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  1. Miss ya buddy! Hope life is treating you well

    1. CarbonatedPork


      Pretty good, man! Getting this music venue up and running!

    2. cvshaft
  2. Originally, I thought that the console peasant controls would make mediums weak compared to heavies, but I just picked up the Type 59 and that may not be the case after all. Still, I'll probably avoid the tanks that rely on gunhandling for their strength, like the Pattons. When you're aiming with a joystick, you really can't snapshot a front axle no matter what the gun is actually capable of.
  3. Makes me grin from ear to ear. This is the pref 8 I always wanted.
  4. I did, but the PS4 version enticed me and it's something I can pick up and play a few rounds and put down without grinding for hours at a time. Not having XVM, session statistics, and e-peen comparisons plays a large role in my ability to set the game down. It doesn't have the same addictive quality of self-improvement as a result, which lends itself to play4funning. I'm able to enjoy the PS4 version as a game whereas I treated the PC version as a sport that I needed to train for.
  5. Yeah, the PS4 version is really nice once you get used to that controller peasantry. How long until we have a [LABS] clan on the PS4?!?
  6. The PS4 version of WoT is awesome for so many reasons. I love the night and rain versions of the maps. I will say that I've pretty much been exclusively playing the T34 and Lowe since the release and Skorpion Pass doesn't really bother me at all in those slow tanks. I can't wait to see more tanks released.
  7. Wow, thanks dude. Yeah, it's gonna be in Georgia about 2 hours south of Atlanta. Probably not too many folks this way on WoTLabs, but I really appreciate the voice of support. Also: holy shit, Rexxie is on point. As always.
  8. I am actually INCREDIBLY glad I stumbled through this addiction. I'm going to be opening a music venue in my smallish hometown and it's good to have seen the effects of addiction and come out the other side on something relatively benign. I hear it's very easy to fall into drug and alcohol addictions when you tango with night life in that sort of capacity. Now that I've seen my own weakness for what it is, I'm going to stay the fuck away from that stuff. Thanks, WoT!
  9. I don't know if "complain" is the right verb. I'd probably go with "mock." Actual reasons to re-roll: Tried the game out on someone else's account and started a new one for yourself. New platform (xbox -> PC). For everything else there's VanityCard.
  10. I like the people here. World of Tanks is a tough game to master and the community here is comprised of folks that have the innate skill and tenacity to get good at it. After a while, the repetition of the game itself as well as stats-chasing got to me and I quit. I was spending an unhealthy amount of time on it and I am happy to be free of the hardcore addiction I had for the game. I shit on the game not because it's a bad game but because of the inadequacies it revealed in my own ability to cope with addiction. I shit on the game because I see people who were in my position that haven't
  11. What Dia said. You earn way more respect by bringing your current account to purps than you do rerolling. Plus, XVM focus is a PITA and you'd be throwing away a lot of grinding and premium tanks for a fast lane to respect. Just grind through it, my man. It's worth it.
  12. Dawww, _Juris. I miss you guys a bunch, but not having XVM and arty focus really makes the game a heck of a lot less frustrating. I probably won't be playing it with anywhere near the same regularity that I did the PC version. I'm trying to start up a music venue in my hometown and won't have the time for it even if I wanted to!
  13. So I think the open beta might be closed soon, but that was a fun little stint. Except for grinding through the M3 Lee, I rather enjoyed it. Not getting focused by arty is very big plus and the graphics are kinda neat (night time, rain, every vehicle is an HD model) despite the ~30 FPS console peasantry. Since so few got up to tiers 4+, the level of play there matched PC play, where teams had some semblance of the meta for each map. I also got more used to the controls to the point where I could lead shots and track stationary targets. Definitely looking forward to being able to play the T30/E
  14. Ugh, Solono, you were right: this Four Kicks is meh. One of the blandest sticks I've had thus far. The 858 I had a few nights ago was great, though.
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