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    tomhwk reacted to CarbonWard in Fellow Unicums Do You Genuinely Hate Non-Purples?   
    Its hard for me to be mad at people if they know they are bad, ignorance is what pisses me off to no end.
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    tomhwk reacted to Garbad in Fellow Unicums Do You Genuinely Hate Non-Purples?   
    Let me give you a taste of life as a Unicum:

    I played 5 games today in about an hour.  I got:
    2 Messages accusing me of hacks
    1 Message asking me to teach him my hacks
    1 message thanking me for guides
    1 Conditional BJ offer
    7 platoon requests
    2 Teams of tier 10s who expected my tier 7 to carry them
    2 teams who bitched that I didn't win the game for them fast enough
    5 teams who said something about me and arty (EVERY. DAMN. GAME.  Stop it.  There is no arty comment you can make I haven't heard.  Just stop.)
    4 people who told arty to click on me (hurr durr this is clever)
    2 teams who specifically bitched about having to fight me...in tanks 3 tiers above mine
    1 player asking if I would write a guide for a tank he likes
    3 players who bitched about gold
    2 players who said they could be just as good if they rerolled/platooned/etc
    2 players called me a no lifer/tryhard
    2 polite hellos
    In 5 games.  Not 50, not 500.  Five.  Obviously not all is bad.  TBH I had several positive interactions today, which is rare.  But even still, they got flooded out by retards being retarded.  All because 1) I'm good at internet tanks and 2) I've put out a lot of effort to help others get good at internet tanks.  And this is pretty much the norm -- ask those who platoon with me.  I get this kind of stuff almost every game.
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    tomhwk reacted to TheMarine0341 in SubGenius³ needs T8-10 Platoon Players /w No CW & Award up to 25k Gold to highest WN8*   
    Platooned with Tomhwk a few times, RIP enemy team
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    tomhwk reacted to ZiddyCat in [0.9.7] Kitten Sixth Sense w/Sound   
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    tomhwk reacted to Rexxie in [0.9.7] Kitten Sixth Sense w/Sound   
    Ever feel like WoT is missing something? You've probably combed your mind trying to think of the answer... is it intelligent game design? Developer interaction? Modern interface functionality? Nope. Kittens.
    Kitten Sixth Sense adds Kitten Sixth Sense. Future versions will include better Kitten Sixth Sense.
    Do you want to further the development of Kitten Sixth Sense©? Send me suitable audio files to include!
    Coming soon to Kickstarter.
    Download: Mediafire [110 KB]

