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  1. IMO arty was the natural enemy of TDs. And it is working like in nature. You wipe out the predator, another comes up to take his place. Again IMO arty was nerfed too hard. It needed a nerf and it is good that nerf happened but I think it basically made it extinct and even if its present you do not need to fear it so much. I could probably count on my one hand times I was one shooted by arty after the nerf or on count on two hands I was seriously damaged by it. As a consequence TDs came out from their holes and took up an empty space in the food chain of tanks. I do not have a problem p
  2. That one is very annoying when I notice people using it. Also hate the automatic extinguishers mod. I consider them both cheats.
  3. I use HardScope with modified shadow reticule to be semitransparent and those long lines from sights in sniper mode help in lining the blind shots with damage indicator.
  4. Locastans HD minimap doesn't support last known location and he said he won't ever do it. I use locastans that I modified a bit, because I believe that having last known position on minimap will make you too lazy in the long term regarding tactical situational awareness. I try to remember myself where were the tanks on the map. Also about the topic. For me the HD minimap is already borderline. It gives you a lot of advantage if you know how to use it. I wouldn't use any of the ones you posted. About skins with weakspots... imo a learning tool, as long as it does not show a 3D model with mo
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