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  1. You obviously can't see when someone is winding you up! If I was gonna neg rep you I would, so just chill.
  2. My above post aside, which was just some banter, you are a plain and simple douche bag dude STK. You need to engage your brain before your fingers, then re-read your post as your brain has most likely failed you! Then rate it from 1-10 as to how big a dick you will sound, if it's above the 2-3 mark, refrain from hitting the post button!
  3. Skitz619

    Farewell, and thank you

    How long do you think you can get out of this farewell thread?
  4. That's a bit harsh, you post shit all the time, and I don't like you, but I don't go around hitting the little red down arrow on all your posts! I might give a shit one day about that kinda thing, I'm sure I'd be on -1000+ on the WG forums if you could neg rep! Such is life!
  5. Yeah the chat logs are server side.
  6. Possibly, not sure why it doesn't show me as 60% for the 60 days like it does in the columns, but oh well! This is all solo too, so maybe SEA isn't as bad as you may think FG. Or it has something to do with "LUCK" and things will head south for me in due course. Of course I know I haven't had too many battles yet, so maybe time will tell!
  7. lmao Love the voices. I bet that's what Ezz sounds like too, he uses a voice changer on TS! Wonder how that 80% win rate is going now?
  8. Blame, author, chips & numbers I think Ezz
  9. I take it their is a limit to name changes then? Or have you done something else to get it blocked?
  10. Lots of walls of text. Plenty of they said/we said he said/she said crap going on. Oodles of e-peen touching and playing. Just blow each other up and let that do the talking.
  11. Least he has 1 admirer! Even if a little weird/creepy.