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    CarbonatedPork got a reaction from geek7 in WN8: the good, the bad, and the padding   
    Yes, this is possible. For example, I had a game where I camped the south spawn of Mines and got like 3k damage because the teams were rather medium heavy and I would've been destroyed going straight to the hill at the start of the match:

    However, playing the WZ-132 like a TD will put your winrate entirely at the mercy of your team because you're not creating opportunity. You're just cannibalizing damage and basically being a bad TD (low alpha, low DPM, AND low penetration!).
    Here are two well-written articles from WotLabbers that illustrate why I think playing the WZ-132 this way and farming WN8 is a bad decision:
    by Garbad. by Deusmortis. Basically, playing the WZ-132 to win means that you're going to have to keep your gun quiet in certain situations in order to keep enemy tanks lit so that your teammates can damage and kill them. This is absolutely not rewarded by WN8 and a big reason why I think WN8 is a generally bad metric to compare players' contributions to wins.
    Some players are able to get stupid high WN8 and winrate in the WZ-132, but I find that they're almost opposing goals for my average level of ability. If I try to get damage, my winrate goes down. If I try to get wins, my damage goes down. I'd rather have a high winrate, but damned if that high WN8 doesn't look pretty on my sig.
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    CarbonatedPork got a reaction from Snoregasm2 in Gashtag, I challenge thee to a Tinder 1v1: Proving purple WN8 gets you laid.   
    Bonus points if you get rejected with "lol w/e enjoy solopubbing."
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    CarbonatedPork got a reaction from BedakCoa in Gashtag, I challenge thee to a Tinder 1v1: Proving purple WN8 gets you laid.   
    Bonus points if you get rejected with "lol w/e enjoy solopubbing."
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    CarbonatedPork got a reaction from Sabrechien in wz-132   
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    CarbonatedPork reacted to Shade421 in Type 59 hype   
    At least back in beta, console balance was much better than PC balance. Yay for a US dev team calling the shots.
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    CarbonatedPork reacted to Solono in Type 59 hype   
    Many great things, perhaps some specifically for WoTLabs.  
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    CarbonatedPork reacted to Shade421 in Type 59 hype   
    Why is buying a PS4 getting so god damn tempting?
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    CarbonatedPork reacted to UnusualMedic in PS4 Launch   
    Tried it,
    Controls feels weird
    the penetration colors messed me up, RED=PEN
    Them gun sounds
    Them graphics
    Them map effects.
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    CarbonatedPork reacted to UnusualMedic in LadyO   
    Seriously I just love the PS4 version.
    Could you give a pat in the back to the devs for me please?
    One thing though: The colour for the chances of penetration messed me up at first. Now I have to remind myself that RED=PEN and not the opposite like PC
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    CarbonatedPork got a reaction from UnusualMedic in LadyO   
    I did, but the PS4 version enticed me and it's something I can pick up and play a few rounds and put down without grinding for hours at a time. Not having XVM, session statistics, and e-peen comparisons plays a large role in my ability to set the game down. It doesn't have the same addictive quality of self-improvement as a result, which lends itself to play4funning. I'm able to enjoy the PS4 version as a game whereas I treated the PC version as a sport that I needed to train for.
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    CarbonatedPork got a reaction from UnusualMedic in LadyO   
    The PS4 version of WoT is awesome for so many reasons. I love the night and rain versions of the maps.

    I will say that I've pretty much been exclusively playing the T34 and Lowe since the release and Skorpion Pass doesn't really bother me at all in those slow tanks.

