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  1. http://wotreplays.com/site/2095009#sand_river-kitten_peza-e_50 Not amazing game dmg wise but good teamwork and great carry especially by my platoon mate Alfiik. At the end he just told me: You are the better player. I'll take the hit and you'll finish it.
  2. How do you guys do so good in it? Usually I try to get spots for my team but then I get killed because I go 2agressive or they yolo me. And if I camp and farm dmg I can't influence the battle enough.
  3. Ok guys. Show me how you play it in current version. Show some replays. Maybe it's just me but whatever. My dpg dropped from 2100 to 2000 and I crai.
  4. I don't get why does this tank have so high expected values. Not too many guys on vbaddict have 4k+ wn8. I would really appreciate some pro guys posting theirs is-6 replays.
  5. Honestly, T40 is now just a shadow of a monster that it used to be. Camo nerf and corridor maps made it much worse. Now its almost impossible to beat my 5.6k WN8 (used to be over 6.5k but it went down after the nerfs) http://www.vbaddict.net/commanders.php?countryid=2&tankid=30&order=desc&sort=efficiency_wn8&
  6. I often let my emotions to affect my gameplay.
  7. Hellcat is for noobz who want to pad stats. Nerfing it is a good move.
  8. I grind this line too. Played panther, solid tank, was able to carry. Panther 2 is crap, cant carry against t10 because low pen. E50 is great, I will free exp the top gun.
  9. I am playing this line right now. I am at panther now and I actually like it. It has good pen and the armor is pretty decent. Vk has crap pen so I used gold ammo a lot.
  10. Malinovka Steppes Westfield Prokhorovka Mines
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