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  1. Hi all, so i have recently come over from WoT to wows and immediately gone down the US DD line, and currently am on the Mahan. the atlanta was supposedly the best premium for US DD drivers, and yet I cant get it to work for shit. I have watched atsf and ichase on the atlanta but i still just dont get it. Can someone give me a thorough and concise guide on how to use it please?
  2. so has this PoS had it's fuel tank moved or not? i couldn't find any reference to it in the patch notes...
  3. there is no cure for cancer, but there is some pain relief in realistic terms, instead of thinking of it as wasting 3 minutes of arty time, how about seeing at "buying yourself 3 mins extra alive"? if you can keep doing it, you might be able to buy yourself the whole 15 mins...arty will most likely have found easier targets by then, if not lit up by a scout and rekt
  4. meh...to me it still feels the same as 9.13....i hit a few more shots, thats about it. great credit maker? nope. i still think that all my other prems make much better net profit, for the same gross profits of the 4202. I have heard that the 4202 shells are the most expensive of all the prems...not too sure if this is true or not. Not a bad prem at all? IMHO thats a bit of an overstatement - it's mediocre at best. certainly outclassed by every other tier 8. It's "playable". thats it. "playable" i still want either further gun control improvements, or higher speed or higher dpm, then i will be happy. or make it preferential MM
  5. prok, 100% agree... with all of the other maps, it is simply tucking in behind the hills/rocks/terrain as much as possible. I agree that they are hard to play when arty is around - but even slight moving has thrown many of my shots off, or caused less than adequate damage. With the terrain, normal arties struggle. 1/3 shots i take against exposed tanks but behind terrain will miss due to shell trajectory causing an impact with terrain before armour - with a bit of driving back and forth, even by 5 meters, it reduces my odds to lets say 1/5. 1 in 5 shots for a 40 second reload arty means you will cause an arty to waste over 3 minutes of their time. baiting shots by driving in the open then going back into semi concealed cover also works wonders. arty would have to lead the shot, then whilst you reverse, you would esentially be 2-4 seconds away from the impact site - in realistic terms, thats 5-15 meters away from shell impact, leaving you with marginal or no damage depending on the splash radius of the shell. The more commited you can appear to be to move in the open, the more likely you are to bait an arty shot. just estimate how far the arty pieces are, and how long it will take for their shell to travel to you, and then factor that in to how far out you can move - 2 seconds lead will equate to an arty aiming about 10-20 meters infront. (13 meters precisely if you are driving at 25km/h) - usual shell travel times for an arty at a camp spot range between 1.5 secs to 2.3 secs - based on the M53/55 - FV207 add .5 secs to both, CGC probably add 1 second to shell travel times.
  6. not my intention hopefully the amount of people that can learn how to avoid arty from this read outweigh the player who learn how to play arty better from this thread. TBH, I tried to avoid giving specific tips on good arty positions and aiming methods I found that worked well on arty. Even though I had my rage moment that forced me to play arty because I was tired of getting one shot, I never have liked the thought of arty in the game.
  7. Thanks 3 arties on 1 team (inc. me in M53/55) - malinovka, 1 line rush spot, cent 7/1 hull down in a a very hard to hit spot. all arties kept missing - i hit for <70 damage. He proceeded to say, lol, all 3 arties shot me, 6 times now no hits. Next shoot i took, 1500hp. Rekt. He was sad. Same as me in my CDC saying "rape time arty" when there was nobody between me and him. He somehow outspots me at 400m and oneshots me. That's when i learned never to taunt arty
  8. Edit: i have posted a more comprehensive guide based on my observations, to save people having to actually buy an arty to work this out - although I still think that no guide will every be a substitute for first hand experience. thanks to @Nekommando for the suggestion. I hope you guys like it. I read all your comments and suggestions, so if there is anything I can improve on, add etc, let me know
  9. Edit: For those of you who have not seen my previous thread, or want a bit of a background story, here is my original post - this is meant to be a guide on how my mindset is when I played arty, and my observations, so you can Prevent getting artied yourself - i can assure you, this is not intended as a post to make people play arty better. For that reason, certain tactics, positioning, aiming techniques and arty tips that I found to work well will Not be disclosed, nor do I have any intention of writing a post to disclose them....sorry arty folks But anyway, I am taking the time to write a guide about my observations and the things I personally did when I played arty, which then helped me understand how to avoid arty when I don't want to be LOLRNG clicked, especially for those who absolutely 100% do not want to buy an arty to learn these things first hand. (which is understandable, much respect to you guys ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, my main focus was on the T92, M53/55, Lefh 105, GWpanther and M44. First, here are my observations as to what each WN8 player category did in general Red - Orange Stat Mentality +Erratic driving - prone to going in random directions or stopping for