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    tomhwk reacted to Garbad in So you want to be a Gorilla...   
    (note from sr360: Most of this post no longer is accurate, but I'll update the link to current recruiter)
    I was recently asked to be a "talent evaluator/recruiter" for G again.  G has about ~95 members at any given time, but that leaves 5 or so slots that are up for grabs here and there.  As you can imagine, competition is fierce.  But the door is open, and here's what we are looking for.
    - At a minimum blurple stats -- blue overall, purple monthly.  Otherwise we need to see exceptional improvement.
    - Very good performance in tier 8/10 tanks is expected, including high win rates
    - Rerolls are virtually never accepted.
    - Multiple properly fit t10 tanks available (its best if you have several of whatever type you do best, ie, multiple heavies)
    Remember we are talking about a clan where the average player is a dark purple -- that's the minimum level we expect.  We don't give a flying shit if you padded a 2.8k WN8 on your reroll account playing T49s, we care about if you are overall competent regardless of conditions.  In general, a player should have at least 65% win rate, 1k exp/game, and 2.7k-3.5k dpg in tier 10 tanks, depending on which it is.  Basically, you need to be the kind of player I would want to platoon with, not the kind of guy I would have to drag as you cocked it up and tried to pad stats game after game (incidentally, if I have platooned with you more than once chances are I think you are good enough for a look at least).
    But once you make the first cut, no one will give a shit about your stats again.  We know you are a good player; you don't have to prove that by trying to keep up with the damage whores' absurdities.  Gs are not ranked by Wn8; we have an internal system based on team play and team results.  Your individual results and pub scores are irrelevant.  Instead, we are looking for players who:
    - Play well in organized, competitive play.  NOT pubstars, not selfish damage whores, not minmaxing stat accountants.  Focus on the team and winning, not stats.  And above all, get wins.
    - Show good awareness and instincts in group play -- good concerted pushes, good discipline, good personal initiative.
    - Active, interested in competitive play.  If you just want to platoon/pub, you are welcome to use our TS...but our roster is reserved for those who want to compete and win more than they want to pub and get good stats.
    - Isn't a twat.  You need to be easy to work with and lead; don't get pissed/demoralized easily when we lose.  And don't be so arrogant you think your way is better than the officers.  When an order is given, you obey or get the hell out.
    - TC/742 experience is great.  So is tournament play, as this is more similar to CW than pubs.
    - Players on the fence (basically anyone who isn't a very dark purple) are judged primarily on attitude and effort.  We would rather have a hard working, unselfish 60%er than a padding cunthole 65%er.
    And that's about it.  Feel free to ask questions here.
    Update: Current recruitment in charge is m0rieris. Please contact him in-game or on G TS.
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    tomhwk reacted to sela in [] sela's mods - v9.17.1.2 released 26/03/2017   
    Warning, this is an alpha release and may have bugs/issues. Please report them to me in this thread or via PM so that I can get them fixed.    http://adf.ly/k9zAj   MODS INCLUDED: XVM 5.2.1 Test 1 Locastan's HD Minimaps XVM Tank Range by Omegaice SeaFalcon's Damage Panel + XVM Hitlog P-Mod by P0LIR0ID Locastan's Garage Clock 4lCapwn/CS2001's Multilined Tank Carousel by Locastan SafeShot Chat History J1mB0's Contour Icons sela's Custom Configs     OPTIONAL ADDITIONS: Artasan's White Death (May not be legal on EU! Use at your own risk!) MeltyMap's Math Mod Locastan's Team HP Pools Locastan's Allied Tank Outlines Gnomefather's Historical Realism Gun Sounds Macheene's Info Panel Paintball Markers     ** TO INSTALL ** 1. Make a backup of your "res" folder in "C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\" 2. Delete the "res_mods" folder in "C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\" 3. Copy the contents of the "1. Mod Files" folder into your BASE World of Tanks directory (Default is "C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\") 4. This means "res_mods" AND "res" 5. Choose a crosshair mod and install (below) 6. Merge & overwrite when prompted 7. Register at http://www.modxvm.com/en/ every 14 days     ** USAGE TIPS ** Temporarily suspend SafeShot (i.e. to shoot an allied tank): Hold down Left Alt To enable/disable Allied Tank Outlines, hit Num 1 Spotted XVM Players Panel Markers: Red dash = never spotted Green smiley = currently spotted Yellow frowny = once spotted Tank carousel is adjustable IN-GAME
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    tomhwk reacted to sela in [] sela's mods - v9.17.1.2 released 26/03/2017   
    ** LAST UPDATED 26/03/2017 **
    XVM updated for micropatch  
    Make a backup of your "res" and "res_mods" folder in "..\Games\World_of_Tanks\" Delete the "res_mods" folder in "..\Games\World_of_Tanks\" Copy the contents of the "Mod Files" folder into your BASE World of Tanks directory ( "..\Games\World_of_Tanks\" ) meaning both "res_mods" and "mods" Merge & overwrite if/when prompted Register at http://www.modxvm.com/en/ every 14 days .
    XVM v6.5.5 Enemy Direction Box Contour Icons by Korolins PMoD v24-5 by P0LIR0ID Safe Shot Extended sela's configs/tweaks/translations  
    Spotted XVM Players Panel Markers: Red frowney face= never spotted Yellow meh face = was spotted but is not currently spotted Green smiley face = currently spotted  
    v9.17.1.2 Download

