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  1. In Blitz tho, they buff up the profitability on most of the vehicles, and nerfed the repair cost a bit... I wish they do the same in PC version as well... (Wishful thinking)
  2. That's not very nice to welcome a hiatused player. Them again, nice isn't in your dictionary anyways..
  3. Lets see.... 138 Scouts 67 Patrol Duty 27 Kamikazes ------- Also.. Naming and shaming my entire "bot" team for being shitty.
  4. Aiming to have most Scout and Patrol Duty. And the 'most detected' as well.
  5. Aww.. come on matspii... don't you love me? You don't want to see my busty KV-5? Still, thanks for the info about the flag that Architaku put in his siggy.
  6. And shit gonna get serious with all the English speaking Viets drawn to it like moths to the flame. Try to hold in my shitpoasting that might get me banned for good.
  7. Doorbell sounds are banned as well? Woo woo woo.... The Minh-nion grip is far too tight than I expected....
  8. Yeah... i am grateful as well... ain't gonna get suspended again lol..
  9. Inb4 someone use the Minion picture and slapped a Vietnamese Star and their Prime minister's face. Thats true gold. Too bad I am not good with Photoshop.
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