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    weesh reacted to monkey10120 in What are the best tanks in the game for sidescraping? That is, good sides AND good tu   
    For relatively mobile heavies. 215b can to an extent as long as you dont run into a player that knows to just shoot your turret ring. E5 can do it as it relies on auto bounce angles and tracks can eat shots. IS7 can if you over angle because of its trollish sides but pike is an issue but its mobility is meh. At T9, Conq isnt bad at it since its all tracks, T10 is like IS7 but it cant take on T10 tanks very well. At T8 most heavies can do it at its own tier but not at higher tiers.
    Never underestimate autobounce angles.
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    weesh reacted to nemlengyel in Absolute bullshit SH session tonight with O-Is camping on every corner. Bought the FV   
    The quality of the team makes me doubt as to whether the 105mm was a conscious strategic choice there.
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    weesh reacted to Tedster59 in You are alone versus 15 tier 1 tanks, and your goal is to finish them off as quickly   
    Pre-nerf T92.  
    16m splash with gold HE 
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    weesh reacted to dualmaster333 in 2.1k base exp, Eyyyy m8!   
    Nice, I haven't broken 2k base since the old chaffee
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    weesh reacted to SchnitzelTruck in 2.1k base exp, Eyyyy m8!   
    no pools medal, I am disappoint 
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    weesh reacted to Deusmortis in My fucking mother just made herself the Administrator on my fucking PC without my fuc   
    As far as the original question goes, no system that people have physical access to is secure.  

    Also, move out.  These things won't happen.
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    weesh reacted to no_name_cro in Ever since I discovered that the reason my recent WR went from 59% to 53% is because   
    Think in this direction:
    free grinds XVM camo I really like this game since I just pop on ts with buddies and ask for tank. They provide the account.  
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    weesh reacted to Fabunil in TIL: the German word for "leopard" is "leopard".   
    And panther means "Panther" in German if you haven´t guessed.
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    weesh reacted to Sabocat in TIL: the German word for "leopard" is "leopard".   
    The German word for "tiger" is also "Tiger". But it is pronounced like Tigger. Yes, exactly like in Winnie the Poo. No, I've not been able to take the Tiger seriously since I learned this.
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    weesh reacted to Trobs in TIL: the German word for "leopard" is "leopard".   
    The German word for ambulance is KRAKENWAGEN
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    weesh reacted to Joyrider216 in TIL: the German word for "leopard" is "leopard".   
    except its pronounced  leo pard instead of leperd
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    weesh reacted to FreddBoy in had 1.5 million cr yesterday, and today I have 4 million. was freaking out, because i   
    Panic money = best money
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    weesh reacted to CraBeatOff in today is the anniversary of when I created my WOT account.   
    moderator here, to chuckle @weesh 
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    weesh reacted to sr360 in what's are some good responses to mock tomatoes who call you out for firing gold?   
    "Sorry you're poor"
    "Wargaming pays me gold, be honored I choose to fire it at you"
    "Please direct complaints to Yankee, he's the one who pays me gold"
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    weesh reacted to Trobs in Vasectomy scheduled for 25 Sept. No children for me thanks. And yes, my wife is 100%   
    My mom is still in denial. She thinks it's a phase. Tronda is 36, I'm 31, it's not a phase. We decided some time ago, and decided to wait before doing anything permanent. 2 years later, same decision so we're going through with it.

    I hope that I won't be too miserable the day of so I can stream. That should be an interesting one to say the least.
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    weesh reacted to Trobs in Vasectomy scheduled for 25 Sept. No children for me thanks. And yes, my wife is 100%   
    31. Wife and I decided about two years ago we didn't want kids. We love our nieces and nephews (all 14 of them) but not enough to have our own. We don't like babies or young <6 kids much. We've discussed adopting down the line, but not sure on that. What we do know, is we want our free time to ourselves establishing our legacy on what we do, not on who we leave behind.
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    weesh got a reaction from Medjed in how do you guys notify people with the "@weesh" type thing in posts? When you guys do   
    @Medjed...hmmm, seems i wasn't patient enough.  If i type your name too fast, the box doesn't come up.  thanks guys!
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    weesh reacted to Android25 in Overall is now 1600. RIP green xvm camo.   
    Lucky for you, most people that use XVM don't touch any settings, so the default right now is WG PR (or WGR) on this scale

    So you're still green to anybody using the default scale by both PR and WN8.
    Anybody who knows what their doing or has a decent mod pack though will have a better scale...
    You can't fix stupid though... a lot of people may have a good modpack but never changed their setting off PR, which their modpack likely doesn't have a modified scale for
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