no reason at all after I fired a shell, causing me to miss +go unpredictable (if not derpy) routes, so my preaims are sometimes pointless if I am targeting a specific tank (for example waiting for heavies on a heavy line) - would often drive into the open - lack of "arty safe cover" awareness -most people who would stop randomly, would stop for too long or in open positions -stop to fire, even at point-blank range to an ally, giving me time to aim - would try and hunt for me in predictable spots or just go for cap allowing me to be safe somewhere else - would yolo rush me if they found me, driving straight in front of my gun arc, firing unaimed shots, driving in a straight line allowing me to easily TD mode - do not react after being hit by arty first time - continue to drive in the open or stand still 50% of the time. Cue heat/AP rounds! - love to show side/rear armour!! Yellow - blue stats mentality + Better awareness of arty safe positions + less time exposed on peekabooms + would wait until unspotted to move + after being spotted, would drive erratically so I could not place a shot +at close range, would drive along my horizontal gun arc, making my bloom massive and TD mode less likely + kept moving and firing at close range to other allies, making it hard/dangerous for me to fire - Predictable routes - predictable, rythmic movements (each peekaboom that yellow-blues make seemed to be a repeating pattern. it was just a matter of wait for the right moment to let a shell fly, and hit them as they are moving our for a shot, or retreating from firing.) - Focus -here is where stats start to work against you - I must admit, if i saw two e100s, one blue and one red, obv I would go for blue, as he is a bigger danger. - don't learn from mistakes, or reluctant to take a different route - I hit two blue and purple OMNI (i think) guys once with my M53/55 on fishermans village in the middle village. They raged so hard at me (I dind't rage back, i deserved it...i was playing arty) and yet they stayed there, exactly in the same locations I had just hit them. I managed to put in 3 shots and rake 1700 dmg before my team folded. Purple mentality +all of the above + Lots of varied movement +unpredictable locations +peekabooms sometimes not rhthmic, ie not shooting every 7 seconds. sometimes purples pop out at uneven times, or fake popping out, causing me to fire a useless shot -your lovely stats - Yes, arty will focus you if they can. sorry, that's the way it is. - Saying that, however, if I had a purple tier 10 and a red tier 8 driving around, i would go for the red tier 8 if the purple guy was being to erratic or in a well covered position. this is not the same with everyone, and for that reason, a guide to avoid getting hit when you are a purple player would be very hard. I presume a tomato clicker would always go for the purple, but my games were always about damage output. If i wasn't firing, i was a waste to my team in my opinion. I would take the shot on a red tier 8 and move on to the next target, rather than wait 1 minute when I am already loaded, waiting for a purple player to stop, or come in the open, or to shoot him only to miss because they were too unpredictable. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Should I rely on friendly arty to kill enemy arty before I move? No. I had to do a mission where I needed to blind fire kill one enemy arty (or two, I forgot). I spend about 10 minutes just waiting, not seeing tracers (even though I was looking at the exact location that arty actually was, with the correct amount of zoom). A good arty player won't waste 10 minutes of the game for 500 dmg. Don't bother asking arty to counter. You are better off asking them to just help kill the tanks on your flank - a good player in tier 8+ will manage to take out 2k+ HP off your flank. As long as you keep a good defensive position, and keep your enemies tracked, Arty cant get you, and you can stay in (relative) safety whilst friendly arty gets to work. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My mindset when I got into a game Where is my team going? - I normally go towards the side with more friendly tanks, so there is more of a safety barrier between the enemy and me. How long is my reload? - I normally drive until I have 15 seconds left on my reload, then I will turn and start to pre aim with that last 15 seconds. Which one of the allied flanks is most likely going to win? - I would usually pre aim on the side which we were most likely going to win - hedging my bets for the winning flank. An efficient, quick win on one flank was better for me that helping an already doomed flank Assuming both flanks had an equal chance to win, where is the enemy most likely to be spotted first, and are there any priority targets? - so now we are talking about 40 seconds into the game, the first spots usually come in about 50 seconds (excluding spotting other scouts, it's a waste of my shot if they are mobile). So where do most people get lit up at around the 50 sec mark? Usually, these spots will be very predictable. Malinovka - Heavies/TDs in base, Meds near the hilly area next to the water, fast heavies/meds, hill Lakeville - crest of the hills in the valley, middle route for lights/meds, edges of city and church - BONUS, arty spots VERY predictable - viable to counter battery and so on and so forth - so if you are going to be in one of those areas, get arty safe or get moving as soon as you are spotted. Who is the most dangerous target? - Any tank getting the flank on my allies is the most dangerous. They will be the priority, usually regardless of stats. So if you are flanking, keep moving to avoid arty fire. - After