    Contact me if you need help via post or PM. Please tell me your OS, include screenshots if possible, and what alternate or other mods you are using.
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    tomhwk reacted to CarbonWard in Diplo in CW   
    1. Don't flaunt your victories: Nothing gets you enemies faster than flaunting and acting smug in CRD or right before game ends, keep your fucking trap shut.
    Example: Tiergarten
    2. Use common sense: Don't fuck up your an ally thats been with you for months just because you want 500 gold, nobody likes someone who can't take minor losses for greater good.
    Example: What Enjoy did to Reddit during 1st campaign
    3. Don't type shit when you have no intentions of keeping it: Because the other guy is probably smashing printscreen as you type.
    Example: What Enjoy did to CHAI
    4. Stay the fuck off CRD: thats a given.
    So in conclusion: Shut the fuck up, use common sense, don't be a two faced bitch, stay the fuck off CRD.
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    tomhwk reacted to #Lunaughty in So I just got banned...   
    30 day ban for saying "fuck arty". Lol.
    I got a 3 day ban for falling through the map after I landed on a tank. Apparently that was "Exploiting game mechanics to avoid further damage".
    Yes, I intentionally phased out of existence into the ground to avoid dem expensive repair costs yo.
    Also RIP you D:
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    tomhwk reacted to Rexxie in So I just got banned...   
    Not to get banned?
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    tomhwk reacted to Garbad in So I just got banned...   
    ...for unfair gameplay.  Here's the situation.
    Game was already lost, I was dead.  Their last like 6 games were hunting our arty.  In all chat, I said:
    G:  Don't worry our clicker is a bot, finish this quickly.  He's afk.
    <Bot starts moving>
    G:  Oh wait, he's a human!  Looks like he is going to drown himself.
    <Bot intentionally dives into the water, killing himself>
    G:  Fuck arty and everyone who plays it.
    WG carefully reviews the game, concluding:
    1.  Intentionally damaging yourself doesn't count as friendly team damage, because you aren't part of your team.
    2.  Afking isn't unfair play because the afk detection system is working as intended, and prevents such behavior.  Obviously.
    3.  Calling an afker a bot is provoking name/shame, because bots and afk people will read these harsh words and be hurt.
    4.  Commenting that a player is about to kill themselves is unfair play because the enemies will know they are about to drown.
    5.  Also, my writing in local was hard to read.  +30 days.
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    tomhwk reacted to Rexxie in New baddy checking in   
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    tomhwk reacted to Tankachi in IS-6 Gold Challenge - Part 1 Completed   
    You can save your advice for someone else.
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    tomhwk reacted to Tunnel_Snakes_Rule in So you want to be a Gorilla...   
    Hey, I have a tip for you.
    Stop shitposting.
    This is a forum dedicated to improving: damage, win rates, playstyle, and performance. I think this place isn't right for you if you think its all crap.
    We're all essentially competitive on this forum. Because we take this game seriously. 
    So stop being a moron, and either smarten up or leave, because none of us want to read your failed attempts to white knight yourself after calling an entire clan assholes in their own recruitment thread.
    I hope I got that across well enough.
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    tomhwk reacted to uforia in SubGenius³ needs T8-10 Platoon Players /w No CW & Award up to 25k Gold to highest WN8*   
    Platoon and roll pubbies, rinse, lather, rinse, repeat as necessary. Recruit the good ones and kill the crap ones.

    We are up to eleven members now and looking for like minded people that simply don't care about clan wars. We simply want to platoon with players that enjoy tiers 9/10 that don't stat pad to keep their unicum/super-unicum stats. If you have an average tier below seven overall, we aren't interested. If you are close to the requirements hop on our TS Server -> ts3server://ts.subgenius3.org and give us a shout.

