, overall WR, average tier, battle count and location. I've only taken the time to run one regression analysis on the numbers so far, WN8 against vote. To make this work, I assigned a numeric value to each of the voting options for artillery. To help show the spread of opinion, I made it a scale from 1-10, assigning values as follows:
    10 = Fuck artillery and anyone who plays them
    9 = Remove artillery
    8 = Overhaul, but remove artillery if that's not enough
    6 = Overhaul, but keep artillery
    3 = Modify artillery, but no overhaul needed
    2 = Artillery is fine
    1 = I'm a clicker
    I grouped the top three and bottom three together. I went back and forth on the value for overhaul but keep, and opted for it being a 6 instead of a 5 based on the severity of changes that would be required, making it almost unrecognizable to its current form.
    The regression analysis showed that there is a statistically significant relationship between your WN8 and how you feel about artillery. Incredibly so (.000224 p-value). For those who like pictures, here's the chart. Each of those dots is the recent WN8 of a voter. The orange line shows the predicted vote based on WN8. Notice that it's sloping upward. Also notice that it wouldn't predict anyone was ok with artillery no matter how bad they are at the game. It starts at 6, "overhaul but keep".

    For recent winrate, the correlation is even stronger. Note that there appears to be fewer points of data, but this isn't the case. I just didn't have a way to look beyond the forum's left hand box and that only provides whole numbers to work with. Because of that, you only see a point of data per whole number rather than a continuous stream of winrate percentages. The p-value here was .000000656. Again the numbers are such that they wouldn't predict anyone is content with artillery, but the more skilled you are the more likely it is that you strongly dislike artillery and want them removed.

    If you take away EU votes, it's even more lopsided. EU players are more tolerant of artillery at higher skill levels than NA players. The two little dots for "I love artillery" that are unicums are both EU as are the majority of super unicums voting 6 or less. I can't speak to SEA because I didn't have enough SEA votes to make any conclusion. I'll run recent winrate and others soon, but that was enough of a confirmation to let go of my worrying that it's just confirmation bias. So, not only did 73.22% recommend either removing or, if unable after a major overhaul to fix them removing, artillery, but the better you are at WoT, the more likely you are to strongly dislike artillery.
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    tomhwk reacted to Worstpoaster_na in The Super Pershing....Not that bad?   
    actually really good at padding w/r.
    Not bad at all, don't even need to shoot all apcr.
    And it has a very sexy miku skin
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    tomhwk reacted to Legedi in Difficulty of achieving purple status   
    Speaking of amount of potato games people have, it would be interesting to see what players standard deviation is on their wn8. Does one wn8 player pretty much always get either 0 or 4000 games where another player is consistently 2000 + or - a few hundred points.

    I would think different play styles and tanks would affect this. I don't think wotlabs can track this though since you need a battle log? I'm not sure.
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    tomhwk reacted to Intumesce in 1V1 ME CS GO /1.6 AWP ONLY   
    Can confirm
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    tomhwk reacted to Meirzin in [Resource] How many battles until your target WN8   
    3019 games to reach WN 1900 (Great)
    24854 games to reach WN 2350 (Unicum)
    Not possible to reach WN 2900 (Super Unicum)<----- right in the feels
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    tomhwk reacted to Intumesce in [Resource] How many battles until your target WN8   
    3.2k battles to 3k WN8

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    tomhwk reacted to xmenxmen2 in [Resource] How many battles until your target WN8   
    48520 till superunicum
    Motivation just took a rocket jump...
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    tomhwk reacted to Gashtag in Going on a trip 2 yurop   
    You NEED to take a Malaysian airlines flight to Ukraine, I've heard it's lovely this time of year...
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    tomhwk reacted to Merky_Merc in Going on a trip 2 yurop   
    You'll probably need a gun to protect yourself against minorities. Better start a thread for that.
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    tomhwk reacted to Worstpoaster_na in Going on a trip 2 yurop   
    Already have 2 1v1 nas in belgium
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    tomhwk reacted to ViktorKitov in Going on a trip 2 yurop   
    Fite me irl
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    tomhwk reacted to Deusmortis in Who's better?   
    B because winning.  Damage is the means to an end, not the goal. 
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    tomhwk reacted to #Lunaughty in Difficulty of achieving purple status   
    Onee is absolutely right here though.
    You cannot stick a green in a Leo1 and expect purple.
    That would be like saying if you gave a green war pack he/she would play purple. Lets be honest the only guy that can do that is Sela. (LEL >Implying Sela is green, keke <3)
    Seriously. Tank choice has little to do with wn8 outcome if you still suck. A red in any tank will be a red no matter how broken. 
    The only time it has an actual effect is per say if you switch from playing the 140 to the 62A and get the same stats. Your WN8 will jump because of the expected values being lower.
    For example the waifu trager cancer E-100. A red in that will get off a full clip of damage maybe once every 2 games, and a few clips every 10. That's still ~2K damage average lets say.
    Tl;dr: if your argument is that because the tanks OP and has low values anyone can be good in it, well... Look at 99% of the player base playing any tank.
    Yes values are inflated for playing well, but that requires an ability to do that first.
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    tomhwk reacted to Intumesce in Difficulty of achieving purple status   
    Easy for you to say since you're already a super uni
    Imagine the average green who wants to improve and jumps head first into a tier 10 med like the Leo 1 and gets slaughtered
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    tomhwk reacted to Drunken_Walrus in Difficulty of achieving purple status   
    Light purple (which I assume is what the poll means) is really not much more than blue.  Like you said, it's just 1 more shot per game, 1 less potato game per session kind of thing.  I'm discovering first-hand that dark purple really requires a jump in consistency, that I haven't fully made yet.  These last couple days I've only been dark about 50% of the time, and around 2700 WN8 the rest.  It's incredibly frustrating for me, because now my stats say I play like a super unicum, but I don't feel like I am, which leads to me getting incredibly frustrated when I don't perform as my stats say I should be.  I've still got that attitude of needing to prove myself, because I feel like light purple doesn't really get respect like dark purple does.
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    tomhwk reacted to Dlur in Difficulty of achieving purple status   
    Couldn't really vote.  2nd poll needs option for "Map positioning and knowing where to be at the right time"
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    tomhwk reacted to shin_getter in Fellow Unicums Do You Genuinely Hate Non-Purples?   
    Oh cry me a river.  You made yourself into a controversial celeb in the community by pulling rank and act in a amog manner while expressing hatred for many of the 'lessers.' All that is bound to rile people up.  One gets the impression that you enjoy contempt of others over acceptance and its hard to care when people respond predictably.
    If it were some beta/omega that has socialize in a nerdy manner and just happens to be good at games, the reaction would be quite different. (though not necessarily better, it is the internets after all)
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