that, the next most important for me is the tank that nobody else can kill, or has burst potential. Basically, any of the following ; Maus, E100, Jap Heavies, FV183, Foch 155, WTFE100 - So be extra careful in those. Either stay out of spotting range, or get behind cover and wait until arty has fired to move if possible (i get bored of waiting for targets to appear after 10 secs, and change targets) - After that, will be less urgent targets, who have not yet flanked, but have the possibility to flank, or kill an ally. I would kill an IS7 on 600hp if he was about to kill an ally, rather than go for a 1 shot rhm who was still 40 seconds away from doing anything to my team. - after that, one shot tanks or whatever I feel like killing to pad WN8 **In terms of focusing green+ players, there was nowhere I can put that in my order of priorities. I would only focus if i had a high chance of hitting my shot, or it was crucial that target was killed to win the game. It certainly ranks high, but I would factor in all of the above factors too - like I said earlier, I would go for a red stat IS3 over a purple 140 if the purple was too hard to kill and the IS3 was being a donkey. -repeat thought process for next shot, still hedging bets on whatever flank is doing better - I would always be aimed in by the time my shot is reloaded, so have the mind set that an arty, after firing, will be ready to fire straight away after finishing a reload, not aiming in after loading for 10 secs. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Never Taunt arty Okay, so I admit, i do this - but only really to red stat arties who I think most likely have just focused me, even though I am not the most dangerous player, or in the most dangerous tank etc, and probably didn't even aim, but rather just RNG me. But after learning how to play arty well, I actually compliment people when a decent player pulls off a good shot. HOWEVER, when you taunt a good player because he keeps missing, or rage when you get hit, believe me, I make you a priority target - fuck the team, fuck the dmg, fuck the WN8, your ass WILL be mine. and likewise, when I taunt or rage at arties when I play my meds, there is a significant chance I WILL get fucked. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All of this being said, this is only how I think when I play arty, and learning the mindset of a (good) arty player has enabled me to stay alive much longer. I can never guarantee a red stat arty won't just go against everything I have just said and focus you anyway - because mentioned before, low stat players are inconsistant and unpredictable. there is no knowing what they will do. Better arty playes will have some sort of though process, and now that I have told you my thought process, I hope you can use it to your advantage. I welcome all comments/suggestions. I will try and get some arty replays up, but for the moment, I have got arty out of my system and have no intentions of window licking any time soon. My research is complete TL;DR + some quick tips - Never stay out in the open for too long - Dont assume that just because there are higher tier tanks next to you, or better armored tanks, or autoloaders, that arty won't go for you - Make your peekabooms less rhytmic - If you are spotted, move somwhere arty safe, and move unpredictablly - If you are going to a predicatble route, try and get to an arty safe area quickly - Keep track of reload times if you notice an enemy arty has fired - If you don't want to buy an arty to try playing one, at the very least, watch some replays (suggested replays are big splashers or high trajectory tanks - so M53/55, T92, CGC,) to see which spots on different maps you think are arty safe but actually aren't - when in direct LoS of an arty, drive along their gun arc to make it harder to aim, never drive head on - dont yolo an arty behind cover, you will fail. Actually try sidescraping. It is still incredibly hard for an arty to hit a sidescraping tank even at pointblank, and stupidly easy for a normal tank to hit an arty. remember: they don't have sniper view!!! - be cautious around ridges - they can give you a false sense of security that you think is arty safe, but isn't - some players will stat focus, some won't - usually it is the lower stat arties that I find focusing - A good arty player will be in the least expected spots - especially if they have good mobility, so hunt in random places - sometimes even in your own base - don't rely on friendly arty to counter - A good arty will probably hedge their bets on a winning flank - are you getting pushed by alot of tanks? well arty might be aiming your way to act as a force multiplier - fear the tomato RNG - no way around it, you will get bob'd sometimes - don't taunt a good arty player. it will encourage them to focus you for the rest of the game, and they are better at leading shots than lower stat arties, - any decent arty player will use food - have a timer that says enemy arty will be reloaded in 45 seconds? make that 43. - Even whilst facehugging a tank, do not stop moving. *** two situatuons - either he has High hp and can survive your encounter - keep moving and face hugging, do more damage, and make it hard for arty to hit you *** Second situatuion - he is almost dead - well, don't use him as a human shield - he is gonna die anyway right? So even I would take the shot, even if it means a team kill. So when they are on low hp, either put them completely between you and arty, making the shot impossible, or bug out whilst firing your last shot, gaining that crucial speed to make it harder and harder to lead my shot whilst you are driving. add in some turns for extra hard mode.
