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  1. Most of the re-worked maps seem a lot worse, for gameplay purposes.
  2. It would be nice if the game did not crash in the middle of a match. Every single time I try to play.
  3. I want the SU-122-54 back. This thing is fucking junk. People just either snap shot the LFP at any range, spam HEAT through the massive superstructure, or literally shoot HE at you. It's like playing a JagTiger that goes fast with (((armour))), but doesn't have the DPM or gun to match. Also 300 APCR is a nice meme. Edit: Playing this trashcan some more has lead me to believe the 122 is the best gun. The extra alpha damage is nice, but having to be point blank to actually hit and being limited to the 300 APCR is so bad. With the 122 at least it's a bit more accurate and the HEAT rounds can dumpster most targets. It reminds me of a really REALLY bad Foch, that trades hard gun stats for stupid soft stats (but who cares about that when you have .39 accuracy).
  4. You see, if you give the E-100 the 17cm...
  5. Arty is trash now. It's better to try shooting lights and paper tanks rather than doing zero damage hits on heavy tanks especially when you have to rely EVEN MORE on the shitters that make up the rest of the team to actually do anything to stunned tanks since hey guess what? You can't even platoon with competent players anymore as arty.
  6. So high altitude GA's with even more "High skill" bot gunners and stupid amounts of HP?
  7. Summers

    Object 252U

    I fired 17 rounds of APCR from my Panther/M10 at an AFK 252 in the side of the the front drive wheel. 3 penetrations. Fucking ayy lmao gud balans.
  8. Summers

    Object 252U

    Just give the thing it's actual (not fantasy BS) hull armour thickness and a normal 122mm like on the IS-3. There it's fixed.
  9. What the fuck are those Maus buffs? The gun buffs make sense, but >Giving it more armour than it actually has. You wut m8? Just cover the entire tank in track links instead of saying the armour is thicker than it actually is.
  10. So uh, can you buy BOTH versions of it and have two of them?
  11. Summers

    The Chinese 112

    So uh, any one else see the new 9.16 armour scheme. China will grow larger.
  12. Summers

    French TD Thread

    The T9 Foch sure is great, it's like I'm playing a T8 TD at tier 9 thats worse than normal T8 TD's. What a garbage line.
  13. Any one happen to know of or have a XVM config similar to this one? I've been trying to find a somewhat clean and barebones config now that the new patch broke everything on my old config.
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