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    tomhwk reacted to _Dia in Decide my next tier 10   
    It does not matter if you don't like arty, tank destroyers, or a combination of the two. You will get the 183 and you will like the 183, as it will love you in return. 
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    tomhwk reacted to CarbonWard in Anime is no longer allowed   
    I proclaim chinese cartoon immunity

    Ain't no censorship getting to me bitches!
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    tomhwk reacted to Worstpoaster_na in Anime is no longer allowed   
    Popo can't catch me
    chink uses smoke screen
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    tomhwk reacted to Worstpoaster_na in Anime is no longer allowed   
    u mean chinese cartoons?
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    tomhwk reacted to StranaMechty in Advice on purchasing first firearm   
    I'm going to treat this thread with the respect and gravity it deserves and recommend Worst acquire a replica English longbow from the 1400s.
    Large and noticeable, easy to show people you mean business. Ammo can be reused. Lightweight. All-natural construction using renewable materials. Can't go off accidentally in your pocket. Builds arm strength. Unique and memorable, soon everyone will know about that crazy asian dude with the bow. Nobody screws with crazy people with bows. There is literally no better choice.
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    tomhwk reacted to balko56 in Advice on purchasing first firearm   
    Protip: If your trying to stop a angry 350 pound BM: Load gold
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    tomhwk reacted to Garbad in Advice on purchasing first firearm   
    Don't bother.  You are far more likely to get struck by lighting than to successfully use that gun to protect yourself.
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    tomhwk reacted to Aquavolt in Advice on purchasing first firearm   
    If it were anybody else starting the topic I'd give legitimate opinions.

    But for you I'd recommend ditching the gun idea and going for something more appropriate for you such as ninja stars.
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    tomhwk reacted to Worstpoaster_na in Advice on purchasing first firearm   
    So apparently Arizona has the most lax gun law requirements next to utah, I'll be able to get a handgun with 0 background check or permit requirement.
    My cousin is a competition shooter in florida, he's offering to give me a gun for free, but they are all 1k+ (think five seven) and
    1. I'm not comfortable freeloading that much off him
    2. They aren't really practical I heard.
    So my friends are suggesting this:
    Purchase a glock 19 used at a gun show for 250ish.
    Others telling me fuck no don't get a used gun.etc
    So wotlabs what do you advise?
    Concealed carry, not interested in competition shooting at all, just want something in case a 350 pound 6'4 black dude tries 2 mug me or something.
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    tomhwk reacted to Intumesce in Next Purchase, need good advice   
    The T54E1 is an upgrade in firepower compared to the T69, but everything else feels like a downgrade
    Personally I hated the T54E1 and liked the T69 more
    WZ-111 1-4 is a great tank when elite, arguably one of the best tier 9 tanks period
    Imagine a medium tank with the armor and firepower of a heavy and you got the 1-4
    It might be hard to play due to the weak spots and poor gun depression, however
    Lorraine 40t leads to a great tank, but the Lorraine itself is pretty damn bad
    It's essentially an uptiered but buffed AMX 50 100, and that sucks pretty badly
    In my opinion, you should get the T54E1 as it leads to a good tier 10 while the 1-4 doesn't, and the Lorraine is a huge pain to play for so long
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    tomhwk got a reaction from Deusmortis in Most fun match I've had in quite some time   
    worth :l
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    tomhwk reacted to Deusmortis in Most fun match I've had in quite some time   
    I won't claim that this game is anything special, or instructional, or even a showcase of good play.  It was damn fun though.  The overall result was quite satisfying as well.

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    tomhwk reacted to OOPMan in April Fools Pictures   
    Here are a couple of pics from the WoWP April Fools event.
    First off, Sleipnir:

    And the Camo paint for Sleipnir:

    Now for some cute additions to the backgrounds:

    The Iron Giant

    A Triffid!

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    tomhwk reacted to Rexxie in WN8 and Win Rate replaced by SerB Scale   
    SerB is not happy or sad, SerB simply is.
    serb is love, serb is life
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    tomhwk reacted to Intumesce in WN8 and Win Rate replaced by SerB Scale   
    I feel this scale is biased to people who can read faces
    Please make a new rating with support for autistic people
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    tomhwk reacted to rrvv in WN8 and Win Rate replaced by SerB Scale   
    Can I have all Serb reaction PIC?
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    tomhwk reacted to Never in WN8 and Win Rate replaced by SerB Scale   
    In light of recent improvements in information gathering from Wargaming, WoTLabs has updated the way it evaluates the performance of players.
    As of now, all signature images will display the new "SerB Scale". The scale was created to provide a visual indication of player performance, displaying the reaction of lead game designer SerB to the player's general gameplay and in-game posture. Raging makes SerB either very sad or very happy.

    SerB is not amused by my recent performance
    Hopefully this will be the first step towards even more accurate ratings.
    Also please keep in mind that it may take up to 2 hours for your signature to update to the new system.
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    tomhwk got a reaction from Sheikh in Best maus money can buy?   
    I use a logitech g9x, but I'm not sure if they're discontinued now.  I believe logitech came out with a whole new line of gaming mice, I think they're worth a look.
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    tomhwk reacted to sela in Hello friends   
    Get out you fucking shitlord
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    tomhwk reacted to WAIFUTRAGERxPANZERVOR_OTP in Hello friends   
    I am a terrible player from the havoc sub clan NTR, and I am looking for good players to help me pad my survival rate

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    tomhwk reacted to spikecb22 in Hello friends   
    Why do we keep getting invaded by these retarded chinese-cartoon watching scumbags?
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    tomhwk reacted to Eagle_Peak in Target Damage Website   
    Well this certainly can't be right, can it?
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    tomhwk reacted to Terrachova in RIP Oculus Rift   
    Facebook needs to go the way of Myspace.
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    tomhwk reacted to JustJLi in Top5Clams_NA   
    I only see yellow. 
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