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  1. Then stick to just reading. Your posting is awful. Your moderation is crap. Your boasting about it where people come to get away from scum like you, is just downright stupid.
  2. That's all you took out of the post.... And that's your only retort....
  3. Nagato is sexually confused. He's trying to fit in with the cool kids while banning them and being generaly a shit mod all over the official forums. Do you think posting here is going to give you some sort of positive reputation in the community? Stick to one or the other. Publicly boasting about getting big bad tanifag to abuse admin powers specifically to neg rep something that wasn't even that bad. How far do you think this is going to get you? Stick to the fucking anime threads would you. Also try paying attention in English class instead of day dreaming about 12 year olds in navy uniforms. Creeper.
  4. My god. Will you like go to fucking loliforums or something already you dumb fuck. Get the fuck out
  5. No that's just counter. He's all professional n shit. The rest of us are immature idiots that just enjoy abusing admin power on each other. It's like our way of cyber gay sex without any organs or..... I've gone too far. Contact your local member of the barbershop cuntette next time. (thandi nomad cantoris camma) beware. Fucks may not be given
  6. If it makes you CNC faglords feel better I'll manhandle Adzo for you tomorrow...
  7. And you are all oblivious to the constant banning I banning kicking gagging gimping that goes on as (99.9% of the time) fun. And oblivious to the hatred of CNC, I honestly couldn't care who it is. I don't mind a few guys in CNC either but if I was playing with them on luck TS and someone banned them, I'd lol then talk to whoever banned them, then unban them. Jeez. Were really going around in circles now. Next time just calm the fuck down and wait rather than going full tard all over forums, kthx.
  8. Hard to take a moderator seriously when they moderate an English forum (poorly) and can hardly understand the language.
  9. I mean wow. It's like you are new to LUCK/FLUKE TS... Really. Banning people is some huge offence and punishable by death and doesn't understand why people don't like CNC being on their TS. As I said. Relax Hero.... Err forum PM? Ask someone for skype contact? Talk to Haifisch bazza whoever.. I mean really your first thought is to publicly shame the clan that essentially founded you. Like wow is this legit?
  10. You are worried about banning Adzo and banning people in general. But you then threaten to ban me. K den. Do whatever you like buddy. It's not your server. Pls continue sperg out publicly instead of handling things internally and getting shit done. Then enjoy your monthly bill for a new TS I guess... CNC members come to luck TS at their own risk then complain. Hurr durr.
  11. I mean really. CNC can't really expect much from LUCK considering the tumultuous past. I feel I have the right to kick/ban any CNC member from TS anytime I want. They need to be ok with that or just go use CNC TS... Honestly, I have no personal issues with any of the names listed above. Just the clan. Just take it easy. It's only banter.... (Winkyface)-which I can't be bothered locating on my phone
  12. AFAIK no SA is different to the other so I'll talk to counter at some point. Relax would you. Your lucky I wasn't there lol....
  13. Hey Nagato go brag about moderator bullshit to someone who cares you creepy loli loving fuck. Get the fuck out. Shitty fucking mod. Blah, fluke/luck TS has always been fun. Unban them, ban Adzo. I unban Adzo. Then I ban Bazza. The world keeps turning. Jeez.... FYI first 3-4 pages of this thread were good. Then it gave me cancer. Anyway. Back off into the distance I go.
  14. 900 wn8 is now considered light green? Disgusting. I expect light greens to at least know how to shoot, I don't expect 900 wn8 players to even leave spawn. Terrible. Everything at the higher end of the spectrum looks better though....
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