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  1. Just wanted to post our release of a small ship comparison tool that we hope you guys will find somewhat useful. Please know this tool is still under development and you may find bugs. We are also, as always open to suggestions, and improvement ideas! http://warshipstats.com/compare/ Fair winds and following seas! WarshipStats.com Dev Team @warshipstats
  2. All the filtering I can think of can be done with the search window. If you type battleship and sort by nation, you have that. Can you be more specific? A bunch of pre-order, alpha, beta, and premium ships, are missing from the API. Tirpitz included :/
  3. http://i.imgur.com/qPER0SK.png Looks fine for me. May have just updated. Yes this is being worked on.
  4. Force updating is now available. Visit your player page for more information. Coming very soon. They purely for testing purposes, and serve no real value at all. I would take them with a grain of salt.
  5. 1) Good suggestion. Just changed it. 2) Yeah. We are looking to report analytics on all warships users, not just those that use our site. That feature should be coming soon.
  6. Ship Analytics in their first iteration have been added! http://warshipstats.com/analytics/ We will look into this. Interesting thought.
  7. The leaderboard sorts specific to a certain metric, so if a 40%er has the highest average dmg on his server, he'll be on there when you sort by damage.
  8. I checked your stats. I don't see that you qualify for top 50 battles, win rate, exp or damage. Please correct me if i'm missing that. Yep, nasty little bug. Fixed.
  9. Haha, the colors are a very temporary solution to just having something to release. They are in no way reflective of actual performance. They are purely based on the averages of a very small sample size. For the now the best way to really see how you match up competitively is to see where you are on the global leaderboard.
  10. Yep, thats in the dev cycle. Coming soon. Have you played a battle in the last 2 hours? Edit: I can see your individual ship stats just fine. https://warshipstats.com/na/player/tedster59
  11. Yeah, there are going to be a ton of factors. I agree completely. Good thing there's a nice community of contributors.
  12. Once our sample size increases dramatically, we will adjust the color scale accordingly. I think we'll also contact the WN7/8 bros to get some statistical consulting.
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