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  1. Been a while, thinking about playing again but all it takes is one glance at the Sub-Reddit and I change my mind. Currently downloading War Thunder, anyone play? Don't it's awful.
  2. Welp this won't be the patch to come back. Looking forward to 9.2.
  3. Been playing RO2 all weekend with some buds, if anyone wants in hit me up. Taking a break from tanks until WG digs themselves out of 9.0 pit.
  4. Done with this game until they realize how shit 9.0 is and go back to 8.11 graphics. So I guess done with this game forever?

  5. One and review/reflection. This game really isn't that difficult, it's just that 99% of the player base is very bad at life.
  6. I'm a firm believer that it would have been a far superior idea to sit on the graphics update until all of the HD models were done (including a terrain update). It gives them much needed time to refine their process, improve performance, and work out bugs. Right now it just looks like a jumbled mess of ghetto "look shiny models we can kinda fail at competing with Gaijin". Also I'm not quite sure why on one hand they say multi-core support isn't important because a large % of their player base runs on potato computers. Yet on the other, jam a HD graphics update that looks worse on every set
  7. This is so frustrating, I don't understand why people think this shit actually looks good.
  8. 9.0 may very well be my last patch. I have no desire to play this fucking garbage for the same reasons OC listed.
  9. I fucking died for five minutes after opening this thread. Then I saw OC and VK's follow up posts and lost it again.
  10. Pre 9.0 had an artistic style, regardless of the fact the graphics were dated it was consistent and looked good. I've been bitching about the new models since I loaded up CT a few weeks ago. There's a huge disparity between the environment and the non HD/HD models (not to mention the HD models kind of look like shit). I'm rather frustrated WG went out of their way to try and fix something that wasn't broken to begin with instead of focusing on more pressing matters. That being said it's even more infuriating because the new models look half'd ass and are borderline ludicrous. I love how an HD
  11. They fucked up real bad with 9.0. RIP this shit.

    1. Rexxie


      yeah, ziddy and I were so excited to play wot together. after 6 crashes between the two of us in 10 matches, me whining about how shit the hd models look, and ziddy getting imploded by arty and waffles, we just quit.

      fuck wargaming

    2. oddbare
  12. Someone kill this thread with fire. Did I miss the memo where this last bastion of information and wondrous land of reasonable debate championed by the best tank socialites should be filled with disingenuous whining and cock fighting? How is this even a meta game discussion? Let's cry about Gold rounds some more and make threads talking shit about eurocums. Fuck, might as well just make this forum a subreddit of the reddit subreddit.
  13. I adore my 111. I hope in 9.1 the 113 gets some much needed love. It would be rather fantastic to have a relevant Chinese X.
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