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    Elbow reacted to Archaic_One in Sandbox   
    I'm an idiot and I don't play any of those tanks.  I mostly play meds because I hate playing slow ponderous tanks and I like turrets.  I think you are underestimating just how many of us idiots like going zoom-zoom, pew-pew.  I have 4 tier Xs, the two RU-meds, the E5, and an M60 - I'm bad in all of them, but they are what I chose to grind out.  I like mobility, I like accurate guns, I don't like brawling.  I hate having to tank corners - I suck at it.  I do play heavies, and I like them, but I tend to play them with meds and keep the tracks moving.
    I played about 125 games on the SB, mostly in M48, E100, E50, E5, Ob261.  What I noticed and did not care for was that when I won the high ground flank that WG tells us we should win (hill on Prok, Lighthouse on mines, balcony on Seigfried etc.) in my M48, I was ineffective trying to take advantage of it shooting at sides of enemy tanks.  Now, If I cannot effectively hurt the side of a heavy (breakthrough or assault) by shooting them at 300+m in the side, what is the point of capturing high ground?
    If its this bad in the M48, which I think has highest pen of any med, what will I do to be useful in a pershing or T-20?  I may be a shitter, but I'm not going to crawl along in a maus just because its easy-mode for reds.  The part everybody is missing here is that we already bought our tanks based on a play style that we each as individuals enjoy.  Just because WG decides to reallocate winners and losers is not going to suddenly make an E4 materialize in my garage.
    Another interesting effect is that the pen drop has effectively nerfed the view-range buff LTs received.  Sure RU, you can out spot all of the tier Xs, but that does not mean anybody can pen what you are spotting anymore.
    On a seperate note, I have come to the conclusion that there is little if any connection between the side of WG that builds maps and the side of Wg that builds tanks.  I think the maps are either probably farmed out or done by a completely separate group.  Trying to talk to the SB devs it was obvious to me that the maps were a complete mystery to them.
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    Elbow reacted to kreigermann in How does one get out of a downward sprial   
    I've been there(still go there sometimes when I tilt w/o thinking about what's happening.)
    I have played almost 100% of my games solo(very few in platoons, maybe 100 games total) What I've noticed is there are temporary wild shifts in short term pubbie play/map meta.  When your game has 28 or so 1k game count newbies that just started playing for the summer and spammed to tier 8 in a couple weeks... it is pure chaos.
    When I was learning "the correct positions" and generally from watching videos and trying to figure out where to go and how to play the maps I would start to have these streaks of bad games over weeks
    This is where my teams would just go "to the wrong spots" .   Winter break, spring break, summer break(seeing a theme?) how the team was dispersing and taking positions would wildly shift and I wasn't adapting.
    Mainly because of my own lack of map knowledge(even when I DID notice I wouldn't know what to do instead). I would still stubbornly go to some stupid corner unsupported and get my crap pushed in with a cactus.
    I've gotten a little better at reading the map and reacting, watching where my teams are going/doing and adapting.
    Taking the advice I've read here, sometimes(depending on the tank of course)  the answer really is to just sit back and pick off targets lit by the yoloturds and get set up for late game dominance.  Most of the time I've tried to "lead" them to victory they all hide(sometimes not even shooting) and let me get killed for free... screw that.
    This is the one place where XVM helps me. Leading red players maybe a 10% chance they shoot and damage what you light, greens will at least usually SHOOT a target available to them, blues will hit and damge what you light and purples... well purples make their own opportunities but if you show you're willing to let them use you they'll take full advantage of the wn8 crop you provide for them.  Just my anecdotal experience.
    TL/DR: For me, read the map more hang back a little bit and play a little more reactive, see what your pubbies are doing and choose what to do.  This might not be at all what's happening with you, just my observations from my own experience with the game.
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    Elbow reacted to Jesse_the_Scout in Sandbox   
    Most likely they'll have to change premium tanks if the overall changes are dramatic, but you can bet they won't even touch that rail until they've completely settled upon the changes they want to make. Had they tweaked premiums in the first round of testing the main forum mongoloids would be throwing feces everywhere over changes which would never be intended to occur anyway. If they're serious about making the game not suck again they will have to treat their spoiled brat player base as such and make the changes that need to be made or all the balancing in the world will be useless and the game will continue to slide away.
