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  1. Helo, I'm fairly new to this game and I'm looking for someone to play with me during my lower tiers grind. Currently all my ships are Tier V (Iron Duke, Emile Bertin, Kongo and Konig) so whoever wants to play would have to endure hours of getting thrown at Tier VII games, hehe, but yeah, if someone wants to help me out for a little it I'll truly appreacite it. I don't mind silent platoons either, but if not I warn you that my enligsh is a little rusty after years of not playing WoT. Right, thanks!.
  2. I haven't played this tank for four years, and this game for a full year now, and I kinda want to play the new French HTs. However I have a discount for Tier VII sitting idle, it's either this one or the mighty Chi-Ri. Oh boi, guess I'll play either one of them for a couple of rounds and end up taking another year-long break
  3. My overall went up from like 2056 to 2088, good I guess, My recent went down but I can fix that. When I stop being a shitter.
  4. I started grinding it not too long ago. So far I like it, had few Tier IX games, mostly Tier VIII, but it should perform OK as long as I keep that APCR coming... and that APCR is pretty damn good. Still, I have to get used to the gun, derpy but I expected that, being a Tier VII medium with good alpha... At least it will not do as much brain damage as the Panther did..., god, that thing.
  5. It's not a huge deal. HEAT will do the job almost always, unless you hit it around the .50 cal which is quite bouncy. Had a E5 and a Skoda T50/51 constantly penning my cupola earlier today, with HEAT of course. In my experience, people just struggle to pen the cupola if they're firing AP or the occasional APCR.
  6. 10 AP, 102 APCR, that's how I used to play the B2.
  7. Awful first session with my new E8. Pure Tier VII and Tier VIII matches except for two Tier VI games. Ugh, I have nothing against the tank but dude, seriously?... The tank can be a bit derpy or the 76mm can feel a bit weak, but add Tier VIIIs and it certainly feels like an unfair uphill battle. I rarely complain about this particular thing about the MM, but it has been like this for me for a while -_-. Still, killing IS-3s feels awesome, and penning WZ-111s frontally with AP is glorious, especially if they rage.
  8. I got a E8 today, will I like it more than the T-34-85..., my favorite Tier 6 medium?.
  9. Oooh I remember we had a war against a couple of Brazilian clans in Greenland, like a year ago. Being in a Argentinian clan fighting Brazilian clans certainly made it look like a "El Clasico", with all the rivalries in place. Good fights, despite some people yelling "7-1"s at the end of the matches, we all had a good time.
  10. My method of checking my ping is to play these battles against bots hahaha
  11. I noticed the E5 has better mobility now, and I felt the T-64A was sluggish.
  12. I have been "forced" to play the E75 in the last couple of days and I just can't stand it anymore. It was awesome but now I've ruined it. Time to move on, I will keep it because it's sexy as hell, but I'll find a decent crew for my T-10 and I will grind out the E50, these will become my main IXs. I had a good time though.
  13. You know what sucks?, having a T57H coming out of nowhere, tracking (with damage) you in the first shot, repair, pens you again with ammorack included and so on. ggwp.
  14. Double ammorack from a shitter in a PzMutz. Despite the ridiculously weak ammorack, this is such a beast...
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