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  1. TLDR: Regular Alabama will go on sale
  2. jostie

    Update of WN8 expected Swedish line ???

    Has there ever been a tank added and somebody didn't bitch about stats not showing?
  3. jostie

    Easiest Ace Panther II game

    Nice memes +1
  4. jostie

    Show Off Your Triple Marks of Excellence With the few German tanks I have I couldn't get a crew so had to start with a 0 skill crew which really hurt.
  5. jostie

    I just got the SU-100M1...

    SU-100M1 should prepare you for the SU-101 which is much more frustrating to play.
  6. jostie

    WoTLabs Throwback...Sunday?

    When they banned for using OK because it was spammed in every thread and status update. Still scared of using it now.
  7. Playing Skorpion and all crewmembers get taken out with a single shot.

  8. jostie


    Could be it, I've had the blur before but it was always for a few seconds at most.
  9. jostie


    Thank you, had automatic adjustment on but I guess it never reversed after the ping stabilized.
  10. jostie


    So far WoT is the only game affected by it, you might be right though.
  11. So yesterday I had a lag spike and during that my game became blurry. I've tried dragging the sliders on the graphics a bit and re-installed but so far nothing works. Image below shows current situation:
  12. jostie

    Upcoming Chinese TDs?

    704 2.0, 160mm armor on the front is nice but slope doesn't seem good enough to stop most tier 9-10 shells from going through. The cheecks are probably 90mm side armor but from what I can see will be autobounce when shot frontally. Tank is probably fake as hell, but as long as it is properly implemented it won't bother me in the slightest.
  13. jostie

    Battlefield 1 Trailer

    setting looks colourfull, something I'd not expect from a WWI shooter.
  14. jostie

    How do you deal with "invisible" tanks?

    Suspect every bush, go to positions where the engaging distance is within your own viewrange, don't go to positions where you can't retreat from. +1 for subtle sarcasm
  15. Rip EU round table, most entertaining place on the forums.