    We think you will enjoy playing with players that have relatively high stats, a democratic leadership structure and none of the normal big clan crap. We feel so strongly about this that if you meet the minimum stat requirements and decide to join, stay thirty days and have higher stats than last months highest wn8 player in SubGenius³ we will gift you 2,000 gold. The winner will be based on the person with the highest WN8 and the highest average tier for that month. The person with the highest number of battles will win a tie, if any. Then you are free to leave or stay and continue our domination.

    Monthly we will have a gold prize of 12,000 for the top three members while we have less than twenty members with the highest WN8 and the highest average tier for that month using the same method described above. When we get fifty players the top five will get 18,500 gold split between themselves and when we hit ninety players the top ten will have a split of 25,000 gold.

    Yes, we encourage tournament play and the occasional raiding of top clan land, just to ransack. ALTHOUGH, this is a member desire and not a clan requirement, seriously.

    Once you join SubGenius³ and decide to leave the clan, you will not be permitted to rejoin for three months, unless for real life deaths, deaths in the family, military deployments, etc. This is to punish you to be in whatever stat padding tier seven running clan you decided to join.

    Minimum Requirements to become a SubGenius:

    Last 1000 Battles Noobmeter/WotLabs Stats

     - 2200+ WN8 (Discretionary)
     - 58%%+ Winrate (Discretionary)
     - Average Tier 8.5+ (Discretionary)

    Garage / General / Statistical Requirements

     - At least 5k battles (Discretionary)
     - At least one Tier 10 (Mandatory)
     - Minimum of 50 games a week, seriously
     - Consider tear harvesting an exciting endeavor
     - Must be on Teamspeak when playing
     - 18 years of age (Discretionary)
     - Have a sense of humor and don't be an [edited] by internet standards

    We play Tier 10 and occasionally Tiers 8/9. We will help people grind tank lines to tier 9/10, but will not make it a life long endeavor. Once we hit member milestones of 10,20, etc we WILL create overall minimum stat standards not yet enforced, along with the existing 1000 battle metrics will likely be increased  around 10%. We may cap it at around 2900, but we have yet to determine if it is necessary at this point.

    If you wish to stat pad and club seals, have fun with that experience. If you simply want to platoon in Tier 10 without having to poopsock for clan wars give us a shout.

    Simply put, we want to play with people that are good at the game and like to have a good time. Most of us have school, families, bodies to bury, etc. Real life is more important than having to drop whatever you are doing to play a video game. There will NEVER be another SubGenius clan associated with this one for people trying to stat pad their way into this one. Work on it the old fashioned way, learn to the play the game. Know when to push, when to hide, when to reset, when to yolo and when to damage farm. We are not here to teach you to play, you need to KNOW how to play to be accepted.

    Unfortunately, it is difficult to teach map dynamics, situational awareness, deductive reasoning and cognitive thought. Some get it and some don't, we want the ones that have it, not the ones that need it.


    NOTE: Same players can not win the 12/25k gold (Changed from 1.25k on 2014-04-7) gold in three month period

    February, 2014 Winner - TheDivision (1.25k Gold paid on March 2nd)


    The gift you sent on 2014-04-01 17:24:45 UTC was accepted on 2014-04-01 21:15:27 UTC.
    1 250 Gold was transferred to TheDivision
    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   March, 2014 Winner - Zrky (1.25k Gold paid on April 2nd)

    The gift you sent on 2014-04-01 20:54:23 UTC was accepted on 2014-04-02 21:15:27 UTC.
    1 250 Gold was transferred to Zrky.