    I can't wait to see more tanks released.
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    CarbonatedPork reacted to Solono in PS4 Launch   
    It is officially launched on PS4, hooray.  
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    CarbonatedPork reacted to Solono in LadyO   
    Thanks for the PTSD, bought one at launch, ruined my life. 
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    CarbonatedPork reacted to LadyObscura in LadyO   
    Hi folks! 
    No, it's not SerB, Rita or David Bowie, it's just me   Thanks for the hype, Solono >.<
    I go by LadyObscura WGA, I'm a Player Experience Specialist here at Wargaming Chicago-Baltimore.  I get to work directly with the devs and I spend a bunch of time on the WoT Console forums.
    The "WGA" after my gamertag is because I used to be in the Publishing office before being drafted by the dev studio   
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    CarbonatedPork got a reaction from sundanceHelix in FCM 50t love thread   
    For a while now two tanks have been vying for the spot as my favorite tier 8 premium: the T-34-3 and FCM 50t. After going back to the FCM for a handful of games this weekend, I've decided to crown it the king of tier 8 premiums in my garage. With its high penetration silver round and zippy acceleration, the FCM is a beast at autoaim peekaboom shots.   It is definitely not a tank that can carry a flank all by itself, but it is very possible to solopub well in this tank by keeping your pubbies alive. I used to play this thing as more of a sniper, wondering why I had such a terrible solopub winrate in it despite my WN8 trending upwards. Now I realize that this tank is meant to be in the thick of battle. It has the speed to create local pockets of strength and plug holes that your pubbies leave gaping open. This tank is tremendously versatile at increasing the survival rate of your pubbies. You can keep a would-be flanker honest by quickly repositioning to smack his hand for 250 HP, you can jump in to eat a shot to keep a reloading autoloader alive, you can spot for blind tanks trying to cross an open area, and you can RTB fast enough to reset caps while the rest of your flank plods on to the enemy cap.   The FCM is just a great tank. Preferential matchmaking, no reliance on premium consumables, and the ability to print credits are all icing on the cake. This tank would be a contender for a great tier 8 without any of those perks, yet it has all of them. I absolutely love the FCM and hereby crown it king of my tier 8 premiums!
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    CarbonatedPork reacted to Rexxie in Is there any game balance reason arty has so many hitpoints?   
    If you go back a year or two ago, this problem used to be even worse. Some arty could easily survive a 750 damage shell, many arty had far better mobility, and almost all of them had much better view range. It was ridiculous. 
    I do agree that arty is still too durable for what it is. I also think its too accurate in CQC - if I see a tank get too close to an arty, I expect it to eat a shot. No aiming involved, arty punching people while at full traverse is like a 60-40 thing in favor of them hitting.
    The last thing that bugs me is the old "scouts sneak past and kill arty" thing happens virtually never these days. The maps are just too chokepointy, and the few times scouts do make it, they just get shotgunned or tracked before even spotting the arty. Arty is just way too powerful against scouts, the class thats supposed to counter them, regardless of range.
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    CarbonatedPork reacted to Balue in How is WOT currently   
    Sorry Mr. Pork... a tad far... was hoping a little closer to the NE... Good luck.. think it is awesome
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    CarbonatedPork got a reaction from Balue in How is WOT currently   
    Wow, thanks dude. Yeah, it's gonna be in Georgia about 2 hours south of Atlanta. Probably not too many folks this way on WoTLabs, but I really appreciate the voice of support.
    Also: holy shit, Rexxie is on point. As always.
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    CarbonatedPork reacted to Rexxie in How is WOT currently   
    It's not about the balance, the balance now is better than ever before - but that doesn't equate to a more fun experience. Old WoT had higher highs and lower lows - the TD plague and arty shitters loved to make some pretty godawful matches, but when things were fun, they were really fun. The open maps and frankly slow, campy gameplay made a lot more situations possible.
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    CarbonatedPork reacted to dualmaster333 in How is WOT currently   
    Completely agree with Rexxie. Things weren't perfect but were far more interesting than they are today.
    A fun idea I had: Instead of the next test server, WG should do some Nostalgia servers. Load up the client from 8.x and let people play it for a week or two. It'd be pretty interesting to see if it is truly as we remember it.
    Imagine going back far enough that your tanks stick to other tanks if you even graze them...
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    CarbonatedPork reacted to Rexxie in How is WOT currently   
    I think they did have that happy medium beforehand, and it's why most of us got addicted in the first place. The map changes are almost completely to blame for this. Matches are shorter, more aggressive, more one-sided, and harder for any one single player to influence than ever before. Arty is terrible - trust me, my hate for the Lefh/304/Bishop/CGC knows no bounds - but WG's insistence on caving in to the players who want this sort of map design is the source of nearly all of the problems for the good/high end players, even if they don't realize it.
    I'm not entirely sure how to go about talking about this, because I am so very biased and opinionated on this subject. I know I have several layers of rose tinted goggles and I know that I'm probably just yearning for the times when I was much better at the game. But I'll be damned if there wasn't something special about 2012 to early 2014 era wot that kept us coming back for more. Those heart thumping carries, that risky Redshire scout run 300m on front of your allies that racked you up 10k assisted, taking the long way around the back of Dragon Ridge to get deep behind your opponents. All memories that are slowly being replaced with brawling, brawling, and more brawling.
    Were things perfect back then? Fuck no. Has there been a huge amount of improvement in many other aspects of WoT? Hell yes. But even the most cancerous maps back then would, once in a blue moon, give you those few truly memorable games. Games you'd press battle again and again just for the slimmest chance of repeating. WoT feels nothing like this these days. The light's just gone now. Those of you who joined afterwords and can enjoy WoT for what it is, I congratulate you, but be glad that you don't know what you're missing.
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    CarbonatedPork reacted to Balue in How is WOT currently   
    "I'm going to be opening a music venue in my smallish hometown.."
    Let us know when you get it established so we can cheer you on... or visit if we live close enough !!!
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    CarbonatedPork got a reaction from Balue in How is WOT currently   
    I am actually INCREDIBLY glad I stumbled through this addiction. I'm going to be opening a music venue in my smallish hometown and it's good to have seen the effects of addiction and come out the other side on something relatively benign. I hear it's very easy to fall into drug and alcohol addictions when you tango with night life in that sort of capacity. Now that I've seen my own weakness for what it is, I'm going to stay the fuck away from that stuff. Thanks, WoT!
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    CarbonatedPork reacted to _Dia in [AUTSM], a clan for people who don't like playing WoT anymore   
    The rarest pepe at any given time is the one seen by the fewest
    So nobody really knows what the rarest is :^(
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