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  1. i haven't played a match since January 2016.  I've looked through all the patch notes, and there are a ton of interesting additions and balances.  Do you guys like the game a lot more now?

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    2. SchnitzelTruck


      Arty is even more bullshit now, so that's quite a bit of fun. Because it clearly needed buffs and the ability to make your crew absolutely useless for 10+ secs while missing 10m away


    3. weesh


      thanks crab, i was really worried that the light tank changes would ruin my favorite class. 
      still on the fence about downloading the game again though...

    4. hazzgar


      The T10 lights suck. Lower tiers are better. The problem is armor powercreep. You will bounce without much more gold spam. The 9.20 has me worried since the new med recipe seems to be trash hull + super strong turret.

  2. I don't really know what "quit" means. I have played in...some number of months...but I don't feel like a quit. I'm sure I'll pick it up again eventually, as I have done every time I've stopped playing for a while. This isn't' even my longest low period yet. I play if I want to, and I stop if other things become more important. And I'm sorta feeling the pull to get out my beloved Rudy again.
  3. weesh

    IRL Board Games

    Two reviews of games that are excellent EVEN IF THERE ARE ONLY TWO PLAYERS: --- I finally own my own copy of San Juan. It is a very nice, simple, and replayable card game set in colonial Puerto Rico, and I managed to pick up a first edition, since the art is supposedly better. The game hinges on taking turns picking roles (that is, the turn order), and trying to ensure you can efficiently use each phase while preventing your opponents form doing so. For instance, the order is typically, produce -> trade -> build, but if you are super efficient at trading, you might be able to build twice in a row while your opponents are out of resources. There is also a delightful tension between getting your production engine running and switching over to the buildings that don't help production, but give you more victory points. If you've ever wanted to play a game that simulates amassing a fortune on the backs of slaves, but don't want to actually see the little black meeples representing them, San Juan is a great choice. --- After playing it at a friend's house, I ordered Quarriors, which has a dominion-like build-a-deck mechanic, but instead of building a deck of cards, you build a "deck" of dice. There are 130 custom dice (mostly 5 of each of the types) but your bag starts with 12 atrocious dice and you improve it buy buying better dice and culling out the dreck. You do this by attacking with your creatures, and then withstanding the attacks of your opponents. A game starts with 1 basic spell, plus 3 random spells and 7 random creatures, so each game has an entirely different feel. Additionally, each creature and spell has three varieties, so just because wizards are crazy awesome one game doesn't mean they will be the next. Since everything else around them is changing, a strong creature could be inefficient in a different environment. Having played about 12 times so far, I realize that there is a TON of additional play to it, and I'm far from figuring it out. If there is a problem with quarriors, it is that luck plays a HEFTY role. But it is ridiculously fun and the luck produces wonderful moments. Definitely a game that has people going "can we play again?"
  4. weesh

    How do I IS-3?

    well firstly, really good games can end up 15-5. the first 2-3 min are the best part because that is when the game is still in flux, and before the game has snowballed. A few key engagements can result in a big overmatch that auto-wins a side. You need to be IN the battle, side-by-side, sharing HP, using the meatshields or being a meatshield in that crucial first engagement. if you hang in the back until the point where the battle is already lost on your side, you go a LONG way towards creating a crap winrate. If you are on your own, there is a 95% chance that at some point in the game, you were not where you were supposed to be. The gameplay does improve at higher tiers...but only if you are solid in the fundamentals. As you go up, more and more people know how to play, and the game becomes less about "do I know where to point my tank?" and more about "how do I punish the mistakes and counter the strong moves of my opponents?"
  5. weesh

    How do I IS-3?

