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  1. No matter what tier 10 tank I play, the E100 is the one I always come back to for pub stomping. It's nigh impenetrable when angled, it has a massive HP pool, and it boasts a 150mm doom cannon capable of destroying most other tier 10s in 3 shots. It was my first tier 10, and still my favorite of all of them.

    2k battles later, every time I play it feels as sweet as the first.

    The sheer amount of power the E100 brings to a flank is astounding. Pubs cower before your monstrous form and thick armor, fearing that the worst should happen to them if they so much as poke their gun into your path.

    But poke they do, and your massive shells bring their hopes and dreams crashing to the ground as a third of their HP is taken by a single shot! In return, they barely manage to scratch your paint. 

    You blaze a path of fiery HEAT on the battlefield, destroying all in your path. When the smoke clears, victory is yours, taken by force from the clutches of any who dared to face you!

    The E100 is the pinnacle of superheavy performance, the perfection of armored doom, and the plunderer of the pubbie hordes. 

    All hail the mighty E100!


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    2. leggasiini


      type 5 heavy > both :serb: 

    3. TheLovePanda


      @leggasiini The type 5 is like a giant with retard strength while the E100 is like a professional heavyweight boxing champion :QBSeal:

    4. leggasiini


      I was kidding my friend, dont worry. E100 is probably my favorite tier 10 atm

      ...although type 5 is getting huge buff so we will see if my opinion will stay, because tier 10 HT with derp gun is something i have been always dreamed of (OFC HE-100 has been always there :serb: ) 

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