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  1. I had to remember my Wotlabs login info just to downvote this you spastic.
  2. You know what, fuck you for making me actually come to Wotlabs. Congratulations, you were actually too much of a spastic even for Bulba.
  3. Since people are already wondering why Gabe isn't in BULBA, he's been kicked for causing a number of problems internally.
  4. A GTX460 is certainly going to be holding you back. Is your i5 the 2500, or the 2500k? What games do you plan on playing?
  5. So i'm trying to find a Kurisu face so I can add Dia to my "favorite posters," Can't be too hard right, she's easily one of the most popular characters ever? Wrong. You can find Kiniro Mosaic-tier obscure characters. You can find the entire cast of basically anything popular in the last few years after like 10 seconds on Google. Shit, I could even find RWBY faces. Sorry Dia, but you're gonna have to settle for this: I (thankfully) wasn't around for the group watch of Boku no Pico. Tomhwk streaming a let's play of Saya no Uta on Twitch was pretty legendary though.
  6. Do you have any idea how hard it was to find a Makise Kurisu ohayou face?
  7. Me after creating a shitstorm on day one of the campaign that caused the longest officer meeting in Bulba's history .
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