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  1. What program do I need to change the stuff in xml files? when I open them it takes me to internet explorer and it wont let me change anything.
  2. Wow that was fast. I could try reddit, but I'll have to check the other ones out too. Which of the two would you personally reccommend?
  3. I'm looking for a pretty laid back clan mainly for platoons and occasional TC's. Does anyone have a match for the description that would accept someone of my skill? Also, just in case its needed, I have two tier 10's, the M48 and E-100.
  4. Which minimap has been used in the previous versions? I am a scrub as you can see and I just want to keep using the old one.
  5. I actually don't mind the tier 9 games, surprisingly. It is definitely OP at tier 7, but I feel that it isn't that well known really. I see a lot more E-25's then SU's.
  6. I got an SU-122-44 a while back when it was on sale for the purposes of credit farming. Despite my awful stats, I do okay in TD's, and this one was no exception. It was well worth the small amount of gold for all the credits I've farmed for my big projects. I have 89% camo on it, a rammer, vents, and a net (not the best loadout, scraped together really). Currently, my session stats are purple after playing a few games in it (Which rating does Sela's mod's session stats use?). Is it me, or the tank. I don't hear much about it, but it just works. If anyone has one, tell me what you think about i
  7. I need to know now which type of rammer does it use? And oother equipment suggestions? wait nvm i have some stuff for it.
  8. Just looked on their website, they have clan merchandise! LOL! What fail! They think they are so great, and they "tried" and lost 3<15.
  9. Equipment loadout? I need to buy some when its 50% off.
  10. What does that mean? Was that a guy that got banned?
  11. Can an admin please move this to the garbage can?
  12. My ex platooning buddy xxkckxx (from when i was a terribad) said that players from havok were playing with people from his clan, XBBXX, which is full of awful players. He also said that his clan was getting ready for training, possibly with havok helping them. Is this true? I just have to confirm that he is lying, which I am pretty sure he is, cause its funny. He specified who he played with Beef__Wellington. Can you ask this guy if this is true, I just have to confirm it. Thanks.
  13. I am interested in joining this group of clans, and since i am still not that good, I was wondering if anyone that belongs to theses clans can tell me if you guys have a improvement clan. If you do, please tell me.
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