    I've been wondering if they're going to go after view range at high tier, it's actually one of the more arguably broken aspects of the tier. At every other tier there's a view distance range between vehicles which creates a lot more variance in play while at tier 8+ everything has 400+ view range which effectively makes the game just plain dumber since every one instantly sees every one else. At tier 5 you might see a KV-1 is trundling into the open like a moron and set up a position to exploit his blindness, at tier 10 a moron in a Maus doing the same is going to light you the first time you take a shot. You could argue it's just different as opposed to worse, but it seems to me it majorly limits the value of maneuvering when you're likely to just get lit by camo net heavy in a bush with binocs at 400+ m. High tier is borked this way, at mid tier tank types have specific roles but then you start to hit tier 8 and every one starts getting similar properties in terms of view range, camo, penetration-even HPs start to even out.
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    Elbow reacted to Necrophore in American medium line being redone?   
    Low player retention isn't just from a one tank on one tree being a "bad" tank. It's from new players being butchered like cattle from being two tiers down for most of their battles (and dealing with CIA platoons in the rest). I've been tracking the last couple thousand battles: tier 3 has a 17% chance of being top tier, and a 58% chance of being two tiers down. Tier 4 is 18% for an even match, and 40% for being thrown in with O-I's and Cromwells. Anyone venturing out of the kiddie pool at this point in the game is in for an very unpleasant time until they reach the relative shelter of tier 5 matchmaking - everyone I've tried to get into the game drops out before they get across that minefield.
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    Elbow reacted to Kuroialty in The concept of damage farming   
    This description of damage farming seems like an overly complex definition of the damage that doesn't fall into the already hard-to-solve category of what damage in a game is relevant.  That's already a category which often can't be answered without replays or hindsight, which is to say that thinking about that in the middle of a game is pointless.  Unless you are some kind of oracle, you should just be aiming for whatever damage you can get, because until you see the results screen, the safest approach is to treat all damage you have done and could do as damage that helps you approach a game win, regardless of however far ahead or behind you think your chances are.
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    Elbow reacted to HS5 in To those who quit...   
    Good for you. For me the option is not to play some other game, but to do something completely different. Playing WOT is for me what I believe watching TV is for many others: something you do in the evening when everything else for the day is done, so it is pretty far from tryharding. I still enjoy playing the game every now and then, but for me arty is the single biggest thing that decreased that enjoyment. 
    If we use TV analogy, arty in the game is like your favorite TV show could be stopped at any time without warning and replaced with late night TV chat(or what ever is the worst show on TV, I don't know as I don't watch it). Maybe it happens, maybe it doesn't but you never know.  
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    Elbow reacted to Nekommando in To those who quit...   
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    Elbow got a reaction from TankSplosions in WG Mystery Mayhem - Lots of random stuff to win prizes?   
    I think this type of mission is a nice change. I hate the stupid kill 1001 american tanks in a german tank or gain 1 mil exp etc. Half of that is luck and I don't have the time for most of these missions. The damage inc missions are nice IMO, obtainable for a causal gamer. 
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    Elbow reacted to Deusmortis in The Illusory Blowout   
    This is something that has been bouncing around in my head for a year or more.  Finally, a combination of boredom and a good example have motivated me to discuss it.
    What is a close game?  What is a blowout?  I assume most people define those terms by the final score.  A 2-3 tank margin of victory would certainly be considered close, and a 10+ margin a blowout.  Many people complain that there aren't enough close games.  In fact, it is often used as an argument in support of changes to the matchmaking system.  But what about games between those extremes?  Is a 15-8 game a blowout?
    I recently loaded into Ruinburg on graphical-tweak-does-not-equal-new-map in my Chaffee.  A rare tier 7 match.  Teams mostly balanced, with XVM granting my team a 5% advantage. 