    Award changed to 12k/25k on 2014-04-23

    Also with less than twenty players the top three players will be awarded, but can only win once every three months

    April, 2014 Winners - TBD (12k/25k Gold)
    May, 2014 Winners - TBD (12k/25k Gold)
    June, 2014 Winners - TBD (12k/25k Gold)
    July, 2014 Winners - TBD (12k/25k Gold)
    August, 2014 Winners - TBD (12k/25k Gold)
    September, 2014 Winners - TBD (12k/25k Gold)
    October, 2014 Winners - TBD (12k/25k Gold)
    November, 2014 Winners - TBD (12k/25k Gold)
    December, 2014 Winners - TBD (12k/25k Gold)

    At less than 20 players = three way split of 12,000 gold
    At fifty players = five way split of 18,500 gold
    At ninety players = ten way split of 25,000 gold

    Come check check out Amazon EC2 hosted IP.Board Forum Community at www.subgenius3.org, specifically the Recruitment Thread and enjoy high tiers.

    Most people think it's funny that we only want good people that play tier 10. In our opinion if you are not, you're simply making your epeen larger and will generally get pimp slapped at t10. Once your stats drop at tier 10 you must run your tier 5-7 tanks to make up the difference. These are the people we do not want and why the clan is growing slow PURPOSELY, which is fact and not fiction. We would rather have borderline players stat wise with tier 9.5-10 stats averages than super-unicums with 4000 WN8 and 70% winrates that have average tiers ratings below t8.

    Anyhow, only six or seven more until twenty active players.

    We do tournaments, we will do raiding of large clans land just to ransack, to totally avoid diplomacy and play the game as it was intended.
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    tomhwk reacted to uforia in SubGenius³ needs T8-10 Platoon Players /w No CW & Award up to 25k Gold to highest WN8*   
    We welcome out new two probationary members that we will work on getting their tier average up an getting them more t9/10's. 

