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  1. I'll take a picture of mine some day. But, for now: Processor- AMX FX 9370 Vishera ( 4.4Ghz) Mobo- Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 PSU- Firepower ZX 1250w ( Gifted to me) Ram- Corsair Vengeance (16GB) DDR3 1600 GFX- EVGA 970 4GB (Will arrive today =D) Then I have two monitors, a 24" Acer and a 38" Sony TV Mouse- Logitech G700s Keyboard- Some cheap Logitech Keyboard (Not at the house, dunno.)
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    ;________; NOOOO!! Btw, too late! Finally updated today!. /thread
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    ;_; so bulli
  4. Xenuex


    Replies* FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF I am tired, plz no bulli <3
  5. Xenuex


    And, it helps that AWFUL isn't that well know yet. At least that I have noticed. You know, since 2nd got kill, and O was made, it has been a little better. But still, the hate. ;_; So much bulli.( Rel_2 was really hated, had a pretty bad rep.) Yeah, I didn't think there was anything else I could do. Was hoping someone may have a suggestion or two. Thanks for the replays anyways!
  6. Xenuex


    Yeah, XVM camo doesn't work too well anyways. People be hating on the Relic tags anyways. It feels like I got focused a lot atm, regardless. =p I have messed with the update statistics tab on the modxvm.com and have changed my wn8 several times a day, before. The only thing I haven't done is replaced my xvm.cx file, which someone suggested.. But, that wouldn't update the database. So, I don' see how that would help. I seems like it doesn't want me to get to 1600. ;_;
  7. Bad Unicorn! This is why I don't like Unicorns. Kappa But, yes. Come watch the Zerb!
  8. Xenuex


    Just an achievement I want. =p I figured that is what you where going to say.
  9. Xenuex


    ;-; no.. y u ask?
  10. Xenuex


    So, I plan on posting on the xvm site too. Not sure where else to post this, figured this would be out of the way enough to not in the way of educational topics. So, I recently became teal. As of today I am 1602. The problem is, when I am in game my WN8 is stuck at 1599. It will-not-move. I have gone to the xvm site and activated the services and updated statistics since I noticed I turned teal a few days ago. No prevail. Anyone have any advice? ( My XVM color isn't the end all be all. And, I know XVM camo. But, it was a goal of mine. )
  11. No disrespect intended btw. But, Never did modify a few colors.
  12. I have been looking for the actual color.xc file so I can have this new scheme in game. Maybe I am blind but I can't find it. The color scale given by Folterknecht seem off...maybe it is just me? the tanks I have that are ~52% are light green, instead of dark green. Anything below 47% is white..It may be an old color scale? Does anyone know what is up?
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