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  1. This thing is my second highest WN8 tank and pads it like no other (which is why I stopped playing after I 3rd marked it). I currently have 2nd highest dpg in it on NA and I say it's worth every penny. It makes money overall but as others have said do be prepared to spam some gold. It's also in HD so looks pretty sick.
  2. Thread updated with more screenshots and release date speculations, see top.
  3. I have previously made a post HERE about Chinese TD leaks almost a year ago, but despite the leaks coming from KZW's official account (the company running WoT in China) not much information was provided afterwards. WoT Express Brought a neat piece of information to my attention today. (Link to Wot Express VK account: https://vk.com/wotclue) All credits goes to them. The following was mentioned during a KZW livestream: " 坦克世界 军临天下午夜谈 现在直播的是C系TD线的内容,关于这件事情有了详细的说明,坦克世界的更新是需要根据全球玩家的市场需求而定,C系车在世界市场中并不是很受重视。KZW曾经向WG提供四版C系TD车的设计方案,要做足够详细的设计方案和数据分析才有可能让WG设计全新的C系车。顺便说一句,C系车大部分都是KZW
  4. This is not the 3rd mark you are looking for :trump:Y3cwGXc.png

    1. Ollie Tabooger

      Ollie Tabooger

      It looks like it's made in China! :trump:

    2. Zesshin


      It's time to take back the jobs :kappa:

  5. Trying to 3rd mark a STB1 at 90% while playing the Leopard at 86% whenever I die. End of the night Leo is 3rd marked and STB is at 85%. How the fuck do I handle that gun...

    1. Rchon


      Congrats on the Leo 3 mark though.

    2. Va1heru


      Did the exact same thing trying to 3 mark the 62a last year. Every bad 62a game id play the leo, ended up been my first 3 marked tier 10.

      Stb marks are tough tho

    3. SmyleeRage
  6. The official WoT Chinese WeChat account (Facebook equivalent) posted this less than 24 hours ago.
  7. Appearently someone did the calculations and with BIA, vents, food, and rammer the reload can be reduced to below 13 seconds.
  8. WG China just posted a new article on WeChat (FB equivalent) in which they claimed that according to unofficial sources the Chinese tier 10 TD will be based on the 113 chassis. The article included some stats, a few screenshots and a the vehicle description: Description: In consideration for potential future armored vehicle threats, the Chinese Army developed a Tank Destroyer based on the 113 chassis. The plans were ultimately shelved due to the cancellation of the 113 heavy tank project. Health: 2000 Horsepower: 750HP Weight:47 tons Horsepower/Ton:15.95 hp/t
  9. Just why... 


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. affenbirne


      ^^ That is more Games on the arty than my overall Games. And my account dates back to beta. Guess I need to play moar.

    3. leggasiini


      still not as bad as the guy with 15k battles on bat-arty and more than 30k battles overall with arties that was posted some days ago...

    4. FreddBoy


      Proof - as if there was any needed - that the M55/53 is stupid easy to play, even for clickers.

  10. Been stuck on LT-15 for T55a for like a week, finally got it in the WZ-132. 4767dmg + 4572 spotting...

    http://wotreplays.com/site/2692464 Replay link if anyone cares...

    21.5k wn8/1878 base xp

  11. 121: 17113: 20TVP T50/51: 20Foch 155: 20AMX 50B: 23 Batchat 25t: 23 (Nothing beats yoloing into enemy, cliping an enemy out and then yoloing back to safety before the enemy even realizes that they just lost a tank.)AMX 30B: 20 Waffentraiger: 2 (Sure, it has the potential of clipping out an entire t10 heavy. However, to me it's an even bigger dmg pinata than the tog. Just wait for it to clip out some random pubbie, then proceed to throw HE at it while it desperately tries to hide, only to find that its turret is bigger than the ROCKS on some of the maps. At least the tog has the dpm
  12. gmVXru9.jpg

    Feels bad man

  13. World of Tanks, as much as I hate to admit it, is a team game. Regardless of player skill we all had one moment or another when we needed help from our teammates. To me, the only true 'pubbies' are the ones who ACTIVELY try to play this game like a single player game (For example ignoring to communicate with teammates, refusing to cooperate, or camping in a bush at base DESPITE being asked nicely to move.) This does not apply to those who do not rely on teammates or players who are simply oblivious, as they usually still actively pay attention to the chat and will at least understand words.
  14. Here is a link to a google drive folder containing 150 batchat replays and session chart. I strongly suggest you guys use Wot Replay Manager (which I also included in the folder) to go through the replays and pick the ones you want to view. I don't have time to go through all my replays and filter out all the really shitty ones so I apologize in advance.
  15. For the initial 100ish games I was maintaining around 3800ish dpg, which made me stuck near the 89% ish region for quite a while. Changing ammo load out from 5 HEAT to 10 HEAT didn't help much as sometimes it helped me pen E100s but sometimes screwed me over when I am forced to snipe with only HEAT left. In the last 50ish games, I was maintaining 4300+ dpg, and got to 93% on one night, followed by some bad games which dropped it back to 91%. On the second day I continued to struggle as my mark fluctuated between 93% and 91%, however, I had like 3 games in a row where I did 5k+ damage which bum
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