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  1. They really don't need weapons...they need more barber colleges.
  2. Holy crap I hate Mondays. I really think they should change the spelling to "Munday",

    as in Mudane-lacking interest.

  3. Congratz! Let me know what tier 8 tank you want!

    1. Levenbrech


      Sorry, please tell me what Tier 8 premium tank you would like to receive.

      You are the proud new owner of the tank you requested..."Super Pershing"!

  4. Contest is now closed! I would like to thank everyone that entered for sharing a piece of their life outside of gaming. I will contact the winner prior to 1700hrs EDT today. If you don’t hear from me…you didn’t win. Thank you. *edit- Congratulations to the Winner...jimjim975! He selected the Super Pershing! 2nd edit- I know I did not offer a second place...but since it was soooo close for me to call Shifty_101st will receive 1200 gold, 1 day premium, and 1 garage slot as a second place prize. I didn't have any steak knives to give him. That's it all...I'm broke, lol. Thanks again
  5. 50 yrs. on the Planet After celebrating my time on this planet with family last week I thought that I would share my good fortune with a random person/tanker from the internet. This is what I would like to do. I would like to gift a Tier 8 premium tank from the NA server shop to a worthy tanker who plays on the NA server. But, they must first share a story about themselves here with us in this forum by submitting a post (written, drawn, pictures or videos) to this contest. The story can be happy, sad, funny, or even mad about what they are truly thankful for in life at this point in time.
  6. If you could gift a tier 8 premium tank to say a "lucky" NA tanker. What tank would you choose?

    1. Show previous comments  21 more
    2. CarryMode


      I'd say let them choose since it really depends on the player's playstyle

    3. FavreFan4ever


      Yeah it depends on the tanker. I would probably go FCM because I <3 Frenchies, but that is just me...

    4. Levenbrech


      Let them choose? Hmm?

      It's decided!

      So let it be written...So let it be done!

      Give me a day to come up with a contest, or you can PM me with any suggestions. Thanks all.

  7. Maybe you purple guys could help the tanker out and critic his play not his attitude. We've ALL had bad days...right?
  8. In an age of “giving a trophy to every participant”, I’m going to agree with Pity. People need to be told they are “bad”. Imho they will forever wear the badge of “beginner” for 40k battles, and be proud of it.
  9. I think "The Mighty Jingles" warrants his own celebrity tag IMHO.

  10. This^ sounds right! Why dafug would players need a horn? Oh...and who cares if someone blows the horn at you? What would this fix? Hell, people can't even keep from running into each other moving away from the spawn points in WoT or WoWS. A horn makes no freaking sense...at all!
  11. Okay, could someone please point me to the unequivocal, everything you need or ever wanted to know about Warships thread or maybe suggest some vids to watch for the purpose of obtaining a clue about WoWS when it comes to selling a ship to move on to the next, Captains skill points, etc. You know, basic what not to do points. Thank you.

  12. Check your inbox, it's on the way!

    1. Melol


      Thank you so much. You are really amazing

  13. I'm really looking forward to seeing family this holiday weekend! I hope every American has a SAFE and great Fourth of July!

  14. Pfft...I just called the wife and told her to lay my try hard pants on the bed so I can change into them as soon as I get off from work.
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