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  1. If your PSU has enough power and a 6/8 pin connector for graphics card, you could try to get a R9 270, sometimes you can get one within your budget constraints, if not then R7 260X is around the same level of performance of a 750 Ti. If no power connectors at all probably 750 Ti is your only option.
  2. 25 games = 90% on first skill guess what... To bad I only need USA crew and no French or USSR
  3. My idea is to play WOT where you arent supposed to play normally.
  4. Hi Guys, anyone of you having some experience on playing WoT on a 'cheap' Windows tablet? I just saw a video of a guy playing WoW on a 200Ł tablet and got me wondering.
  5. Probably I have missed the spot, but what happens if you fail to do secondary, can you try again?
  6. Man, you should had posted this yesterday so I could buy the baracks, now I have to wait until they are again on sale. QQ
  7. I use my account on 2 PC-s and on one of them there is also a different profile being used by my father and it works withouth any problems. My father is on different windows user tho.
  8. So when is this 4202 swap happening, I am lost now?

    1. ZXrage


      They said end of the year, but expect it sometime in the first half of 2015.

    2. tuzvihar


      F.. them, I am so close, but not in a mood to play. :P

  9. OFF: Can you get on the same machine a code for a second account with a second reg on overwolf?
  10. I find this relevant and you are might not familiar with this.
  11. So why is Type59 only the 3rd? I demand a buff !!!
  12. Don't forget, that higher resolutions tax the graphics card more, so it also depends on your current card if it will be able to handle it well or not.
  13. Don't forget the old tomato wisdom, that stats are luck... so good luck.
  14. In Yurop the E-100 will be Top of the tree next month, and as I have checked the US and EU have very similar schedule, so you can hope. Top of the Tree (1.10.-15.10.) – E-100 Top of the Tree (15.10.-1.11.) – M48 Patton
  15. Play for being gud, not for colors Wotlabs: 1515 Vbaddict: 1509 1day (only pub yesterday) Wotlabs:2234 Vbaddict: 2319 Vbaddict quick summary: 2305
  16. One of my teachers said 10 years ago, that "bits don't have color", it seems they will have soon in the US
  17. E50, dont forget to unlock the top gun with free xp. VK3002(D) is also nice on Leo line
  18. It is just a matter of perspective. Any purple would be raging at a 57% 2400WN8 session, while on the other hand I'd be extremely happy to keep that going
  19. Guys does it happen to you that ping is pretty normal (20-50ms) , then suddenly lag indicator is turned red, tank freezes, but not the game and then ping goes up to 999ms and then 15sec later depending on how fast I noticed I am either in the ocean or just up some hill?
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