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  1. My improvement has just been gradual, no big jumps anywhere. There were no guides, streams or videos teaching me how to play when I was new so it's pretty much self-taught. I still remember my service record used to say "46%" in the beginning. It took me about 5000 battles to reach yellow or "average". From there on, I just had a desire to get better and kept clicking "battle". I played at green level when I was yellow, blue level at green, purple level at blue etc. It just keeps going up ever so slightly the more I play. I've never seen a plateau in my performance so I've never wo
  2. Should play NA to have a chance at winning some tanks. Although the requirements for #1 seem to be pretty close between NA/EU the results below that drop off very very quickly for NA. My best position is 4th with the SU-122-44. I have 140 more average exp than the guy ranked 4th on NA. I'd be 2nd instead of 9th in the WZ-111 as well. FeelsBadMan
  3. It's practically impossible to stream and talk about your decisions in real time. Most decisions I make are "split second" ones and happen much faster than I can speak, therefore I don't think anybody really does that kind of commentary. I'm not learning from streams either, I watch them for entertainment and therefore don't focus on the plays they're making whatsoever. That will teach you absolutely nothing. IF you want to learn from streams it may be beneficial to just mute the sound so you can focus on watching what's going on. Look at the tank type the streamer plays, look at the m
  4. Okay, thank you for the input. All making good points. It's not that I haven't thought of them but it's good to have them pointed out by somebody else. It's true I play a lot along the lines of how I used to and it doesn't seem to work too well. For example pushing with my med into the corner on Highway even if outnumbered because "it's not a problem even if there's 3 of them". I'm not sure if it's a meta change or something but I have the feeling that in the past they would have stopped and tried to peek and trade with me even if they outnumbered me. Now more often than not one of t
  5. Hello there! The players who originate from EU/ read EU forums probably recognize who I am. Some NA players may also recognize me from the F2P experiment I made on the EU forums, I'm not sure about that. So anyway, the situation is as follows. I used to be a "very good" (by WoT standards) player. From late 2014 until late 2015 my recent stats pretty much stuck to the 3,6-3,8k recent WN8 range and 62%+ solo WR. It was also during that time that I started playing in the Wargaming league for EU team DiNG which may be a familiar name and I also 3 marked my BC (yay, favorite tank) s
  6. I'm rather trash in everything unfortunately. But I still prefer this rating to anything that includes WR without separating solo WR from platoon/TC. Perhaps I'm a bit biased as I always play solo myself and my WR is therefore very low, but I don't think it's part of your skill to get carried through your mistakes by platoon mates.
  7. Well I've primarily soloed my way to where I am now so my overall WR is "awful". Recently I've platooned quite a bit with similar skill players and the effect is pretty significant, plus I've improved. I'm playing only high tiers, mostly tier 10 meds. Here are my stats for every game played the last 3 months, solo and platoon.
  8. The Batchat became my favorite tank from the moment I got it as well. Unfortunately I wasn't the most amazing player at the time and because of the hundreds and hundreds of games in the tank at that time it rises really slowly. I'm also unable to give the exact stats for how I've been playing the tank lately but the average damage has gone up by 300 points and the win rate by 4% in the last ~300-400 games I believe. In the short term however, I played sessions like these pretty much daily: Which made me max out at: 100% APCR shells, normal repair kit and med kit with stron
  9. I believe the main difference between deep purple overall players and those like me in the blue/purple category is that the former have the ability to take almost any tank anywhere in a map and still perform extremely well in it. Personally I am more limited... some tanks don't suit me whatsoever or take me a long time to get a hang of. I also have certain "spots" that I almost always go to in certain types of tanks making me less flexible and preventing me from quickly adjusting. That being said, when I do find a tank that I "click" with I can play it at the same level as any super unicu
  10. are you saying somebody is looking at that efficiency?
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