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  1. Curo doesnt think you deserve the title Blakk's besty

    1. Spartan96


      Curo is entitled to his opinions and beliefs . 


      also i forgot that i did that and this is the first you mention it to me hehe

  2. I wish school grades worked like WN8, where your grade was more of reflection of how you compare to people around you than percentage of correct.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Zezti


      I wish it was more like WN8 too, then I might be more motivated to study...

      Then I'd get so obsessed with raising my grades I'd care less about the actual content, just like in WoT... And IRL school life. wow


    3. The_direwolf


      Who cares. If you get perfect marks on every test you sit then you must be at the top. No one needs to tell you.

    4. Fulcrous


      Bell curve sucks in top universities.

  3. 263 is gonna have one of the highest penning guns and the 430's armor is gonna be more relevant.. Thats cool.

  4. On Wotlabs home page there's clans registering having 102 members o.O

    1. blackzaru


      RELIC and PINGU haxxx stronk.

    2. Blakkrskera


      reports to wargaming immeadiatlies

  5. *Insert something about kittens*

    1. SkittlesOfSteeI
    2. #NightWolf5628


      cutest fluffballs world

    3. Spartan96


      *inserts derpy cat into status*

  6. I have almost 300k free exp from that conversion special... and im not sure what to do with it now

    1. Tuco22


      send in a ticket to have it all removed. i hate clutter

    2. Blakkrskera


      I was thinking about that... I almost want to try

  7. Wow These are good... lol I like never's a lot. I'm gonna use it.... Edit I changed my mind. I Like Deus's more
  8. So Im bad at both chemistry and poems.... Could someone help ? It only needs to be 2 - 4 sentences. Just something short. The catch is it has to be completely original. Will give golds to best poem if you want, or something. I'm just really stuck on this. PS if this topic is in the wrong place, please move it. I wasn't sure where to put it
  9. MY SNAKE LAID EGGS! http://imgur.com/UWxtvYY they're corn snake eggs if anyone is curious. there's probably 20+ eggs

  10. Hit the Green arrow if you think Rexxie is cute and adorable. Press the red arrow if you think cats are the most awful creatures on the planet.
  11. So, i have a reason to go down that line now... it looks sexy as hell
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