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  1. It is a sorry, sorry night, when a yellow scrub posts the 6th best game of his life and the team loses. No request to review....just showing off and whining. I played well and recognize clearly one major error in targeting..I have not yet identified the other 11.
  2. A marketing genius and skilled player...after about one year of playing he gets elected to CSM.
  3. Ging....good to hear from you. My platoon is seldom full so I'll look you up again. I've been learning Eve and enjoying it but I might try to split my sketchy game time between the two. I note, with inordinate pride, that it appears that I remained "on the wagon" longer than Otis and Carbonated combined. Fortitude, I tell you. Fortitude. My Slovak genetic heritage. @TestforEcho, if attitude could make me a blue or purple it would have happened a year ago...but I have never refrained from platooning with whomever will have me. I'll repeat what I always say: "platoon with me for
  4. Re-installed Tanks last night. Sadly and predictably I made lots of new friends...all on the red team. The single very bright spot was that I remembered how to play the DMax, well, and held hill on Himmelsdorf long enough to give rest of team time to do their business elsewhere. The threat and gun depression worked. That one we won, and I will take part of the credit..which obliges me to take responsibility for the 6 other losses.
  5. Buried in Eve. RIP tanks....for now.

    1. Deusmortis


      I thought you died.

    2. galleri
    3. KenFlorian


      Eve Online. Insufficient total game time in life for two obsessions.

  6. What is the name of this software? What other third-party applications have all of you found useful?
  7. http://www.cbc.ca/player/News/Technology/ID/2649097434/
  8. This appears to be a coherent tutorial for covert ops. Any of you pros have insight into the quality of this piece? http://www.torpedodelivery.com/
  9. And to think I found him "wandering" around in 0.9 Couster space....curious.
  10. One doesn't see this kind of longevity everyday. Time for an "I saw KraftLawrence" for the scruffy crew of Eve/WotLabs afficionados.
  11. A question for Explorer Savants, Using EveMon I've got a draft plan that focuses on Exploration. I'm satisified that its contents are very good even if a PEP/SI (Purple Eve Poaster/Savant Inquisitor) would make changes to it. It will take 245 days unoptimized or 211 days attributes optimized for it. Should I keep learning more to get an even more elaborate plan, say running out to a full calendar year, or go with the plan I've got? I've not yet used either of my noob attribute resets. (And quit your groaning over my abbreviation. If all you yungsters can bastardized Standar
  12. Windows 8.1 is not so new that it is a bad decision. I suspect that MS's time and energy is now not spent on improving 7 but rather sustaining it as they would any other legacy operating system. It will be supported for a long time. It will likely not be materially improved again. I have zero problems using the old desktop interface. I am frequently an early adopter.
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