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  1. This seems to be the biggest and most critical issue with the current meta IMO. The maps have defined areas that are somewhat isolated from each other. What I'm finding is that most games are a steam roll win. A lot of it comes down to which team sends the most well suited tanks to a battle area in a larger number then the enemy. It used to be that you could divide up your team in 1/2 or 1/3's and spread out, firing into 2 or 3 fighting areas. I find now that it's the team that blobs together on a flank can crush it and then roll onto the next fight and the pubbies know it. Many games now
  2. Can't help you with consistency because I struggle with that too. Consistency is the secret to being purple.
  3. Sometimes playing other tanks give you bad habits. I know when I play a lot of my Super Pershing I get way to aggressive and try to rely on armor in other tanks, then suffer for it. Could just be you need to re-learn it in the current Meta and un-learn some habits? Good luck.
  4. I like my E8, it really needs to support the battle and can be at the mercy of your team in a tier 8 match. However in a tier 7 or less it can really work (premium shells required for admittance). I'm running a 59% WR and 830 DMG avg so it can work (dmg could improve for sure). It really shines at picking off the low health tanks with its RoF, late game it can swing engagements IMO. Back on topic, I fear in their quest to make it more popular to the masses WG will destroy all the soft stats that make these so popular with the more skilled player base. All I see when people talk of loweri
  5. 110 - 17 AMX 50 100 - 27Rhm.B WT - 20 - 3 = 17. I know it's supposed to be this great turreted TD that can still hide and do TD things however this thing has the derpest gun on it. If it actually hit somewhere close to the centre of the aiming point it would be great!Jagdpanther II - 24Tiger II -4 STA-1 - 11 T69 - 18Pershing - 42 + 1 = 43. Comfort, hull down and actually bounce something, gun that works at all tiers. This is the Pajama's of tier 8 tanks. T32 - 34ISU-152 - 4Obj 416 - 34T-44 - 14IS-3 - 59
  6. I see you have made up your mind but here is my .02$. Don't bother with a tier 5/6 premium vehicle. I have bought or won a few and none of them are great at credit earning on average. Yes you will get some games that pay out but nothing crazy. However if you can save up I would buy a decent tier 8 premium. You can make good credits in an IS6 as long as you are selective with your use of premium shells vs standard. The FCM can make good credits and rarely needs premium rounds but you need to learn it's play style. I would stay away from any of the TD's, SU-122 included. They look good on paper
  7. Just re-bought the SP and I have had some mixed results. First off arty just loves to shit all over me in this thing, I spend more time dancing then shooting some games. Second I to have had some weird pens and can't figure out how or where? However when things work it works well and blocking 1000hp damage just seems normal in this thing. It spoils you and can make you sloppy in your other tanks.
  8. ^^^ This! When the hollidays hit and the servers seemed to just overflow with terrible players I thought I would take a break because it just became so frustrating. A couple of Steam holliday sales later and I haven't been back since. I just can't seem to find the willpower to deal with the frustration over a game. The better you play the more frustrating it is when you dip below your current stats.
  9. Really enjoying this tank now that I have adapted to it. I think my biggest problem was trying to hull down and expect to bounce. I abuse the crap out of terrain in this thing but minimize exposure, always baiting shots, moving between shots and just generally giving low % shots when I can. Doing this has increased the amount of bounced shots because people take low % shots or rush to shoot while I'm briefly exposed. The view range and very solid gun can deliver so much damage over a game or spot for a ton of damage. I never feel like I can't contribute in this thing with the exception of
  10. So far I have only played a handful of SH matches but having 3-5 T37's is pretty much a given for success . It has too many advantages and suits the game mode very well. The games we won were won by the highly mobile pack of tanks swarming and DPM'ing the shit out of a few tanks, the rest of my team rolled in and just sealed the deal. I tried out my Cromwell which is good but not as good my 37 and I tried my Hellcat. The Hellcat pre nerf would have been a good pick but now it's a turd for this type of game.
  11. Stock this thing was horrible, like rage sell inducing horrible. However I like the elited setup and enjoy this tank now. It basically comes down to if you can get to positions to put that gun to work. I play a very terrain dependent, hull down, peak and strike style. I don't rely on the mantlet like a T29 or even a Pershing but I regularly bounce turret shots if I'm moving after I fire. I'm not going to claim it's better then a T-54 or now the buffed M46 but it's not a bad tank. And it just looks so damn sexy I can't quit it!
  12. I have gone back and forth with WG on this issue and did all the recommended steps i.e. drivers, network reset, dns flush. They even closed the ticket on me after telling me that my ping plot showed "cascading packet loss" and to contact my ISP. I called BS on that because my ISP had at worst 25ms pings over an hour while the hops just before WG were at 100% packet loss on and off all hour, no way my ISP would look at that and say "my bad, we fix". This is what I finally received from WG support: Thank you for contacting World of Tanks NA support. This information has been sent to our
  13. I think this type of mission is a nice change. I hate the stupid kill 1001 american tanks in a german tank or gain 1 mil exp etc. Half of that is luck and I don't have the time for most of these missions. The damage inc missions are nice IMO, obtainable for a causal gamer.
  14. As an almost exclusive solo pubber I find the E5 lately to be my go to tier X. It has enough of everything to combine into a tank that isn't map limited or team dependent. It's mostly the tier X meds that give it trouble because they can reliably hit the copula. If you dance and wiggle a bit between shots you can troll a good deal of shots. As long as I don't play it like an E100 it seems to do well for me, but brawling is possible still within limits. With the way maps are now i.e. less bushes, more corridors and terrain to abuse it just suits the game well. Lastly it's just enjoyable to
  15. GRRRRR. I am starting to really get fed up with the F'n packet loss issue. I have a fairly steady ping in the 40-80ms range on NA East at all times of the day but my little green light looks like an X-mas tree half the time blinking red/green. I ran a ping plotter this morning and hops # 7 and #8 are the culprits. ae-2-70.edge3.washington4.level3.net are losing packets regularly but on average of 30-40%. These are the two stops just before world of tanks.com. It makes the game extremely frustrating and basically un-playable. I assume these are some of wargaming hosts / servers etc. a
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