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  1. Here's a screenshot of my battle loading screen. It looks like the left side (Allies) is missing the fields which populate with xvm info while the right side has them and is waiting for data. Couple seconds more and the right side populates while the left doesn't change. You are probably right with the lag time but I wanted to show you what it looks like to be sure. Thanks for your time and effort, this noob really appreciates it. I know my rig is getting old (HP DV7 with Phenom quad core, 8 gb ram) and that running a laptop on wireless is not ideal but hopefully that lottomax ticket comes thr
  2. I don't know if anyone else has encountered this.... When my battle loading screen comes up, my left (allies) is vanilla (no xvm) while my right side is fully populated. Using Selas mod pack (as I have for months) I tried multiple things including deleting res mods and loading a vanilla version of xvm (no change), looked at the .xc files looking for anomalies between the two sides in the html, nothing. Finally decided to uninstall game and reinstall fresh version, uploaded Selas again and same thing? Out of ideas and its not a huge thing, I have ally xvm when I get ingame in players panel but
  3. Well your highness, I didn't realize your time was so valuable and cherished by all, my humble apologies. I intended it to start a dialogue if others had experienced the same matching experience and thought this was the right forum, unfortunately I guess it turned out to be a venting of sorts. I am new here so in the future I shall pm you to find out to what forum I should post. Talking about wasting time, please don't preach when it took you more time to write your post "abut wasting your time" than it would have to just click "back" and move on to others more worthy of your indispensable tim
  4. I know it doesn't......I watched the video, just frustrated and just need to vent and introduce my latest conspiracy theory. But just finished playing m7, 7 battles under 45% chance of winning before finally winning one and then after no longer a x5 win reward, next 3 battles all at better than 55% win chance. hmmmmmmmmm MM sitting on the grassy knoll? Well back to improving everyone elses stats
  5. Is it just me or does MM seem just A LITTLE off this weekend, I have a theory..... being a x5 weekend, if you haven't gained a x5 win yet in that tank,it seems like your team's win chances were 45% or lower (usually in the 30's) and then after "finally" getting that win, subsequent battles the team chances were 50% or higher...... I know the xvm win chance is iffy but man, it was loss after loss after loss. Been the most frustrating weekend ever played. Just played a battle (actually more of a seal clubbing) where the other side had 5 (count'm 5!) win6 purple people eaters and 2 blues
  6. Some days it seems like every game I either get tracked or ammo racked. I have gun rammer, vents and torsion bars which I had in depot so I put them on. You would think that would help with NOT getting tracked but alas NO. I have 100% repairs on one crewman and all are on their second skill/perk, I should have started repairs on another crewman... I upgraded to the 120 asap and now have the second turret. This is the first tank to have sixth sense completed and wow, love it! This is definitely a support tank, whenever I have to front line it on an unsupported flank for example, my game is
  7. Thanks Rexxie.... I like the clean look, I wish I had found that forum last week when I was playing and reconstructing my mods. There are a few I have never seen on the other mod sites so I guess I will start playing again... lol Grass is always greener Playing with mods gives me something to do when MM decides it's not going to put me on winning teams for the rest of the night ( I could be the common denominator there ) Would be nice if there was a way to test your mod look without entering battle, being a noob (or boob) I am not aware of a way other than training which you need two
  8. I'm sure this has already been asked but I couldn't find it......What is your favorite/most useful mod setup? I don't like a cluttered screen and like to keep things simple, so the mod "packages" don't work for me. Some of mine are also window dressing in the hanger and such, anyways here's my list that I usually put together individually after each update....... Auto-login and no opening screen Hanger clocks, dates and ping Hanger double tank carousel I like Kasian's colorful info panel (but its in Russian) In-Game.... Jimbo's simple sights - very uncluttered, like reload time
  9. Thanks for the advice everyone, after doing lots of reading and listening to what you had to say and most of all, putting it into practice, I have increased my recent WR by 10% and and recent win8 by 300! On my way lol! Lots of good advice, thank-you Aircrewman and Asassian7, some of which I already did but going solo can be hard not to do. When I see an undermanned flank or no one covering an approach I know will be exploited, I have a tendency to go help in those areas which can leave me very vulnerable. The advice from Asassian7 is quite good, I now make it my goal each game to equal or be
  10. Greetings everyone, just thought I would introduce myself, an "older" tanker and WotLab noobie... I fall into that catagory of just had fun for a year and 4k battles and NOW I have decided that I would like to become more effective and live a little longer! I looked at this site a long time ago but never delved into the forum and realized how much expert information there is to be gleaned. I also don't post a lot until I feel I have something uselful and hopefully correct to contribute, I feel that when learning, you listen and read, not talk. I thank in advance, all you contributors w
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