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  1. TheHost

    VILINs days are numbers

    I guess that explains why they only brought 14 tanks.
  2. TheHost

    WN8 Implemented in WoTLabs

    My stats didn't update correctly, they should've gone down, not up. I should be a yellow player overall, tops. Srsly. Plez fix dis.
  3. TheHost

    Unrealistic Platoon Expectations?

    If I'm in a platoon, and my platoon starts doing badly, I'll usually get angry at myself before I get angry/disappointed at my platoon mates since I feel like I'm the one letting them down and not the other way around. I always feel like I could've done more, or that I could've played better to help the team and my platoon win the game, meaning I'll usually blame myself over others.
  4. TheHost

    Insulting Whack-a-Mole, a documentary.

    Listening to that guy killed my brain brain cells, so much so that the World Court could probably charge him guilty for genocide.