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  1. they clearly got a last second alpha damage nerf should be 440, 390, 320 dmg for the TX, TIX and Tier VIII respectivly. this fixes the abysmal dpm too.
  2. dpm, gun depression and turret dispersion all in favor of D-10T2S (standard pen is irrelevant). just get into the enemies face and use the improved turret.
  3. eu server got stunned eh?

  4. i unlocked them before the gun. engine improves acceleration so you do not feel as sad after udes03 light tank speed you can get away faster when leaving siege mode and you can turn faster with the upgraded tracks which is important for aiming on targets close by (if you have to brawl a bit).
  5. can chuck norris overmatch stalin armor in 9.17?


  6. no x16 and x25 zoom because the reticle bloom is too large and leading targets is too difficult important: sniper sensitivity = arcade sensitivity for a seamless switch when tracking targets increase fov to the point you are still comfortable watching the game no server reticle if you have a good connection, because it is too jumpy and you cannot adjust your muscle memory for leading targets draw distance and terrain quality as high as possible to avoid terrain bugs.
  7. R.I.P. E 50 ;_; WZ 111 14: is kill by T-10 Skoda T50: 55 M46: 32 T-10: 35 Now pick your favorite playstyle and drive the according tank: heavy(heavium?), medium or autoloader.
  8. sealclubbing matchmaker 3-5-7 for tier 10 platoons: yes or no?


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    2. Jesse_the_Scout


      More like you'll never be able to play tier 10 because every one will be sitting waiting for that awesome guaranteed "3 top tiers only" game. WG says for years they won't change MM because it will screw up wait times, then propose something which is practically guaranteed to screw up wait times.

    3. Rexxie


      This rule probably wont apply to T10. For lower tiers, a 3-5-7 rule is much better than the status quo. Better for the top tiers, better for the bottom tiers.

    4. Jesse_the_Scout


      I don't see how it could even work, wherever you stopped there would be a broken tier. If they said "tier 10s all fight only 10s" then tier 9 would be the broken tier every one flocked to. If they said "9 and 10s have their own tier ranges" then tier 8 becomes the broken tier. You just keep pushing the broken tier down.  Whatever you do you end up with one tier that gets top tier disproportionately and thus will be flooded with players. Even with some sort of scaling through tiers I can't envision a situation that doesn't grant and advantage to one particular tier. The concept makes sense but I don't see how it could be made to fit.

  9. vents (situtational awareness on the commander), rammer, vstab large medkit - to protect the commander and driver large repkit cola - because engine and fuel tanks are in the back of the tank
  10. wow .. i cannot decide which tank to downvote next. They are all very good. Seems like i got my top 6. M46 and E 50 seem a bit weaker because they do not get T10 premium ammo WZ 111 1-4: 29 Skoda T 50: 46 E 50: 6 Conqueror: 28 M46 Patton: 36 T-10: 50 Skoda T 50: +1 THE autoloader at tier 9 - It just punishes people and excels at using pubbies as meatshields M46 Patton: -3 it is the softest tank still on the list (#armorthicknessmatters)
  11. WZ-111 1-4: 28Skoda T-50: 39E 50: 27VK 45.02 B: 1 Conq: 29M46 Patton:40 T-54: 22 Object 430 II: 27T-10: 43 ST-I :3 T-54: +1 Camo, some armor to show for, mobility, small size, heat - the true jack of all trades VK 45.02 B: -3 Only Armor and Alpha, needs more redeeming qualities to stay on this list, at least ST-I has got good gun depression
  12. WZ-111 1-4: 26 Skoda T-50: 35 AMX 30: 11 VKB: 13 E 50: 29 Conq: 30 T30: 7 T54E1: 12 M46 Patton: 39 T-54: 29 Object 430 II: 30 T-10: 38 ST-1: 21 T54E1: -3 ( @xtc4 sniped it) was the best platoon support tank but the gunhandling got powercreeped Skoda T-50: +1 The new flavor also better for solo play
  13. wait  .. i can carry two fire extinguishers in my fv215b?

    1. Kitten


      Not needed if you set your crew up correctly. 

  14. Obj. 430 HD Baby!


  15. Personal Reserves are a blessing if you start to grind a new tank nation!A33-Excelsior2.jpg?itok=txEe0QsA

  16. quickybaby confirmed for troll: 355 dislikes

  17. At the moment there are two bootcamp missions rewards 1. Personal Reserve: x2 XP for 2 hours 2. Personal Reserve: x2 Crew XP for 2 hours Does the double XP stacks with the double Crew XP to powergrind Crew XP? Crew XP * 1,5 Top of the tree + 2 * Crew XP * + 2 * Battle XP = 3,5 Crew XP per battle?
  18. E 50 because it is a fun tank and has the best gun. It is also good for solo play because mobility. E 75 if your platoonmate plays mediums or you want to bully the enemys. VK B is an abomination - just don't, also two loaders
  19. If the Lowe is on discount and you really need a credit grinder + german heavy crew trainer go for it (a very very special combination?). I myself only drive it when i grind crewskills on crew xp double events. But the low speed limits its skillcap which creates boring gameplay. It just cannot reach critical brawling corners in time like an IS-3 or Tiger 2. You have to adjust your gameplay accordingly. + Side Armor, Gun, Turret, Gun Depression, Viewrange, Gun Elevation 38°!! - Frontal Armor, DPM, Size, Mobility (slower than T34; get Clutch Braking!)
  20. do you want to have the mobility and spam apcr ammo, or the better standard pen gun and HEAT prem ammo on T57 Heavy. T57 Heavy is still a beast in corner brawls and the gun does everything better, except the dispersion values on the move and while turning the turret. it has the same pen as the T110E5, you should be fine with standard round most of the time. for pubs i prefer AMX 50 B nowadays because of the gunhandling and speed.
  21. Yesss, advanced minimap features. loving it. and the sound environment on the last test server was way better too (8 channels 7.1 surround on my soundcard). looking forward to this patch. still waiting for the e50m and batchat hd models
  22. the devs split the spall liner in different categories, because it was trash. now only the superheavy is somewhat useful on tanks which cannot avoid artillery shells, because it reduces non penetrating he dmg and increases crew member hp in case shells pen your tank.
  23. pre nerf t-54 with a good camo crew. just play a tank you really really like and are comfortable with!
  24. this is altering the gaming experience of players who have better (purple) stats. for this reason i am against the stats part of XVM. (disregarding clantags) since wargaming implemented many things on the minimap which where previously only available through mods i do not use xvm anymore. the only party i am missing at the moment are the viewrange circles. when i used XVM stats i only paid attention if the player on my or the enemy team was a unicum. my config showed wn8, winrate and battles on tank i was facing. but most of the time it did not care, because the enemy had no purple stats... (seeing the stats of all players is rather depressing most of the times anyway) Nowadays i follow my gameplan according to tank composition and treat every player equally bad until proven otherwise lategame.
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