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  1. I went with this one: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811139022&cm_re=corsair_carbide_air-_-11-139-022-_-Product No regrets at all. Easy to get to, easy to mod and can hold tons of disks, fans, WC etc. I dont use optical drives though, so the vertically aligned drive bays are not an issue for me. 129 though :/
  2. This little tank just gets better every match you play in it. The RU251 is a much better scout, but the T49 is plain fun, and while it cant flex as much as the RU251 it is a much better ambusher and controller. The ability to track most tanks at a glance can turn the tide of a battle fast. Most important lesson: Always have an escape route planned. Win8 values for the new lights are off the chart. Had a good session yesterday, but there is no way I am a 3.7k Win8 player.
  3. The road down Peripheral Lane is paved with gold... Corsair K90 keyboard Steelseries Sensei mouse Steelseries aluminium mousepad TrackIR 5 Pro Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS Saitek Combat Rudders LittleDot MK1+ Hybrid tube headphone amp Grado SR325is headphones Antlion Modmic 3 x 27 inch monitors in portrait mode running 3240x1920 And yes, it does feel good. Only issue with the entire setup is that the wife hates hearing me play through the open Grado headphones, but hey, it was either that or the living room surround sound.
  4. FTR put up the winrates of the new lights on the EU server. T49 = 52,49% RU251 = 52,06% T54L = 50,23% LTTB = 54,81% M41 = 53,89% T37 = 51,86% Sample size is of course small, 1 weeks worth of live data, and not a lot of T8 lights out there. The RU251 is the most used (2841), followed by the T49 (544) and the T54L last (237).
  5. I've played about 150 games in my T49 and 4-5 in my RU251 and neither feel OP to any great extent. They are very mobile and allow for a highly flexible approach to any encounter. But they are easy meat for most tanks at their level (T9+) if you lock them in. The T49 gets one shot off and then 20 seconds of feverishly trying to escape whatever reloads faster. The RU251 is much better at those encounters due to the gun which allows some tracking control and circle ability, but it only has 1200 HP and at tier 9+ most things will 3 shot you. Goes for the T49 as well just with less hp. Most of my time spent in the new T8 lights has been in hiding and ambushing when ever possible. With the T49 I occasionally follow the heavy train which can work quite well. If you agressively counter the new T8 lights, they are a non issue. Usually most unica in T10 mediums I encounter tend to focus on the lights to take them out fast, enabling the T10 mediums to do the vision control and not the opposing T8 lights. A good player can wreak havoc in them, but they can do that in most other tanks anyway, so that's a fairly moot point.
  6. It has decent mobility, but it can be a curse as well. Most of the time when I go completely tomato it is because I think I can win a potential first scout on scout brawl, and that's usually not what happens... Take Mines as an example, I crest the hill as the first vehicle, plop the first enemy tank for anything between nothing and 900, spot 4-5 approaching lights/mediums and then spend 20 seconds trying feebly to survive, 5 seconds of which are spent hoping that the enemy BatChat didnt make up, and then realising that he did, and then spending 15 seconds trying to get off the damn hill again. I get much better results anticipating the enemy initial rush, and go for an ambush position with a preplanned escape route, and then wait for opportunities as they arise. It is an excellent anti scout tank, but it requires that you do not get stuck on the first line (Goes for most tanks I know, but every tanker worth their salt, will end you before your reload is up). The tank can hit most things it needs to, because it can hide while it aims. I dont feel specifically hindered by the accuracy and pre-aiming the turret while driving reduces the aimcircle enough to make drive bys fairly viable. I find that I lose most encounters unless I shoot and scoot. There are very few viable scenarios where I can survive for 20 seconds while circling a tank. It bleeds speed fast when turning. One thing I noticed, is that the T49 has a very bouncy suspension, and as a result I get some mad air at times when just relocating due to small bumps etc. Anyone else noticed that?
  7. Of course But given how the tank handles, I doubt we will see them in any numbers exceeding the 13 90 or WZ132's. It is a niche tank, and while it packs a boomstick worth writing songs about, it takes effort to do well in. And after the M41 it might be one gigantic letdown for most. Who knows, I welcome more T49's to the battlefieldĀ“as long as they let me shoot them and not vice versa
  8. Over the 150 odd battles I've had over the past few days, I have seen 5 or so T49's, 7-8 RU251's and no T54L's. I have seen countless M41 bulldogs and a fair few LTTB's. I still see more AMX 13 90's and WZ 132's. I dont think we will see a surge of T49's in general. It is a very hard tank to play well, much like most T8 lights are. and the bane of a T49 is another T49 that plays it even better than you
  9. The T49 sends me right back to the M4 Sherman with the 105 and a part of the game I've missed greatly, judging by how much I enjoy the T49. There are much better tanks in the game, but the sheer thrill of passing a Lor at full speed and plugging in 900+ damage to the side of it and rushing off into the distance negates any issues I might have with the tank. It can do a lot more than a normal light does, and it is entirely viable to follow heavies down a corridor and assist in that fight. It isnt perfect at it, but it can do it, which is something most other lights cant do in frontal encounters. It is not a nimble dancer, or the sneakiest of tanks, but it is versatile and with a good understanding of the flow of battle, it can influence a fight a lot. I am usually not much for planning ahead, when playing WoT, but the T49 has that requirement slapped to the side of it. Oh and the damn thing prints money.
  10. Unlocked the T49 yesterday and took it for a spin throughout the evening. Think most issues mentioned in this thread are correct, i.e. it is not the OP invisomobile deathstar people made it out to be on paper. It is however not a bad tank at all. I am horrible in it, compared to my previous T8 lights (and in general, but that's a whole other issue, mostly related to the girlfriend moving in a year ago and stats declining at the same rate as marriage talk and kids talk increased in my vicinity). It requires a decent team to do well in and it can shine when you get the chance to flank someone. It is hugely satisfying to dish out 900 damage when racing by. It is also hugely frustrating when you actually manage to race by a target 2-3 times at 20 meters and miss every shot. I think it can be a viable LT in the current game, if you perfect flanking manouvers and plan your drive-by shootings and execute them to the point. It is not a very forgiving tank, not one bit.
  11. An update would be greatly appreciated here as well Merry Christmas
  12. They put up XCOM:Enemy Within and DCS UH-1H Huey up at a discount and I've been waiting for those for a bit now, so grabbing those. I hate those sales... I am close to 100% resistant to normal sales in shops, but Steam gets me each and every damn time.
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