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  1. bloom values are horrible for FCM, kills all the fun
  2. KaiKai

    WGLNA Finals Scavenger Hunt

    guess it's only working for NA?
  3. sounds like you dont really play the game for the fun anymore but are stuck in the grinding loop. thats when it's often wise to quit a game.
  4. KaiKai

    Assault mode - On or off?

    normal matches are already campy and boring, why play a mode where one team has to camp base by default
  5. KaiKai

    What’s Ahead for World of Tanks

    promised arty changes are the new havok engine
  6. KaiKai

    TankRewards November is posted

    feel free to play on EU and get absolutely nothing
  7. KaiKai


    dude, just stop
  8. KaiKai

    Battlefield 1 - Open Beta

    was hyped for it but it's not my cup of tea, back to cs:go
  9. KaiKai

    Rheinmetall Skorpion G

    after SS/gun control and BIA, take camo or repairs?
  10. KaiKai

    Rheinmetall Skorpion G

    Lack of DPM? Sure the reload time is longer but medium tanks have to fire twice to match your dmg of a single shot.
  11. KaiKai

    Rheinmetall Skorpion G

    can someone shit talk this tank please? i dont want to throw money at WG :/
  12. looks like WG wasted all their time on a WW1 destruction derby mode :QBFlip: