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  1. Thanks for keeping the site running. This is practically the only WoT related page I visit frequently.
  2. I actually thought long and hard about putting a tactical log - but I'm considering entering this in a contest under the Out-of-the-box Category. Hence, no log I DO have three T-34s awaiting paint and further weathering... if I find a suitable twig, that will be going to them hehe. I used a mix of Vallejo's Thick Mud and Splash Mud, European Mud, Brown Mud and Russian Mud. I might need to add a bit of matt varnish on the hull sides though. The mud is very glossy, good for fresh mud - but might not be so good for dried mud.
  3. Hey all. I would like to share my WIP KV-1 mod 1942 Lightweight Cast Turret by Trumpeter. My first time doing a muddy running gear on a tank. Have a few more things to paint and retouch - the cables for example and the rust in the exhaust. Would highly appreciate suggestions and constructive criticism. Camera ran out of battery so I just used my phone. Thanks for looking!
  4. I tend to stick with a compromise - I will try to find a balance between ease-of-build and accuracy. I'm not a rivet counter per se, I love the 80s-90s tamiya kit for that reason, but I do notice more obvious omissions like Engine Grills on German stuff or grossly disproportional shapes like on the original 1970s Panther A by Tamiya. However, based on the amount of unfinished Dragon Model WIPS I have, I do prefer buildability over 100% accuracy. I tend to be wary of Italeri stuff though - they have their quirks in terms of fit. I could forgive the accuracy issues, but I've had to wrestle with
  5. Thanks a bunch! I normally use Tamiya Acrylics as they're really forgiving and almost never go bad (except for their white. That color needs a biiit more care.). Unfortunately, they don't have a good match for RAL8000/7008 out of the bottle. For the RAL 8000, I used Vallejo Model Color 879 as I had that lying around - it was a great match based on photos I've seen online. The RAL 7008 is trickier, but I used Vallejo model air 71.116 camo grey green. This two tone camo is supposed to be hard to distinguish in the first place - and further weathering will tone the contrast some more. Ironi
  6. Thanks! I use a mix of those. Tracks were painted black from a hardware store rattle can. I used the leftover RAL 7008 thinned with more paint and put random splotches of that on the tracks afterwards. Once they dried, I applied an initial coat of Vallejo Light Siena mixed with water all over the tracks then superglued the top ends to the wheels once they dried. I gave it another wash of Light siena mixed with natural siena which I also applied on the lower running gear. I rubbed most of it off with some cotton buds and old paintbrushes. For the hull, I used an initial wash of Tamiya's
  7. Thanks for the feedback folks! The gun barrel was painted in original panzer grey - there is photographical evidence showing some of the Tigers deployed in Tunisia had their replacement gun barrel still painted in their original colors with a protective gloss coat (see photo below). Am trying to lessen the amount of weathering on the vehicle and go for a dry-desert look as mentioned by DoggieKruper. I'll still be adding a few more washes and a final dust coat over the entire thing to blend it all together though!
  8. Hey folks. Been playing a bit more WoT recently, liking the new T8 mode. Can be really fun while playing a LT or a HT. Anyway, I would like to share my most recent WIP - Tamiya's 1/35 Tiger I Initial Production, as deployed in Tunisia. Still not happy with the dust on the wheels and hull. Will probably work on it again during the weekend. Would appreciate any constructive criticism. Thanks for looking!
  9. Honestly, it terms of toxicity - I think it helped. Especially for people who aren't that good in WoT - you don't have assholes sending snide remarks over chat. You don't have people giving away your position on the map as well. Only thing left to worry about are those people who rage in your own team chat about nobody followed their batchat as it rushed across the field in Malinovka right into the guns of enemy tanks...
  10. Can confirm this works. I changed my password and can now log in at my home PC. Thanks!
  11. Nice progress! I started a Panzer IV ausf D by dragon many moons ago.... it wasn't Dragon's best. Had fit issues in the hull and soooo many parts. Shelved it for quite a while. Eager to see how yours turns out.
  12. Thanks mate, really appreciate it Go build the patton and share your experiences here! IT's a nice and easy kit to build. Got another one of that to finish.
  13. Thanks mate Really appreciate it. Thanks to all those who gave feedback as well!
  14. Hey folks How's everyone doing? Is patch 1.00 any good? I have only played a few games so far - like the graphics update but the maps feel.... anemic. Something feels off. Still, glad that the game got a makeover. Anyway, here's what I worked on during the Lenten Holidays here in the Philippines. This is Academy's M4A2(76) Red Army Sherman. According to documents complied by the Soviets and accounts of Soviet Tankers, they found the Sherman a really great vehicle - especially the 76mm version. They lovingly nicknamed their tanks "Emcha" - since the #4 looks close to the Cyrillic symbol for
  15. Thanks for all of your feedback folks Really appreciate it. @Ruuhkis - thanks for the pointers. I actually made a mistake with the color of the white wash - the first time I applied it I added enough buff paint to tone it down to a dirty color. When I added the second coat however, I didn't add as much so it looks a bit cleaner than it should be. Which part of the tank shows some grey primer? I applied the whitewash over a two tone dark yellow + red brown camo. I think that might be my inexperience with photography showing haha. Thanks for pointing out the snow n the tracks too. I got a bi
  16. Hey folks. Still waiting for patch 1.0 to make/break the game. Played a few matches with the T-10M since the patch, found out that I'm still a bad scrub, and moved on to something else. Anyway, here's my progress on a Tiger I in 1/35 by Academy. I took a previously built kit of mine and practiced doing winter whitewash via hairspray technique. Also used vallejo's snow effects for the first time. Going to paint my nearly finished Leningrad Tiger I soon - so this is warmup practice for that. Hope you folks like it. Constructive criticism and suggestions are highly appreciated. Thanks!
  17. Thanks for all the positive feedback guys. I really appreciate it! Thanks Folterknecht! That really means a lot to me I'm tackling an IS-2 in Berlin soon - I hope I can do the kit justice.
  18. Hey all. Since the game still hasn't really drawn me in (only bought the T-10 back in anticipation of the free tank) and Overwatch is still fun, I have spent more time on miniatures. Sharing with you my progress with a T-34/85 by Dragon. Older mold, but it came with free soviet tank riders. Hope you like it and thanks for looking!
  19. Ohh, that's one way of doing a dry brush. I'll try that later with the tracks - I only used a graphite pencil to simulate wear and tear. Not that noticeable unless you look closely. Hopefully that ought to work better Thanks!
  20. As promised, here's a side by side comparison. The sturmtiger is absurdly huge - even taller than the standard Tiger 1.
  21. Hey all, This is my current progress with a Tamiya Sturmtiger in 1/35 scale. Not sure if I'm calling it done. Feel like adding some more pigments. I'll try posting pictures of it beside a Panzer IV and a Tiger later. The Rocket Launcher is huge! I don't see how WG could have introduced this into the game without it being either terribly OP or UP (God knows how annoying the HE-throwing canons at higher tiers are becoming). Thanks for looking!
  22. Thanks! I'm going to ease off on using darker filters in future builds. I still have a couple of tigers lying unfinished in the stash that I'll tackle after this.
  23. Hi guys, Sharing with you my progress with this Academy Tiger I early. Not entirely happy with it - overdid the chipping and the filters/weathering made it a bit too dark. Will probably retouch the tools too.
  24. In the tradition of monetizing the hell out of old tanks that went kaput, WG has announced in its FB page the arrival of two new prems... one of which is our old friend, the Awfulpanther - rebirthed as a T8 prem. Stats are below: Have fun using that 135 damage pea shooter vs T10s. For reference, here is the other T8 prem they are introducting
  25. Nice work on the Marder! Is that the old tamiya kit or the newer DML release?
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