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  1. made the mistake of trusting someone on the internet and paid the price first and last time I listen to the "original commander" still one door closed and another opened, ANZAF has been fun
  2. Hope, you really are only going on half the information He posted a thread about a game I was also in and he didnt like my fact based comment about his allegation of cheating or that he got chat banned for his in game comments Sent me an abusive Pm and being rhe nice guy I am I offered him an out by sending a simple warning about using the PM system to send abusive messages Guess he didnt want that option so he then sent some very severe derogatory comments directed at me personally and was perma banned from the forums Game ban is nothing to do with that at all
  3. Nah I am going to join VPA, then move to AOW and finally 99999 and you can watch my recents turn blue purple and all the shiny tanks appear in my garage might be time to close the bottle and go to bed
  4. thats cos of the campaign and the losses we had, played very few pub matches
  5. you will find that on the Western Front two VPA players were awarded tanks. And on the Eastern Front AOW and a 5AE player still got tanks.... MotChich_XapDoi [99999] Đỉnh của đỉnh là cái nóc nhà 3,867 Vehicle East tank_vidoi [99999] Đỉnh của đỉnh là cái nóc nhà 3,991 Vehicle East Wendir [99999] Đỉnh của đỉnh là cái nóc nhà 3,860 Vehicle East white__tiger
  6. I know I shouldnt but, sometimes you just got to do what your heart tells you to do
  7. I am glad to see that VPA got smacked no officers means no map control, no gold income and they will get mapped no dong coming in from selling the gold means they will lose players
  8. you should be free in an hour from now


    you will need to acknowledge the new warning


    been in the bush the last four days hunting

    1. Ezz
    2. Politx_Killer


      Bushpigs Cent? My favourite targets

    3. Centurion_NZ
  9. that name has been discussed at length and because it is just a German word for deaths head it, in itself, isnt offensive
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