  10. I'd just like to say thanks to everyone for their reps/comments/opinions - this was my first post intended that I wrote to help people, and i'm glad that it has been well recieved. I will get a write up soon on my learning curve with arty, and observations and put them in a little guide!
  11. Edit: i have posted a more comprehensive guide based on my observations, to save people having to actually buy an arty to work this out - although I still think that no guide will every be a substitute for first hand experience. thanks to @Nekommando for the suggestion. I hope you guys like it. I read all your comments and suggestions, so if there is anything I can improve on, add etc, let me know -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey all, so I don't regard myself as an amazing player by any stretch, and I may just be talking a load of shit, but hopefully, this post might just help somebody. it started about 3 months ago. There I was, going about my business, when arty shot me. Alright, one shot, no big deal, next game. Going around, pwning tanks, carrying a team, almost level the playing field, arty one shot. Ok this is taking the piss. 8/10 games I was either getting one shot or taking crippling blows - and driving things with no armour like STB and Leo meant it was just hopeless. It was becoming like groundhog day, just getting rekt every game, and it was predictable how I would die. i started to rage, and then I thought, "fuck the game, I want the power of God" - so I went over to the darkside. I started driving my T92 which had sat dormant since I started reading wotlabs and trying to actually play well. I startedheat-spamming my lefh 105. Dissatisfied with the T92, i downgraded to the M53/55 and picked up a GWpanther and M44. It felt amazing (and dirty). Striking with impunity- so carefree and easy. Just point and click- whilst still maintaining green-purple wn8 games. But thats when it hit me- just how predictable people are- especially yellow-blue players. I knew when people were going to drive in the open - i saw the patterns people took whilst peekabooming, i figured out where to preaim. This is the same shit i had been doing, and now looking down the sights of an arty, it all just clicked. I am a firm believer in driving a tank you hate to play against to learn it's strengths and weaknesses. And thats why, even if you have to lose all self respect, all dignity and self esteem, I think people should try some arty. (Ps before the rage floods in, i have largely stopped playing arty again). ironically, it was it wasn't just the purples that were hardest to kill, it was the red- oranges because they drive so erratically and i couldn't work out the next move. So what i took away from all this was; - i learnt where arty preaim - what the arcs look like for their shells, and what places look arty safe but really aren't - to not be so predictable - how long it takes for arties to switch targets and aim in, buying me movement time - where to look when hunting arties (and as an arty, where the best places to NOT be found are i'm sure a better player can work all this out without needing to pick up an arty, but going from 8/10 games of being crippled by arties to maybe 1/10 or 1/20 was a massive improvement for me. These are just my thoughts. Ofc the redstat rng will sometimes get you, but at least. I have upped my survival rates. finally, i am sorry (no seriously, i really am) to anyone i have one shot over the past 2 months. Arty is out of my system. I have learned thy enemy, and shall use my knowledge against them, for the greater good. tl;dr counter arty by playing an arty and learn how to play them well. observe enemy positioning and patterns from an arty perspective use new found knowledge against arty go in the corner and cry and think about your life choices Get back to playing normal tanks and win more never talk about your horrible, dark past. commence anti arty comments in 3...2....1.... Edit: i have posted a more comprehensive guide based on my observations, to save people having to actually buy an arty to work this out - although I still think that no guide will every be a substitute for first hand experience. thanks to @Nekommando for the suggestion. I hope you guys like it. I read all your comments and suggestions, so if there is anything I can improve on, add etc, let me know
  12. clarify please? snapshots in the game or snap shots in the bar?
  13. ok cool, thanks for the clarification i guess i lean towards the yolo side, althought lately i have been showing more restraint whilst soloing and that has been upping my WR/WN8 - i guess my platoon buddy @Hanzthefriendlyzombie is more patient and will hang back a little more, but not to the extent of red lining.
  14. so lets assume no comms are not an option (we are irl friends, and we platoon to have fun) - are you saying just dont actively try to co-ordinate with eachother?
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