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  1. Also the fact that hits on you dont always register the sound effects. You think you're doing nicely, and then realise you've lost half your health in 1 second.
  2. God i hate this game we play. The RNG is so swayed. No wonder this game was shunned by E-sports promoters and forced WG to make there own little "WG League". I wonder if its the same client we all use, or whether it has less RNG to actually make it a sport?
  3. Has anyone had a think aloud or internally as to why an Oceanic server cluster will now be made available. I can't see any real reason after all this time that WG would suddenly change their mind. Could it be that Aus/ NZ time based players make up a larger % of the player base than they used to? Could it be that financially, we are a better long term market? It just strikes me as strange to suddenly do this given how long the server has been running. Thoughts?
  4. I'm happy enough with the ping we get to Singapore when the cable is good. It's not like you can actually blame ping alone for more than 1 in a 100 deaths really.
  5. *Yawn* *Stretch*. So my marine traffic site says that Asean Explorer is on route to home port, cable is repaired. Then i hear that there is going to be an Oceanic cluster. All in time for the UK tank buffs and the long awaited re-awakening of the '59 and its sibling the 34-3. I'm going to have to come back on and start learning how to play this game again. Who's going to refresh me?
  6. Well Siggs as i had to acknowledge a warning prior to posting in that thread, i felt it was a little too early to be that cheeky.
  7. Still alive, in case anyone asked. Given tanks the arse until the cable gets fixed,at least. Boats is not bad. Funny thing; i've playing a game that has region roaming and have played a few games on their SEA server. A game where latency is critical. It actually plays pretty well. Perhaps Tanks is not so much a victim of undersea cable lag as much as local Singapore routing, or shit server service? Perhaps people that know more about these things can discuss?
  8. So.............. The guy who was going to play my account, has decided he doesn't want to play WoT after all. I guess i'll play periodically. Still going to have some time out though; i need it. Edit; By the way Hopey, how do you ever expect to get a different reaction from this forum? I just dont understand why you feel a need to post here. Of course you are free to; i just cant grasp why you would, when its always a negative reaction.
  9. I'm not playing this gay game anymore. Somebody who used to play on the Chinese server now has control over my account. I heard from him that on the Chinese server that WoT is in fact a social meeting point for gay men. ( yes he's gay ) They use some sort of emojy code to say they are available or something like that. Who'd have figured? Anyway, best of luck of those to you that continue to play this game, i've had enough. WG killed this game over a long period. I used to enjoy it. But now any game that has tanks is now far superior to this crap shoot. Skill is i
  10. I had probably the worst weekend of playing tanks i've ever experienced. I hate the game with a passion. Simply because it was once good and had great potential. To play with the crap that it has been "developed" into just makes me sad.
  11. Damn it, actually had to upboat Hope for the "every wife needs a nurses costume". While it's all good banter, that i appreciate. Hope hasn't your other half ever come home stinking of faeces or bial? Tell me that's sexy. Sure wasn't for me; 17 1/2 years of marriage and all the bullshit that nurses go through and then sometimes take out on their partner was enough for me.
  12. @HoPe , i have watched for some time the comings and goings of your's and other's posts. While i tried to have a neutral stance and not get involved, i am afraid that i can no longer give you the benefit of my doubt. You, Sir, are like a cartoon character. You need rubbing out, and drawing again.
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