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  1. It existed: in multiple iterations:
  2. The existence of the 113 is not seriously contested by Chinese tank historians, there even exists a picture of it's remains somewhere behind the great firewall.
  3. Putting this thread here since there is no Czech sub section yet. Could an admin please create one and move this thread to it. Thanks. Anyway the T40 was released today. Should I get it or should I pass?
  4. The D-10T had a muzzle velocity of 900m/s so the D-46T is more comparable to the D-54 (which historically had 245mm penetration at 1000 meters).
  5. Yeah I have no idea why they are forcing this tank into the game without pref MM. If WG really wants a new Soviet regular tier 8 premium heavy tank I know just one:
  6. Armor angle on the front plate is only 60 degrees and not the 68 or whatever it is on the 112:
  7. How to make T-10 just as good as the WZ-111: T-10M with new turret and 130mm gun.
  8. IIRC the Object 261-3, Object 262, and Object 263 were all supposed to have 60 degree hulls whereas the IS-7 is 65 degrees.
  9. I would keep the SU-100M1 where it's at, it's actually pretty good. For the SU-101 I would give it some more gun traverse and depression along with giving the D-54 the same ammunition as all the tier 10 Soviet mediums. The velocity and penetration increase should make it competitive. The SU-122-54 is already pretty good so I wouldn't change it. Though more DPM would be nice. As for the Object 263 I would swap it for the Object 261-3: ignore the incorrect caption Which is to say to turn the Object 261 from an arty into a TD. The Object 261-3 would have improved armor compared to it's arty
  10. Hopefully Supertest will convince the devs to give the 113 the 130mm it historically had.
  11. I thought the next tier 8 premium would be this: The BL-9 was a high velocity 122mm intended for the ISU series SPG, it was just basically a modified D-25 to be longer and fire a bigger charge: The D-83 comes from a time when GABTU wanted to unify armament of the T-64 and the T-62 but wanted something more powerful than the U-5TS currently serving on both tanks. They had two options, the rifled 122mm D-83 which fired APDS at high velocities, the other option was the smoothbore 125mm D-81 which fired APFSDS rounds. They went with the D-81 because of the voodoo magic of APFSDS which makes
  12. Yes WG please unerf the IS-3 and give it the historical 122mm D-83
    1. KenadianCSJ


      The BL10 is a trolly piece of shit, yes.

    2. Nekommando


      Yuo of not sacrificing enough dissidents to Stalin, comrade.

  13. Having played 577 battles in the IS-4 I think I can say with some certainty that yes, it's worth it.
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