    Teams deploy more or less evenly between city and town.  There is some low alpha brawling.  People take a few hits, but kills don't happen immediately.  By the two minute point, I've been driven from my preferred location, and the score is 1:2

    This is looking to be a quite close game.  We've gone from 0:2, to 5:4, to 7:7 at the 3.5 minute mark.  (The 12t dies moments after this screenshot.)

    Thrilling match, down to the wire, sure to be close, right?  What might not be apparent at first glance is the fact that the T29 has just made the game winning call.  He flanks the enemy heavies in city, and the red team breaks.  A couple minutes later, it's a 15-8 finish.  Something few people would consider to be close.

    There are a dozen different things that could have altered the outcome of this match.  The SU-152 might have devastated all of our soft skinned field tanks, had he not over extended.  More aggressive play from their VK might have won field as well, allowing him and the Nashorn to fire down the F line.  This game was winnable, right up until the moment the T29 carried out his flanking maneuver.  On the other hand, several things might have happened that would have ended this game 15:5 in our favor.  Had I gotten a high roll against the 12t, I would have been in position to dominate the AT7.  That saves the Wolverine, and we potentially save the M5.
    Most matches have one or more moments that decide the outcome.  It isn't always about doing 6k damage.  It's often about doing damage to the right tank, at the right time.  The rest of the match is just damage farming, once that decisive move has been made.  Sure, some games are hopeless.  In other games, the decisive moments will occur in a part of the map outside of your influence.  Recognizing and capitalizing on these moments are how individual players can influence a team game. 
    If you're analyzing your replays, trying to find out how to get better, try to look for the moment when the close game was no longer close.  Figure out why it changed.  In time, you will likely face a similar situation, and may know what move needs to be made in order to turn 7:7 into 15:8.
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    Elbow reacted to Yuffy in Marks of Excellence and the WN8 Implication   
    bads don't care. "stats dont matter" is a legitimate, fix-all comeback in their minds, and are not convinced that having 300 DPG and 43% wins in their Lowe means they're a bad player. They're in this for fun, and could try hard if they wanted to. Also, they're honorable and don't cheat with invisibility hacks or gold ammo, so really, they could 1v1 anyone, anywhere, any time.
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    Elbow got a reaction from OOPMan in Are some module's really useless, or might a hidden stat make the difference?   
    Perhaps torque is much greater or terrain resistance gets a boost? Some upgrades I think are to balance out the overall exp to elite the tank vs its peers. The T-54E1 as an example, doesn't require a turret so they get their exp out of you elsewhere.
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    Elbow got a reaction from Hidhorse in Whats the most stuperific thing you've done in WOTs?   
    Playing WoT drunk is my worst mistake. Wakes up in the morning, logs on:
    "WTF, why do I own a Super Pershing"
    "Where did my 3 skill IS-3 crew go... wait, where did my IS-3 go?!"
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    Elbow got a reaction from Krakotte in The importance of Routine   
    I would strongly suggest dropping the "routine" approach and focus more on increasing a particular stat / vehicle. The game is rather dynamic and the best players are the ones that can dictate the momentum of the game. Players of my skill level are the ones that can take advantage of that momentum but fail to create it most times. Players under me tend to be stuck in their routines and simply do as they always do and chalk up a loss to rigged MM, fail teams, arty or some other un-controllable factor because they fail to even be aware of game dynamics.
    Routines I find get me in trouble. I am breaking the routine of tunnel vision on my engagement vs. mini map awareness. Breaking the routine of popping out from the same shooting location several times. Breaking the routine of always trying to defend the weak flank by myself. The list goes on. 
    If you log into noobmeter you can start watching your more recent stats. Pick 1 or 2 favorite vehicles and play them only. Try to increase your average damage output to start over a 50 - 100 game period. Simply putting out more average per game will teach you a great deal because it requires several key skills to accomplish. Good luck. 
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    Elbow reacted to CandyVanMan in Help me, I'm a terribad med player   
    When you watch replays of good players, don't  bother too much about what they do, but why they do it.
    Of course, you can learn good early positions for spotting and fire support, but most importantly, you have to try to understand why they are doing what they are doing.
    90% of skill in this game is reading situations and responding in an effective manner, response will of course vary according to what you are trying to accomplish and with what tank.
    But first and foremost, learn to be on the front early and dealing meaningful damage without taking too much in return, but don't suicide, never overextend.
    Finding good positions for early damage is something that even a monkey can learn from replays, just watch some replays of good medium players, don't necessarily look for good matches, the player is more important, even full retard play can end well at times.
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    Elbow reacted to Jerol in You are worth $4.51 to Serb.   
    I don't want to brag, but I'm worth $4.75...

    Just sayin'
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    Elbow got a reaction from Jesse_the_Scout in Playing T5/6 without Clubbing   
    I can't believe no one has mentioned FV304. Wait, I just suggested arty on this forum, I may be perma-banned now. Crap....
    However it is a fun vehicle to break up the usual play style for a few games and being arty it takes a great deal to carry in it. It's my go to vehicle while eating lunch and my second favorite one handed activity on the PC. 
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    Elbow reacted to Rexxie in Solopubbing support tanks   
    Until you're a master of positioning, stay back a good 30 secs after gamestart. Analyze the team comp, see which flank is likely to collapse and which flank is likely to decide the game. Always go to the game-deciding flank, but keep an eye on that weak flank; as a support tank you are a prime candidate for flexing back to stop a cap, arty mowdown, etc.
    When supporting, figure out which kind of support your tank is. Are you hard support (100m1) or soft support (fcm)? The more focused your tank is on support, the more important it is that you not be the center of anyone's attention. Whether that means staying back, going to a certain spot on the flank, etc. is up to you, but do your best to think the decision through. Soft support tanks are often more flexible. Being the center of someone's attention isn't always a bad thing as long as it's not more than one opponent. Be a vulture, pick off HP of opponents who aren't able to react. Try to conserve a bit of HP and jump on lone tanks late game. Prod every avenue of attack on the flank for weakness, and stay clear of people who'd love to brawl with you.
    As you get better, this stuff will sound a bit too rigid. Everything changes depending on the situation, tank, and map... but often simple advice like this can be the difference between a clumsy green and a dangerous blue.
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    Elbow reacted to diesel_clatter in Need a Name for the "Good" Tonkers   
    It ain't easy being green.
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