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  1. Poshybrid passed away during his last 24 hour charity stream. See details on Wot Forum. So very sad.
  2. Sela includes Session Stats by ShuraBB in his mod pack. What is WN8K (I see it on the ASIA forum as WN8KTTC) - how does it differ from WN8? (I don't have an Asian account to search their forums and have not had much luck searching elsewhere)
  3. Sorry for being a dope, but in the new session stats in this mod pack I see WN8, but what is WN8K? Anybody who knows, please help an old guy out.
  4. Nice Penance. Sela your stream last night was PRICELESS!!! Thank you! I spat my wine out multiple times... Thank you for all you do, I am happy to contribute in my small way. Oddball
  5. Only thing I miss at this point is the OTM reload timer. Anyone know of a download link to one that works with Sela's mods?
  6. Can confirm. Simply copying it over standard, no changes works with no issues...
  7. Nvm. Found it. I had been looking for it prior to Sela including the mod. Just figures I'd find it after posting. sorry.
  8. Looking for RoughNecks reload timer mod link. I had it once months ago but have lost track of it. I am getting the following using it in Sela's mod pack now: "[RoughNecks] MWD Reload Bars v0.9.14 build 008 Beta Mod Outdated, Please update your mods." Thanks in advance for helping me locate the link.
  9. posting for the same reason (help Sela troubleshoot)... I did the same approach. Only thing that I am noticing is autoaim+ is quirky and the switch from normal to sniper mode via mouse wheel doesn't work. I have to hit shift to go to each mode and that may be the issue with AA+, only works in one of those modes... still testing.. Nevermind! I copied from his base resmod folder w/o options... Now copying 9.12 resmod with the options I like to the 9.13 resmod... Dipshit moment. DOOH!
  10. Minor thing i noticed. When right clicking a vehicle in the garage to look at its stats it does not go to that vehicles stats. Otherwise, so far so good...
  11. Thanks for quick responses guys. I built the base building for each. And planned upgrades to boost freexp and creds. Seemed logical... TY, TYVM
  12. Bought the LOW pack and have just been doing PVE in MBT70. Almost all Med and Hard missions and it is easy to maintain 90%+ wr solo-pub PVE in that vehicle. Only played around 50 games so far though. I haven't really started using built up reputation and credits to unlock stuff yet. (Reading Garbad's and others articles about that...) Anyway, I had a question. I noticed I had about 2,000 "resources" (forget the term) that can be used to build/upgrade the base. So I started that. Any advice about Base upgrades? I did some searches here but struck out.
  13. Been playing AW a little the past few days (only like 20 PVE matches in the MBt70). Love it! Simple question: Will our current progress/experience be wiped at the end of this Beta or not? I purchased the LOW package but haven't spent any of the gold yet...
  14. Although I am a systems engineer, I am an old guy grandpa (albeit an expert on mainframe operating systems.. dooh) So I tried looking at the source websites for the reload timers and damn, they are chock full of obvious banned "mods". So I didn't want to touch... If someone could walk an old man through how to get just the reload timer, I'd pay the money and if I could help others, I would... just saying... (pm me in game if need be)
  15. OTM reload appears to be not working again. I can't pinpoint when it stopped. Is anyone else having an issue with it?
  16. Thanks Sela. Have had no ctd's and it's working just fine as far as I am concerned.
  17. Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah For the Se_la omnipotent reigneth Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah ... apologies to George Frideric Handel
  18. Nevermind. I confirmed that that is the nick folder.... C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\mods\shared_resources\xvm\res\clanicons\NA\nick
  19. Hi all, I don't want to bug Sela with this one so if any of you know and could reply great! Thanks to Sela's earlier help I have my special clan icons working again (i.e.: C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\mods\shared_resources\xvm\res\clanicons\NA\clan However, I think I just ran into a Schrader wannabe and would like to put his name in my nick file for easy identification! So can we still do nicknames (highlight certain individuals)? I'm guessing it would be: C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\mods\shared_resources\xvm\res\clanicons\NA\nick Is that right? Fortunately he is one of clan NADA
  20. lol I was watching your stream and noticed the OTM reload was working so I was coming here to ask about it and, voila, you've already posted the links! TYVM
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