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  1. on the 430 v2 now.....seems like it going to be a good tank.
  2. twokeg

    clash of clans

    How many of you are playing this silly, yet fun game?
  3. twokeg

    World of Codes

    just got a code from alienware two days ago.....they must have went fast. alienware site says it have 4634 codes to give.
  4. is-7, before the is-4 went to tier X
  5. Foch 155- currently on the AMX 48, less than 15k exp away T62- currently on the T-43, less than 15k exp from the T-44 Leo- researched the PTA M48 researched JagdPZ E-100 researched
  6. I find it to be a fun tank, but i still have not got it down. I either over play it and get blasted after the first clip, or do good in it. I enjoyed and did pretty good in the lorry.
  7. it was an encounter on Prokhorovka, and we won. I went center and shot a few times while everyone went into cap.
  8. Game name: twokeg I need help in Bat Chat25, Indi-panzer, E100, Jadgtiger, isu-152, hell anything....main thing i know im missing is sit. awareness. Tier range: 7-10 Skill level- average Times- mainly afternoons eastern 400pm to 700pm and sometimes late on the weekends 1100pm to 200am have ts comms pretty thick skinned.
  9. Hiya fellows, I am in need of help with the bat chat. Terrible bad, plain awful. Do you play it as a front line scout/med role? I tend to be aggressive in battles and seem to get my butt handed to me most of the time.
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