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  1. As a barely average player, I agree. I've heard a lot of better players argue it isn't though. Maybe it doesn't have what they're looking for. But for the average player it by far the best T8 heavy IMO. (disclaimer: I don't have the IS-3a to compare)
  2. Correct answer! Although I don't run full gold. I also run gas instead of a FE (I like to gamble)
  3. It is, not nearly as bad as the T95 though. If you pay attention, you won't get caught with your pants down too often.
  4. I don't seem to get targeted any "more" in the 263, but if you get hit you're pretty much one shotted. The E3 can at least survive. With the extra mobility the 263 has, on paper, you would think it would be harder to hit, but with TD's you're just not moving that much. The lack of gun arc and depression on the 263 also means you're much more limited on where you can set-up and have to expose yourself more. :/
  5. I have both. The E3 is just plain more versatile. The 263 can be a strong tank but only in niche circumstances.
  6. I play most days. So if it isn't as month I have plans the daily missions aren't too bad. Augusts was easy-peesy ... Even an average person like myself could get it done in 30-40 minutes if you have high Tier tanks... This month can go pound sand though. Even better players are going to have to work at it. An average player could 2 hours plus and not complete the daily.
  7. I generally like XVM. My only concern with the "I get focused" unicums complaint... Is, what next? Hide your platoon tag? Even without XVM, most "average" players(the ones smart enough to target unicums given the opportunity) know SIMP, -G-, RELIC, OTTER, etc....
  8. nothing major pulled a round from the waffle, adjusted (minor) some TDs I was semi baiting but there ARE nerfing the KV-1s ... also supposed to turn the FV4202 into a premmy at years end and replace the FV215b
  9. ClanWars and your experience in it. Depend HEAVILY on how good the caller is. They really do make or break the game at this level. A well executed plan can hide a lot of deficiencies in individual skill.
  10. OP posts bad idea. Gets educated on exactly why its a bad idea. Refuses to accept truth Throws fit Profit???? To be concise, equipment slots currently allow the player to improve aspects of your tank BUT NOT ALL aspects. This allows for unique combinations and forces the gamer to make choices. (a good thing). Additional slots remove that choice, if you're going to allow everyone to get everything then just reduce it to one slot and piece of equipment which says "better tank stuff"
  11. I suck in My 215b (120) but I think its a really cool looking tank :/ sad to see it go
  12. I'm cheap like the person you responded to. If like me you start "keeping" crew about T5. You should be on your 2nd skill sometime in T8 and finishing up your 2nd skill sometime early in T9. less if you catch a couple 2x crew experience weekends. While yes, you're "gimping" yourself, I don't think skills impact as much as later T9/T10.
  13. I tested, took forever. (what the hell, normally I lose crew members all the time :/) BiA DOES stay active if you lose a crew member.
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