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  1. Thanks Solar. I am actually new in the forum, and I don't know where to start to catch up with you all. The important discussions, or where I can be helpful too. I play this game since 2010 and I have blue-purple stats. I speak spanish too, so maybe i can be useful for spanish speakers players... Best regards.
  2. Hi all, practically I am a new user here so, I wanted to say hi like the other ones did. After the introduction, any recommendation of what part of the forum should I check first? Thanks in advance. SteelRonin
  3. Can someone explain me the platoon-ratio?, I mean, Does platoon-ratio influence current WN8?, how? and, until what point?...............will influence WN9? if I understood correctly, It won't........Sorry but I read faster because I am at the office many thanks
  4. I am a special Relic member, I don't need to feed my ego like you said, I am not that kind of dude .
  5. Both, the worst combo hehehe. Naw, I saw people posting hi, I am a new user here too, I wanted to say Hi
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