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  1. I found this gem in Battle. 357 he was toptier in Emil 2, says "fuck it" at the start and kills himself with he. I looked up his service record: He even replied in Chat: TLDR: This game is rigged so he spent the last 2 years annyoing people in op prems by suiciding every battle. Thats some level of mental illness i did not come across in all these years in wot, just wow...
  2. Just to clarify, the PSU was not the problem. With the different MoBo it runs stable even after stresstesting and gaming for hours with the CPU OCed to 4.6 gHz. It was only the first MoBo that was kind of bugged or did not work together with my RAM.
  3. Just wanted to update this thread. Had some annoying problems while building but finally got it to work properly. After putting all stuff together i immediatly tried to OC the CPU but could not get it stable at all, after few minutes of stresstesting/gaming the screen would go black and the GPU fans would speed up to 100%. After going back to basic settings i ran the stresstest again and even without OC the crashes persisted. Temperatures were all ok (<60°C) so i thought the GPU was broken. To check that, i removed it and hooked the monitor to the onboard graphics but the system did not boot at all. So next thing to check was the PSU. I measured the voltages with a multimeter and they were all fine, so the only possible explanation for this annoying instability was the MoBo. I just went into a local PC store and bought an Asus Z170 Pro Gaming and after installing it everything runs smooth finally. The last struggle i had was finding a place for the radiator of the fury x. At first i mounted it behind the front panel of the case but i wasn't happy with the results. Only other option was to mount it on the side panel of the case but since the case was not designed for that, i had to bite the bullet and drill around 250 holes into the side which i finished today. Experiences so far: Upgrading to the 27" ASUS MG279 is like another planet coming from a laptop. System is really quiet, even under load and all games i tried so far run smooth on ultra settings. I'm pretty happy now
  4. I ordered a Seasonic S12G RT80 Plus Gold with 650W output. It was one of the PSUs from Folter's link.
  5. Thank you all for the advice guys. I ordered the parts yesterday and hope that i can start to assemble the system on tuesday. I will give you an update about performance when i'm done. Maybe i can even run WoT on this system on 60+ fps.
  6. If G-Sync/Freesync is not that much of an upgrade i would swap the Fury X for a 980ti for sure. That would also open up the choice of Displays... Anyone here who uses Free/G-Sync? Is it worth it?
  7. Considering the PSU debate i will go for 650 to 700W just to be on the safe side.
  8. I'm on a tablet now unfortunately, but it would be relly cool if you could give your opinion as well when you find some time.
  9. Adding a second video card is out of the question but i will definitely try to fiddle with OC settings, so i'm gonna think about going with an even bigger PSU. Thx also for bringing up the optical drive, i used it on my laptop so rarely that i nearly forgot about that, lol.
  10. Thanks for the in depth answer! I'm going to play it safe with a 600W unit at least.
  11. I used the PSU calculator from the manufacterers HP (http://www.bequiet.com/en/psucalculator). It gives me a wattage requirement of 420W without OC and 480W with OC. I could see how that could be a little close to the edge but do you really think i need a buffer of 50%? Any specific PSU you can recommend?
  12. After using laptops for several years i want to go back to a desktop pc and read a lot about this topic the last couple days. Since a lot of you guys are not only Unica in WoT and RL but in PC-Building too, i hoped you could take a look at the list i assembled and give me your opinion on how shitty these parts would work together (or hopefully not :-P). Are there any overkill items i could save money on, or is there a potential bottleneck in this setup? https://www.mindfactory.de/shopping_cart.php/basket_action/load_basket_extern/id/cb3ac322125d7be93d7809a910e24ed5bcf9a778ddf986bccde I want to use this rig for gaming with the listed monitor (2560x1440) and i live in germany if that helps with prices etc. Thanks in advance!
  13. Does HESH/HE pen drop over distance to the target like AP/APCR or does it stay the same regardless of distance like HEAT?
  14. Get the gun first, the short 88 just lacks pen to be effective in t7.
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