    A huge part of this game is positioning, and if you don't know where to go on a map, find some replays of good players on that map and see what they do. you way over extended with the O-Ni. you have to learn to play nicer with allies too. you blocked him out, don't ever be behind an ally in his escape route. Good call getting away though, rather than staying in place to get hit again. When the 54mod1 (really good armor) comes over the ridge toward you, you take a wild full boom shot at him. you should have aimed. you are going to bounce him frequently if you take wild random shots at him. you should have clung to the ridge instead of venturing far away from it. you are out in the open again. If you come across a tank and can't pen it, go to tanks.gg and look at its armor profile and compare the numbers to your gun's average pen. don't wait 7 seconds to start, don't stop to type, stop complaining, stop blaming your teams, stop making excuses. I'd suggest that you should stop typing entirely. you are probably exasperating your teams with everything you say. deployment is critical, and you are letting the game get away from you. You have had line of sight to a single enemy the whole game when you are the last guy left on your team. Pick a side, and work it. if you must, be a support heavy working beside someone else as they tank shots. but get up to the battle. Of course the AX wasn't alone, but most of your team was there with you. You could probably get a lot of good tips by watching people stream on twitch, especially zeven. you would see the locations they use, and how they work side by side with other people to protect their hitpoints and to bleed the enemies. You titled the video "the reason my WR/WN8 is shit", and it is VERY clear. you don't participate in your games. Honestly, you seem to be drowning at tier 8. It is way past your comfort level. It is so far past your current ability, that I can't imagine it being fun or even a learning atmosphere. If you think it is bad now, tier 9 and 10 get even less forgiving. The fact that you blame your team for this is evidence that you aren't aware of what is happening. I'd suggest playing more at tier 5-6. They are far more forgiving and you can practice skills there without getting trounced. If you want to improve, you have got to get up to a level of skill wherein you can analyze your own play and pull lessons from the experiences. Below that threshold, improvement is VERY slow.
  6. weesh

    How do I IS-3?

    Ok, yeah, you definitely have WAY too many mods. That is completely distracting and unhelpful. Figure out a small number of mods that you can't live without, and be brutal about the rest. In this severely tier 10 game, you start out complaining about the number of tanks that go West. well west is the least important location. not critical that you get a heavy contingent there. If you want to not get shredded running out of the base ,don't wait for the first 7 second to elapse before you start moving. Then you stop in the open to aim at all but impossible shots and get shredded. All you had to do was pull up far enough that you were sheltered by the mountain. then you could have worked the west or east side of it. you win when your enemy has zero hitpoints, and you lose when your team has zero hitpoints. don't fight from positions that piss this resource away. don't make excuses, don't type so much, just play. looks like you were so distracted complaining that you weren't looking around. you wandered into a central killzone, and didn't notice until you started getting hit. Go northern valley or southern peninsula, but you will be shredded every time from that position. The other two tanks were using a rock for cover, you were in the open. Find a place to fight up close and near hard cover. You should have moved to some sort of cover ,but you had wandered so far form cover, that you were definitely going to take some shots getting away even if you succeded.
  7. weesh

    How do I IS-3?

    @Sergeant_Fgt Alright, I'll bite, what do you consider a reasonable number of consecutive games for a non-shitter to get 39000 xp in a single session? What are your assumptions for premium tanks/specials/baseXP that make sense this player? Go ahead and define the line for "total shitter" while you're at it. Because if your advice only applies to the top 1%, you are being elitist and unhelpful considering the audience of this thread. It seems strange that you consider your premium time and premium tanks F2P, but premium crew training is a waste. Once you have premium time, premium tanks, premium camo, and all the free xp you need...there isn't much left to spend your gold on. You have drawn a line in the sand for where you think the gold/time value ratio is favorable, but what about someone who makes twice as much money than you? or has half as much time to play as you? Isn't it reasonable that their ratio would be different but still perfectly valid for their situation?
  8. weesh

    How do I IS-3?

    TIL: correcting errors is being triggered. a surprisingly low bar.
  9. weesh

    How do I IS-3?

    39,153xp. That is probably closer to 30+ battles (~4 hours of solid play). When it's on sale, training a crew of 4 is 400 gold, or roughly $1.60. Far from retarded, it seems like a pretty good deal to me.
  10. if you are going for fires, is there any reason to switch to HE?
  11. weesh

    How do I IS-3?

    WG is bad at making things intuitive.
  12. have a good break. we'll try not to ruin everything while you're gone.
  13. It can never be THAT bad, because the terrain is good, and an overwhelming push will win the side FAST.
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