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  1. I played 10ish battles yesterday in BBs and managed to score a grand total of 2 citadel hits. Rumor confirmed.
  2. People are too obsessed with citadel hits in this game.
  3. Yeah I like playing my Tirpitz and Amagi, but playing anything other than BBs (Not counting skillships, as that doesn't count as playing) at 8+ seems like just gimping yourself totally. I stopped playing my New Orleans and I didn't even bother to buy the Mogami. I think I have 100k xp on my elited Myoko now. Those weird games where the matchmaker can't manage to find complete teams never happen to me. I guess there are more people on EU.
  4. There's your problem. I'm not playing the Königsberg because I love tier 5 specifically. I play it because it's what I have at the moment. I will say, though, that I think this game needs some serious work on the high tier gameplay. I've only made it to tier 8 but from my experience there, and from watching youtube and streams, I can see the pattern. Play Midway, a BB or gtfo. Actually, if you like to win, playing anything but the Midway is just retarded. The diversity that still exists at tier 5-7 just isn't there. Please, try to sell me tier 10 gameplay because I just can't see the point a
  5. Sorry, I haven't enabled replays yet. I can't be bothered to do it until they enable it in the client. I wouldn't say I reliably citadeled anyone. I think 5-6 of those citadels were in one salvo, because, you know, balance reasons. So it was mostly luck that time. You reliably do damage all the time, though, because those guns are ridiculously accurate.
  6. I thought the Obalancemaha was OP but this ship is just ridiculous. The only weakess so far is that the engine gets destroyed EVERY game, usually more than once. A premium repair consumable is a must and I think I will respec my captain to get the skill that lets you keep going at reduced speed with a damage engine. After that I had a game where I got 120k dmg, 4 kills and 4 medals but I can't seem to be able to upload another pic. Is there a daily limit?
  7. Will NHL ever render smacking people in the face with the stick inoperable? Probably not. It's there, and every player should be able to use it at their own discretion without being criticized for it by nit pickers. Some players are just bad at hockey and need to do this to stay competitive. It's critical to their ability to play. Besides, historically, people fought with sticks. Possibly on frozen lakes. So it should be clear to everyone why this should be a natural part of the game. Do you realize how retarded you sound?
  8. You clearly don't. For a non retarded player, this tool is immensely useful. For a tomato, it is still better than nothing. Everything that is better than nothing is cheating. Read DeusMortis' post on the 1st page of this thread. He explains pretty well why this is an advantage. If you still, after reading his post, want to argue that it offers zero help, then there's no hope for you. Thanks. Finally someone who thinks before posting. I'm so tired of the tomato talk "Hurrr it doesn't help you do anything you couldn't already do durrrr". Well, olympic athletes can run 100m fast. Performance
  9. It's like with everything else in gaming. If you know how to use it, it'll help you. If you don't, it won't. If you use it like a retard, like you described, then ofc it won't help. If you use it to give you additional information and make decisions accordingly, then it will help. So no. You just have no clue what you're talking about.
  10. Of course it's going to help. Sure, it won't make you a unicum but every now and then, even the best players miss a salvo because they misjudge the speed of the target. With this, you won't.
  11. It felt pointless to ask this on the official forums so... has anyone noticed any difference since that new cheat mod came out? I learned about it 5-6 days ago and pretty much instantly lost the will to play. Haven't even logged in since then. Nggghh... withdrawal syndrome... halp plx.
  12. Yeah, I'm not sure Cleveland is that great at tier 7 actually. Maybe. Not sure. If I ever decide to play ranked, I will probably go with the Nagato. I've always felt it is the best tier 7 ship of all. Especially since they nerfed the Myoko. Unless you count skillships, which you don't. Anyway, why design a game mode where you can choose to be top tier every game? Seems a pretty weird design decision to me.
  13. Has anyone figured out what reason there could possibly be to play tier 6 in ranked? Why not play tier 7 and always be top tier? Am I missing something?
  14. Every source I have says acquisition range is draw range. I don't think I have ever played a ship which had an acquisition range shorter than the range of it's main battery. This is worse than running Cyclone Filter in WoT. At least the filter does something.
  15. For me, it depends on the ship. I have only reached tier 8 with IJN and 7 with US, but I generally try to select what improves what the ship is alread good on instead of vainly try to improve their weaknesses. Slot 1: I use Main Battery Modification 1 on everything. The others are pointless for BBs imho. Even if you run some kind of secondary battery build, the main battery is still going to be the most important weapon. Slot 2: For IJN I have used the Gun Fire Control System Modification 1 (accuracy) on all ships. For New Mexico, I used the Gun Fire Control System Modification 1 (range) becau
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