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  1. And what part of the m103 is underrated exactly? Poor armor combined with a dpm gun and mediocre mobility is not exactly a recipe for success.
  2. I wonder who made this post? Oh, thank god he signed his name at the bottom. Mystery solved. Edit: TheLovePanda
  3. Clearly your current playstyle is not working, so the simple solution is to try something different. Play more aggressively, less aggressively, different tank types than your usual, etc. Do you have a tank that you just can't seem to lose in? Play that one for a few battles and try to pick up what you do well when playing that tank that you can apply to your other matches. As long as you learn something from every failure, trial and error over a large number of battles will lead you to better results.
  4. It depends on your play style, but I can guarantee you you'll see a noticeable benefit from optics almost every match. I'm not sure I could say the same for vents. Personally, I run optics on many of my heavies.
  5. I'm really into the concept here...I think the more educational channels out there the better, and clearly you are more skilled/knowledgeable than the average player. Best of luck. Quick pros and cons list for your match: Pros: - solid initial positioning - good knowledge of bushes Cons: - lost the match - boring, campy batchat gameplay - left teammates to fend for themselves on more than one occasion - the amount of time spent sitting still in a tank that goes 65 km/h is fucking ridiculous Conclusion: High damage losses are a dim
  6. I'm raking in the PMs lately:



    1. saru_richard


      i think he is secretly trying to say he loves you without upsetting his internet tough guy friends :)

    2. TheLovePanda


      Yeah I think "cancer piece of shit stupid retard" is code for "I want you" :kreygasm:

    3. saru_richard


      on the internet everything is possible :kappa:

  7. Krapwagon buff is relieving as the stats they released before were unbelievably shitty. However, is it good enough to warrant having the lowest hit points of all T10 heavy tanks? I doubt it.
  8. You are likely doing one of two things wrong (and perhaps both): 1. You are yoloing too often, resulting in 100 wn8 losses. 2. You are playing too passively, resulting in 100 wn8 wins and losses. You know your own gameplay better than anyone, so it should be simple for you to determine which of these happens more often. If the first, play more passively, waiting until the majority of enemy tanks are spotted before making aggressive moves and take less aggressive early positions. If the second, try being more aggressive in the early game and see if you can improve your success r
  9. I may be speaking too soon, but I feel like this completely defeats the purpose of the overmatch mechanic. On the plus side it seems like a large buff for lightly armored tanks, who likely fall prey to the overmatch mechanic on a regular basis without realizing it.
  10. What if they're a third gender?
  11. Kewei seems to manage and he can't even hear when tanks fire.
  12. >get to t10 as quickly as possible >play a shit ton of top tier matches >try new things and make mistakes >try not to make the same mistake twice >profit
  13. I had a game with him last night...he rekt me
  14. I don't see the ranking in game for the top tankers thing. Am I retarded or...?

    1. SkittlesOfSteeI


      You need to download  the mod 

    2. TheLovePanda
    3. Fulvin


      Is this not it? http://worldoftanks.eu/en/top_tankers/

      Just above the premium shop button on the front page

      Nevermind, i misread your post

  15. I've been getting 160-180ms ping on both NA servers recently. Not sure what's up since I live in Phoenix. Any suggestions?

  16. I would say this post belongs in venting, but really it doesn't belong anywhere on this forum. This shitpost has brought nothing to the table. What's your point? Does arty like to shoot C1 and do pub TDs like to camp base? Does a bear shit in the woods? Your solutions are equally devoid of quality. You can't force people to play well, and removing bushes would only give you information you already know: there's TDs sitting back waiting to shoot you. In summary, please take your whiny useless bullshit elsewhere.
  17. It seems like pubs have two strategies: run off and die in the first two minutes of the match, or camp on the red line and die when their team has collapsed.

  18. Am I the only uni that doesn't like MTs at all?

    1. aaveq
    2. TheLovePanda


      #foreverlightpurple :brokenheart:

  19. I agree. I wish they had done a longer streak like 10-20 games, but it'll still be interesting nonetheless. I'm actually pretty excited about this, and I haven't been really interested in something in WoT for a while. Inb4 bidding war for @CarbonWards services
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