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  1. Sorry, was busy yesterday and didn't get around to the clean. No crashes all night though. Just finished wiping down all fans and surfaces, cleaned connectors like Folter said, and blew out CPU radiator, GPU fans, and PSU fan. It wasn't too dirty as i'm usually pretty good at keeping it clean, but it's been a month or two and the 200mm door fan must've missed the last cleaning. Will update if it crashes again. Also, does anyone know a good way to test the airflow of their case?
  2. Memtest ran all night off USB. No errors found and comp didn't crash for 4 passes. I'm going to grab some compressed air and non-static wipes and clean the shit out of everything in there see if that helps some.
  3. So within the last two weeks I've been having some issues with my comp just crashing. And i'm trying to narrow down what it might be, before i reload the system or spend money on hardware. Basically what happens is the sound will glitch out quick, the screens go dark, and after about 30-45 seconds the computer starts to boot up (fans never turn off or anything). But about 65% of the time when it boots back up, one of the monitors doesn't come on that the GPU that monitor is plugged into isn't detected. So i'll have to restart 1-2 more times and the GPU will come back up. Monitoring tem
  4. If you want to keep the 80% dream alive, you know who to call. <3 you bby.
  5. Went cold tree first on the main mage. My next character is going to be a dagger rouge i think. so much deepeeesss
  6. My main for this playthrough is a mage, so i'm running with cass, the dwarf, and one of the mages you pick up (not the first one). I have the side mage 100% spiritual or w/e for revive/barriers, and I just picked up barrier on my main because I started getting in fights that blew through my potion supply (fighting level 10s while level 6)
  7. I'm really disappointed there's no healing spell or anything of some sort. I'm still early in the game though. I agree the tactical mode is fucking shit compared to DA:O, I don't understand why they made it the current way, it was almost perfect in DA:O. I agree that not being able to customized your AI's tactics as well as you could in DA:O is depressing as well. Also there seems to be very few skill lines compared to what I remember, and mana pools/regen is super low (again I'm only like 1-2 hours into the game, not really pushing the story line too hard, trying to do everything I can
  8. I thought you could only get the free tank if that person was a brand new account. Will have to read the post again i guess.
  9. That's your problem there. Also, shameless self promotion, can take a trip with me as I play through the IS7.
  10. completely not worth, the mantlet is shit in tier10 battles except for the very top/bottom strip of it.
  11. Day 1, First 20 games 75% WR overall, 78.5% solo (11/14) 2800 WN8 Besides that inflated WR, this is pretty on par with my recent stats. Solid games with hard derps in between. There's no way that WR is sustainable. I'm trying to focus this challenge on Solo but I don't mind picking up a platoon mate now and then. I'm going to try and track the solo WR separately. Mastery badge on game 16. @Evelyn 86% hit rate so far, which is about on-par with my recent average I think. So far gun has trolled me in maybe 1 or 2 matches, but 1 of them (vs the M48s) was also my fault due to
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