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    tomhwk reacted to Trey in Getting from blue to purple.   
    If the goal is just to get to purple, then why is this your goal?
    Spamming premium rounds and only playing the best/favorite tanks will increase your stats, but again, why is this your goal?
    The goal is to get better as a player. Spamming premium rounds can, actually, make you worse because it can make you inattentive to weak spots and angles.
    Is there some clan you want to join that has a statistical threshold that you need to meet? Is it the respect of the people on these forums? I mean, I understand that. The purple name-tag does confer some instant credibility. 
    Anyway I applaud your desire to get better and the candor which you've pursued that on these forums. Just make sure the focus is on improvement as a player rather than manipulating a statistic....
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    tomhwk reacted to MrsmilieyfaceC8 in This is the End of BAD-GR   
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    tomhwk reacted to Intumesce in This is how IOC_5 Plays4fun.   
    Jesus Christ almighty
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    tomhwk reacted to MntRunner in In Battle Aim Time Mod?   
    I found one once, loaded it, and found it was so annoying that I quickly removed it. This mod showed the remaining time to fully aim (which didn't work properly), and would change color (red = unaimed, yellow = aiming, green =fully aimed). The color change gave me a major headache. Here's the link to it.
    It looks really good in the screenshots, but my experience with it was a letdown. If they could simplify it a little  I might try it again.
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    tomhwk reacted to Rexxie in [9.14.2] Rexxie's Mods (Discontinued)   
    Modpack. Simple, effective, no screen clutter, no bullshit.
    Modpack [14.7 MB]
    In Action
    Player Panel
    Merge the included res_mods with your own. If desired, install any of the mods in the Optional Mods folder. Play.
    If using the alternate or colorblind XVM config, merge the included res_mods after installing.
    -XVM w/Ziddy's Pastel XVM Config: Web Link
    -J1mb0's Reticule (Removed Bloat): Forum Thread
    -Zayaz's Damage Panel (With custom minimap frame and settings): Forum Thread
    -Safe Shot: Forum Thread
    -P-Mod: Forum Thread
    -YasenKrasen's Session Statistics: Forum Thread
    -DamageLog: Forum Thread
    -(Optional) Fog Removal: Forum Thread
    -(Optional) Autoaim Indicator: Forum Thread
    -(Optional) Johny's Vertical Techtree: Forum Thread
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    tomhwk reacted to sela in -G- Clam Wars Tanks   
    Um 263 is best CW TD for emergency long range cap resets
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    tomhwk reacted to Garbad in -G- Clam Wars Tanks   
    People have been talking a lot about clan wars usage in my tier 10 reviews.  I originally intended those reviews to be primarily based on pub play with clam wars mentioned just as information for those debating what to grind.  However, it got a lot of debate on various tanks, so I decided to post about what tanks G uses and why.
    Bold = Important
    Regular = Average importance
    Italics = rarely used niche tank, but sometimes useful
    Batchat - superior speed, camo, and the skirmishing power of an autoloader.  Essential to clam wars play.
    Leopard1 - good view range, ok camo, good speed makes it a good passive scout in some situations
    Tanks not used that people often mention:
    M60/M48 - best view range, but crap camo and mobility so that 10m is basically never useful
    Any light - moving bonus isn't important, they aren't faster/better camo than the bat, and they have far less HP, view range, and firepower
    Flex/Flanking Tanks:
    140 - great camo, dpm, fire control while moving, workable turret, good top speed
    T-62A - better firing while moving, slightly less top speed/depression than 140.  Also useful as anti tank locking insurance
    STB - very good firepower and depression, but less speed/camo/fire control than the RU tanks.  Sometimes useful on maps where depression is needed.
    430 - slightly worse than its brothers due to fire control, but still almost as good and useful tank lock insurance
    Tanks not used that people often mention:
    121 - inferior to the RU meds, not as useful in its role due to much worse firing while moving, plus RU meds are very common and tank lock proof due to duplicates.
    E-50M - Good pub star generalists, not particularly good at anything in clams
    FV/M48/M60 - Its crap
    Primary Attack Tanks:
    T57 - Great firepower, decent toughness, excellent at mass pushes.  The backbone of CW, and probably the most important single tank.
    E4 - Good alpha/pen, ok toughness/mobility, good and expendable
    E5 - Once the king of clams, but it can be outclassed by autoloaders
    50B - Sometimes considered as an alternative/lock insurance on the T57, but rarely actually used
    Tanks not used that people often mention:
    FV215/IS-4/IS-7/113 - They are inferior to the E5 which is in turn obsolesced by the T57.
    Defensive Tanks/Meat Shields:
    E-100 - Best effective toughness and pretty decent boom
    E3 - Bulletproof frontally and good firepower, but very slow and vulnerable alone, plus no turret
    IS-7 - once in a blue moon used as a bunker, but so common its never in demand
    Tanks not used that people often mention:
    IS-4 - Frontally weak, less tough in the ways that matter
    Maus - Slow, bulky, and still softish
    263 - Inferior to the E3
    Sniping mr sexiiness:
    Waffle - Overpowered FOTM autoclicker, farm it while you can
    M55 - Seems to be the clicker of choice, presents its ass to anything it sees just like most of its drivers
    Conq - Gravity defying shitturd slinger, good for retards who would rather play whackamole than tanks
    268 - very rarely its camo makes it useful in an open map
    Tanks not used that people often mention:
    Foch - gun too derp, frontal armor too soft for gold, vulnerable to clickers, can't mass well
    j100 - sucks
    183 - unica hate RNG
    any med - no alpha
    other clickers - no one gives a fuck how you click.  only a few clickers per clan are needed anyhow, dont bother applying unless you are fucking TD42 or whatever that asslicker is.  we dont want your kind.  And dont ever speak directly to me.  We have a spot on the back of our TS for second class citizens; that's all you will ever be if you are ever caught playing a clicker.  Fuck you for even asking.
    And that's pretty much how it works.  Sure, you can win a game playing 15 maus driving valley on lakeville but no one cares.  These tools are the best for what we want to do.
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    tomhwk reacted to deetz in You are worth $4.51 to Serb.   
    Well... at least now I know it was some random kid with shitty internet who wasted "tankboy123".
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