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  1. Thanks, mate. If only I had it on that account as well but that account is sitting idle there in SEA. Here's my NA account if anyone's curious.
  2. Got it, woot woot!! Summary of my efforts: Started with all 8 orders and zero 279e missions completed Worked on it exclusively Sept. 13th - Sept. 29th or 16 days total (after completing ranked/recon #2) 682 battles for 28 missions (30-2 for the two 25 internal modules/crew hits skipped with orders) so about 24 battles per mission on average 7 battles per hour so 97hrs total 6hrs/day for 16 days on average but in reality was one day of grinding 12-18hrs without break followed by 1-2 days off then repeat Obviously after 4-5hrs I'm not nearly as sharp an
  3. Hello! Thanks again to everyone who's replied! So I've made tons of progress and I wanted to share my feedback in case it helps anyone else in the future who finds this thread. T95 is 100% the tank to use for the Alliance block missions (-7 and -12). I did both "first try" and found the following equipment loadout helpful: Improved Hardening, Grousers, Modified Config, along with a Pre-Battle maint (for Modified Config) directive. Track repairs in about 2-2.5s with a 100% repair crew. Try to stay at medium to long range in front of lower tiers if possible. I would mostly
  4. Okay, so the update is both of those missions are completed. For the 2/7 Alliance Confederate mission the 3805 was the trick, way better than the T9-10 French arty for Confederates IMO. The 5/10 Battle Hero Coalition mission was done with the T8 Progetto. It was about a zillion times easier and more consistent than either of the T9-10 French arties at Confederates and I also netted all sorts of "bonus" medals like Top Gun, the medal you get for killing tanks two tiers higher, etc. I would strongly recommend going this route instead of the arties. I think it's more reliable also because wh
  5. Hi, I'm here to vent my frustration. But, seriously I'm struggling with the Battle Hero/Confederate (Coalition/Alliance respectively) missions like crazy. I've read and re-read this thread as well as other 279 guides and feel I have a good idea for the overall meta and what's most optimal yet still I struggle. At first I was using the suggested LTs to try and obtain them. I like LTs and also the possibility of obtaining clutch patrol duty/scout medals but after having some success initially I ran into a really bad streak. That and being exhausted from try-harding in ranked had me swit
  6. Just want to say this thread is awesome. Thank you to all who participated. Amazing to see some familiar faces in the thread from way back in 2013. I need to do some research to see if I can update or add my NA username here so it matches my current NA account.
  7. What makes you say they were only based on EU in the past? To my knowledge they were basing the data largely on vbaddict which has users from all regions.
  8. Not sure if something's wrong with the way I'm reading the CSV but not all T8 LTs are listed. LTs are listed at their old tiers and no T9-10 LTs are listed. The Lorraine 40t is listed as T9 still even though it's T8 now. The portal works and shows these vehicles, however. It does not list their tier so I can't confirm that aspect but I assume it's correct. My overall WN8 is currently 2017 on wotlabs and 2064 on your portal (the forum account is my SEA account, I also play on NA), a difference of 47. Thanks for putting in the effort! Thoughts: Did you say this is complete d
  9. I'm probably missing something here. My question Kalith is how your stats gathering code accounts for recent battles vs. overall account totals? Were the WN8 expected values always based on the account overall stats or was it somehow based on recent stats only? My understanding is vbaddict's database only keeps the last 30-60 days of data or so, thus it's all recent and that was the primary data source used until v30.
  10. The beauty of an automated system is you don't have to worry about this ever again. If the system is constantly rolling through the list of active players grabbing data the expected values can be calculated daily (or even instantly with every new fetch) so the latest data will always be very close to the average. When a new patch is released with a tank buff/nerf the collected data starting from that moment will begin to reflect the new performance of the tank and the expected value will immediately start to change. There are plenty of ways to automatically check if a new patch is relea
  11. noobmeter.com, wotstats.com, clantools.us, ageofstrife.com, and the wotstatscript have all updated immediately so I'm assuming they are pulling the data automatically. Literally the only remaining site to not update is wotlabs. Given this is the case who is responsible on wotlabs to update the WN8 table? Is it still Never or does someone else have the access? Thanks.
  12. Running a site for over 4 years requires lots of work and dedication. It would be a nice feature to have here since wotlabs is still pretty much the gold standard for stats/sigs/etc.
  13. Ya, why isn't it automated to pull the data from wnefficiency.net like most of the other stats websites? Seems odd other sites have this given that the discussion around and the team supporting WN8 are based here (other than vbaddict of course).
  14. First of all, great job on starting this project Android25. In the original thread there was discussion around the lack of continuity and interest in maintaining these projects and I was going to suggest collaborating with the XVM team as they appear to have been extremely consistent in their support of the tool over many years. Including setting up an ad-supported website and maintaining databases for years with little to no downtime. If you are willing I'd suggest open-sourcing your work on github or similar much like XVM has done, this may encourage others to get involved or at least lea
  15. Fantastic tool. Regarding queries per second to the API: I understand if you contact WG, show them your site, and request an increase in API calls for said site they should be willing to oblige. Just tuning in: I play on both NA and ASIA depending where I am in the world at any given moment, ASIA server pop is less than NA, would you be able to add it? Thanks.
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